Toyota Touch 2 – how to update maps and software

Toyota Touch 2

It’s easy to keep your Toyota Touch 2 with Go navigation system updated with the latest maps and software using the MyToyota customer portal.

In this video we show you how to update your Toyota Touch 2 system’s maps and software, and below you’ll also find step-by-step instructions.

To get started, you’ll need to log in to your personalised MyToyota area. If you’ve already registered, simply head to MyToyota and enter your email address and password. First time users will need to complete a simple registration process, which is explained in this step-by-step post.

Click on ‘e-Store’, and then scroll down to access the ‘Maps’ section to view available updates for your system. Select an update to get more information on your update.

Select the car to which the update applies, and click ‘Add to Basket’. If you haven’t yet linked your Toyota Touch 2 with Go system to your MyToyota account, the onscreen prompts will help you to do this.

View your basket by clicking ‘Basket’ from the menu at the top of the page. From here, you can proceed through the checkout process, entering your details and choosing the most convenient payment method – either credit card or PayPal.

With checkout complete, click on the ‘Purchases’ area to see your purchased map update and beside the map update are three icons.

To enable the map update you need to click on the KEY icon. You will be given a 16-digit activation key code. Please write this down or print it from the website using the print function.

The second icon will give you a set of instructions on how to download your maps, and the third icon is a link to the actual download. Please download the ZIP file, expand it on your computer or laptop, and save it to a blank USB stick.

Now take the USB stick and the 16-digit activation key and go to your car.

Plug in the USB and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can also update the software of your Toyota Touch 2 system following a similar process. You will not, however, require a 16-digit activation code for software updates. View available updates in the ‘Software Updates’ section of the MyToyota e-Store.


  1. Hi team,

    I have recently purchased 2023 map update for my 2016 Prius Plus. Installation went smooth,however since I passed Germany,I realise that I do not have maps for Slovenia,Croatia,Serbia,Macedonia,Greece…. Before purchase,it showed a full coverage of Europe. Any ideas maybe?

    I have tried to download again my purchase thru Toyota my profile,but it wont let me to download again.


    1. Toyota Sahara 200 limited edition
      Iv just purchased a the above vehicle and it needs a software upgrade,Iv contacted Toyota and the said they don’t have the software upgrade,can you tell me if this possible for you to do or point me in the right direction.

      Many thanks
      Andrew pass.

  2. I have several problems with my car (I got it yesterday)
    I cannot register the device (I tried it on this website and on the app and it simply displays the error).
    Theres a ownership verification but surprisingly toyota asks about the only document which cannot be used for that purpose – v5c which is confirmation of who is responsible for the taxation of the vehicle but it doesn’t proove the ownership (sales invoice does)

    I’d like to update infotainment software and I simply cannot.
    Toyota Hamilton macklin motors aren’t helpful over the phone. Car is under warranty and I was told to speak to the person who sold me the car.

    1. Hi Maria, thanks for getting in touch.

      We are sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues.

      Your Toyota Centre are best placed to advise on this. We would therefore recommend contacting the seller of the vehicle if this is what they have suggested.

      We would also suggest contacting our Connectivity team for support with these issues. They can be found here:


  3. Hello,

    I have just purchased a 2020 Corolla and wanted to know how to update the software. I dont want to update the nav.


  4. I purchased a c-hr 2017 and I have issues with the multimedia. I cannot delete the previous owners phone, from the pairing list, it doesn’t download the contacts from my phone, and also doesn’t store information. On the satnav like home address. I suspect that the previous owner, may have updated the system to the wrong Software (I don’t know if it’s possible). I don’t know what to do, I went to the dealership and they said that haven’t seen anything like that before.

  5. Hi
    I have 2013 verso S automatic. My media system keep crashing, How do I fix this?can I somehow reset system? I can find toyota verso s on toyota web site for update . I try to find through Vin number on website still not showing anything. Whats going on Toyota. I’m sure you made this car.

  6. I have a 2021 Corolla GR Sport. I havent updated the maps for a while When I’m in the car connected to Wifi looking for updates in the “map update” options I get the message “Map is too old – full map update required, contact”
    I dont see any way of downloading a “full” update – I am assuming this may need to be done by the USB rather than through Wifi?

  7. Hi team,

    I bought a Corolla Toyota Corolla saloon 2019 in UK
    But I’m not able to use the CarPlay because the software
    Update are not available for me, it’s very frustrating because this car have a very nice screen and I can’t use it, I’m based in London UK and I would like to ask what should I do to start to use it.
    Thank you 🙏

    1. Hi Monzir, thanks for your comment.

      Apple CarPlay is available as an update on select models. If you’d like to provide your reg, we can check on this for you.


      Toyota UK

  8. I have a Toyota Auris Touch 2 with Go.
    I followed all the instructions but when I want to update the software and plug the USB stick in nothing happens. I cannot access e-store in the car in spite of having internet access

      1. Thank you for getting back so quickly Toyota Uk.
        I have been in touch and they informed me that they have seen this problem and will cost around £250 to update the software. I hoped that a software update which is free wouldn’t cost anything.
        Is it okay to charge for a free software update? I understand I supposed to do it myself but I only recently bought the car through Toyota and been having problems with the car already leaving me having to hire a car and I don’t want to spend extra for a simple update.

        I hope you understand

      2. Hi Viktor,thank you for the reply.

        You will need to speak to your local Toyota Centre to help you fix the problem you have.
        Although the software you got from the website was free, if the vehicle has a secondary problem you ask them to resolve then this would be a chargeable repair through the Toyota Centre workshop.


        Toyota UK

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