How to change a wiper blade on your car

toyota change wiper blade

Worn wiper blades won’t clear your windscreen properly. Don’t put up with a compromised view of the road ahead: replacing worn blades only takes a few moments when you know how. This ‘weekend workshop’ shows how to change a wiper blade, but if you prefer your local Toyota dealer can do this for you.

It’s not a difficult job when you know how to change a wiper blade. Wipers differ slightly from one Toyota model to another, so it’s worth ordering replacements from your local Toyota dealer or Toyota’s eBay store to make sure you buy the right wiper blades for your car.

You can either replace the whole blade or the removable rubber insert.

To replace the whole wiper blade

Step 1 – To remove the entire blade, simply unclip the assembly from the wiper arm and pull it off.

Step 2 – Slide on the new wiper and fasten it using the appropriate clip. Remember, left and right hand wiper blades are often different lengths, so make sure you get them the right way around.

To replace the removable rubber insert

Fitting removable rubber inserts is a little more involved. In our video guide we fit inserts to a Toyota Auris, but the method is similar for most recent Toyota models.

Step 1 – Lift the wiper arm away from the screen.

Step 2 – Tilt the blade so it’s horizontal and look for the release tab. Open it, and slide the arm off. Find the open end of the wiper blade’s rubber insert and pull it out. Keep hold of the two metal reinforcements.

Step 3 – Take the new insert and slide in the two metal reinforcements in the outer grooves. This will help the insert retain its shape. Now run the insert through the wiper, making sure it passes through every retaining hook.

Step 4 – Repeat the process for the other wiper blade arm, removing the rubber insert and replacing it with a new one. Then carefully lower the wiper arms back onto the windscreen.

That’s really all there is to it!

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  1. Totally different assembly on mine- video is a waste of my time.
    And genuine rear wiper from dealer has no instructions whatsoever unlike the front ones which have easy to understand instructions printed on the box and and simple mechanism to unclip.

    1. Hi John,
      We are sorry to hear that this video was not useful.
      Please contact your Toyota Centre for assistance with this.

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