Toyota Touch 2: how to pair your phone for calls, music and internet

In this post, we explain how to pair your phone with Toyota’s Touch 2 multimedia system, and how it can then be used to make calls, stream music and access the internet.

The following video shows you how to do it, or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Pairing your phone or mobile device

Pairing your mobile device to the Toyota Touch 2 multimedia or Touch 2 with Go navigation system is a quick and easy process.

First, make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is switched on and the device is discoverable.

Now go to the ‘SET UP’ menu on your device and press the ‘CONNECTIVITY’ button.

Then press ‘BLUETOOTH’, and ‘SEARCH DEVICE’.

When your telephone is displayed on the Touch 2 system, select it and agree to connect on your handset. Some phones may require a passkey to be entered – simply follow the instructions on your phone’s screen.

Well done – your phone is now paired with your device for hands-free calling and as a source for streaming music.

Touch 2: How to connect to the internet

Connecting to the internet

To pair your phone for internet connection, first make sure that your phone’s ‘Personal Hot Spot’ is enabled.

Now return to the ‘SETUP’ page on your Toyota Touch 2 with Go navigation system, where you will see your phone listed.

Select your phone’s name and that’s it – your Touch 2 system is now successfully connected to the internet.

Many of the functions and content of your phone are now at your disposal. You can use your Touch 2 system to access your device’s music, browse contacts, make hands-free calls, and download apps from the MyToyota e-store. You can also purchase and download apps for your Touch 2 system online at MyToyota – find out more in our introduction to the MyToyota portal.

At MyToyota, you’ll also find a compatibility checker to discover which Touch 2 features are compatible with your particular phone.

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  1. Why do I need to enter my phones hopspot internet password into the Toyota Corolla 2020 GR sport media system every time I get in the car this is so frustrating why won’t it save the password m.

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