How to adjust the time on your Toyota’s clock

Adjust the time

We are all required to adjust the time. To make better use of daylight hours, clocks in the UK jump between British Summer Time (BST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) each year. One hour is added on the last Sunday of March, and one hour is subtracted on the last Sunday of October.

Many new Toyota models will automatically adjust the time for you, while some other models need to be adjusted manually. The subheadings below clearly identify the new Toyota models and grades that fall into each category, as well as providing clear, step-by-step instructions on how to manually adjust the time in every model within the current Toyota passenger car range.

Adjust the time
Toyota Yaris GR Sport with Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system

Adjust the time: models with Toyota Touch / Touch 2 multimedia systems

The following new models with Toyota Touch and Toyota Touch 2 multimedia systems are designed to automatically adjust the time by synchronising with your mobile phone. This function applies to both the digital clock within the multimedia system and digital clock within the multi-information display in the instrument cluster.

Toyota Aygo X – Pure, Edge, Air Edition grades

Toyota Yaris – all grades (pictured above)

Toyota Yaris X – Icon and Design grades

Toyota Corolla – Icon grade

Toyota C-HR – Icon grade

Toyota Highlander – all grades

Toyota Mirai – all grades

It is possible to manually override this automatic function. To do so, press the Setup cog icon on the main screen, then select General within the sub-menu. Select the Date & Time option, after which you will be able to choose to manually set the time, select the time zone and switch between 12- and 24-hour time display.

Adjust the time
Toyota bZ4X with Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system

Models with Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system

The following new Toyota models feature connected services through the Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system. They are also designed to use GPS information and map data to automatically adjust the time.

Toyota Aygo X – Exclusive grade

Toyota Yaris X – Excel and GR Sport grades

Toyota Corolla – Icon Tech, Design, GR Sport, Trek and Excel grades

Toyota C-HR – Design, Excel and GR Sport grades

Toyota bZ4X – all grades (pictured above)

Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Plug-in – all grades

It is possible to manually override this automatic function. To do so, press the Settings cog icon on the main screen, then touch General within the sub-menu. Select the Date & Time option, after which you will be able to choose to manually set the time, select the time zone and switch between 12- and 24-hour time display.

Toyota GR86 interior

Adjust the time: Toyota GR86 and Toyota GR Supra

The clock on the Toyota GR86’s multimedia screen is designed to automatically update after being connected and synchronised with the owner’s mobile phone. This function can be set from the home screen by pressing the Settings cog icon, then pressing General > Clock > Time Setting > Sync with Phone.

It is also possible to override this automatic function. Starting from the home screen, press the Settings cog icon, then press General > Clock > Time Setting > Manual. Adjust the time manually then press OK. Within the Clock menu it is also possible to switch between 12- and 24-hour time display.

Toyota GR Supra uses voice commands to access in-menu functions, including those to adjust the time

The clock on the Toyota GR Supra’s multimedia screen is factory set to update automatically. However, it is possible to manually adjust various time features by accessing the relevant in-car menu through voice commands.

After pressing the voice activation button on the right of the steering wheel, say “My Vehicle“. When prompted to do so by the system, say the commands “System settings“, “Date and time” and then either “Time“, “Time zone” or “Time format” to access the relevant in-menu function. The desired setting can then be applied using the rotary controller on the centre console.

Adjust the time
Land Cruiser is the only Toyota passenger car to adjust the time with physical buttons

Adjust the time: Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser is the only passenger car in the Toyota line-up where the clock is adjusted using physical buttons, which on this model is located directly under the clock display in the dashboard. Here you will find three buttons: ‘H’, ‘M’ and ‘:00’. Pressing the ‘H’ button advances the clock by one hour, and the ‘M’ button by one minute. The ‘:00’ button rounds to the nearest hour.

Toyota Proace Verso with Pro Touch infotainment system

Adjust the time: Toyota Proace Verso

The clock on the Toyota Proace Verso’s Pro Touch infotainment system is set to update automatically using GPS and map data from the satellite navigation system.

However, it is also possible to manually adjust the time and other time display features using the in-car menus. Select the Settings menu in the top banner of the touchscreen, then press the Options button to access the secondary page. Select Setting the time-date followed by pressing either the Date or Time tabs and adjust using the numeric keypad. Confirm any changes by pressing OK.

What if I own an older Toyota?

The above instructions will probably cover most Toyota passenger car models from recent years. But for specific instructions relating to your vehicle or commercial vehicle, we suggest looking through your owner’s manual. If you do not possess a hard copy of this manual, owners of Toyota models produced since 2012 can download a digital copy on the Toyota UK website.

Remember that if you have any query about the operation of your car, feel free to pop in to your local Toyota centre for advice or contact us on social media and we’ll try to help.


  1. Cannot for the life of me , figure out how to change the time on my 2016 Avensis that I bought last FebJust read the entire manual for the umpteenth time. Please advise

    1. Hi Kev, thanks for getting in touch.

      We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this.

      Please provide a vehicle registration so that we can look into this for you.


  2. I have Toyota Estima imported from Japan to uk. I cannot get model type listed on my V5C.
    DVLA states that manufacturer didn’t provide model code and therefore model type cannot be listed in the logbook.
    Where do I find model code? Is it just Toyota who is eligible to provide with that code?

    1. Hi Jovita, thanks for your query.

      Unfortunately, we cannot provide this information on imported vehicles. We would recommend re-contacting the place of purchase.


  3. My clock won’t sync either, will do so temporarily with my phone but only on the home and phone screen and not the navigation or dash clock, then I have to resort it every time I drive. Reg KO73TYF. HELP!

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Your Toyota Centre would be best placed to help you further with this.

  4. I have a new Toyota Yaris icon. Can I trickle charge the battery through the USB port?
    If so can you recommend a solar trickle charger?
    Thank you
    John Henderson

    1. Hi John, thanks for getting in touch.

      A trickle charger should be placed directly onto the 12V battery. Your local Toyota Centre can happily assist sourcing one, or there are many options on the aftermarket.


      Toyota UK

  5. No of the instructions I could see seem to apply to our 2023 Yaris Cross GR
    I did eventually manage to manually change the time using the controls on the steering wheel. Using the arrow kets cycle the central component of the dash until you get to clock, then press and hold down for a few seconds – a single press zeros the minutez. You are now presented with the ability to change from 12 to 24hr,change the hour, and change the minutes. Once complete use the back (curled arrow) to go out of this setting, then the arrow kets to return to whichever info screen you want in the centre.
    Couldn’t find this anywhere in the manual, but then my brain isn’t wired in the same way as whoever compiled it and the index – totally perplexing

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