Toyota Touch 2: An introduction to apps

Want to know how to get the most out of your Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system? In this post, we’ll show you how to use apps, as well as give you a brief overview of how to use the MyToyota e-Store to find new apps and download them.

The following video shows the process, and we;ve also included step-by-step instructions below.

To start, make sure your mobile phone is paired with your Toyota’s Touch 2 system, and is connected to the internet as a personal hotspot. If you’ve never done this before and would like a little help, then please read our post ‘How to Pair Your Phone for Calls, Music and Internet’.

Once your phone is paired and operating as a hotspot, go to the Toyota online menu. From here, you can access a number of pre-installed apps like Fuel Prices, Parking and Weather.

Let’s take a closer look at Fuel Prices. Touch the onscreen icon and fuel prices will automatically download to your device. You can choose to view them by price, brand or proximity to your current location.

Select your preferred option to get more details such as the full range of fuels available at this filling station, and to begin navigation to this location.

Another pre-installed app is Parking. This app shows real-time parking information with current availability for each location – this is indicated by red, yellow or green lights. Touch on a parking option to view the address, distance from your current location and number of available spaces. If you’d like to head there, simply press ‘Start’ to begin navigation.

Touch 2 Parking app

Press the Weather app icon and you’ll get an up-to-the-minute forecast for your present location, or any other location of your choice.

As well as the pre-installed apps, you can download or purchase a number of other apps to suit your needs. Log in to the MyToyota customer portal to view the e-Store, where you can find a number of additional apps, including an e-Store app so you can browse and purchase apps from the Touch 2 system in your car.

Apps purchased online at the MyToyota e-Store can be sent direct to your Toyota’s Touch 2 system – all you need to do is link the in-car system to your personal MyToyota account by following the prompts at MyToyota.

To learn how to purchase and download apps from your in-car Touch 2 system, please read our post ‘Over the Air installation of apps’.

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  1. I have recently renewed my subscription to Toyota online to give access to live traffic and tge fuel and parking apps but have noticed that ‘Parking’ is no longer working the message is always ‘No entries’
    Is this a software error to be addressed?

  2. I have Toyota 2014 Auris, the Sat Nav does not work properly, it gives me the wrong direction, e.g set to go home address, and it direct to a Close rather than roads, and then it goes in circlesstafa What do I need to get it corrected?
    thank you

    1. Hello Mustafa, we’re sorry to hear this.

      We’d recommend getting in touch with your local Toyota Centre so the team there can take a look at the navigation on your Auris in person.


  3. I have bought a Toyota Prius Business Edition PHV which was imported from Japan and I would like to get the map updated to the Uk version for which I am struggling to update and I can’t update it. I tried contacting Toyota Japan but no response.

    1. Hi, thanks for your query.

      We cannot advise on imported vehicles. Please contact the Toyota Centre you bought your vehicle from originally to find the relevant information.


  4. Purchased a Agyo x 2 weeks ago from my local
    Toyota dealer in Peterborough
    They say they cannot connect multimedia the Toyota
    Apps are being updated in new year
    Can this be confirmed if not are the apps now
    Online ok to use
    Car reg A21JWC
    Yours Mrs A M Pearce

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for getting in touch.

      Please can you provide your VIN number so that we can look into this for you. Please note, this will be removed from the comment before being posted publicly.


  5. I have a 2017 CHR and want to update my real-time traffic in my navigation as mut subecription as expired, but I can’t find it in the eStore. Please send me a link

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