Toyota Touch 2: How to use sat-nav

Toyota Touch 2 is our advanced multimedia system and offers a rear-view camera, touchscreen control of the entertainment system plus access to your hands-free phone.

Touch 2 with Go adds satellite-navigation, a host of online connected services and a vast array of fantastic Toyota applications. Touch 2 with Go Plus adds voice control.

In this post we’ll take a look at how to use the Touch 2 with Go sat-nav in your Toyota and some of its additional features. It’s also possible to send journey details to your in-car navigation from the MyToyota online customer portal – to find out more about this, read our introduction to MyToyota.

The following video explains the process and we’ve also prepared step-by-step instructions below.

Start by pressing the system ‘NAVIGATION’ button.

Then press ‘ROUTE OPTIONS’, where you can choose to show route alternatives on your maps. You’ll only have to do this once.

Now return to the Navigation main screen and press ‘ENTER DESTINATION’.

Enter the relevant address or postcode, then ask the system to calculate the route.

Your device will offer you three route alternatives – Fast, Short and Ecological.

You also have the option of avoiding motorways, tolls, tunnels and ferries.

You can also change map modes between the normal map and the traffic map.
Touch 2 with Go Plus enables 3D mapping.

For more information on traffic services please see our post “How To Use Toyota Real Time Traffic”.

The icon in the bottom corner of the screen will access further information and map options.

Press the ‘POIs’ button to see all the different points of interest on your route, including destinations for eating, shopping and entertainment.

Touch 2 with Go can also access destinations in your phonebook contacts as well as destinations sent from Google or TomTom maps if your phone is paired with your device.

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  1. I have just bought a yaris hybrid 19 plate.I can’t put a post code in my sat nav it only takes 4 characters.

    1. Hi Barry, thanks for your comment.

      It may be that you need to add in a space after the first four characters, then it will allow you to input the rest of the postcode. If you are still struggling, the team at your local Toyota Centre will be more than happy to run you through this in person.


  2. So I am driving to Manchester and have to change to Chester but don’t know exact address. How do I tell it to go to the city centre?

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Thanks for your message.

      We recommend entering a postcode for a location somewhere in the town centre or using a POI, like a restaurant or cafe.


    1. Hi Tony, thanks for your comment.

      You should be able to tap the latest instruction and the system will repeat the voice guidance.


  3. When I collected my CHR last week I thought the Sat Nav screen display was in green. However it is now grey. Has I changed a setting or is this correct?


    1. Hello Tony, thanks for your comment.

      It may be that the display colouring changes when you turn your headlights on/off so as to be less of a glare in the dark.


      1. No it is not that as it goes darker automatically when it gets dark.

        It is the display itself, where it shows the street names but the background is in grey, where as before I am sure it used to be green?

        I could be wrong.

      2. Hi Tony,

        That’s strange! It isn’t something that we’ve come across before.
        You can have a flick through the owner’s manual for your vehicle here:


      3. Just downloaded the owner manuals, which are very helpful.

        One last question, when setting the route on the SatNav it displays the 3 options, but these disappear very quickly. How can you recall these to change the decision.

        Many thanks

      4. Hi Tony, thanks for your comment.

        We’d recommend giving our Connectivity Team a call on 0344 701 6202 (option 1). They’re well versed in all the multimedia stuff and will be able to talk you through everything step by step.


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