Toyota Touch 2: How to use Toyota Real-Time Traffic

This post explains how to use the Toyota Real-Time Traffic information service available on Toyota Touch 2 with Go, and Touch 2 with Go Plus navigation systems.

The Toyota Real-Time Traffic information service helps you avoid jams and delays by offering up-to-date reports on traffic congestion and road closures.

The following video explains the process, with step-by-step instructions below.

First of all, make sure that your phone is paired with your Touch 2 system, and is connected to the internet. To find out how to do this, please see our post ‘How to pair your phone for calls, music and internet’.

Once your phone is paired and you are online, enter the details of your destination.

To activate Real Time Traffic reports, access the Navigation menu and press ‘TRAFFIC MESSAGES’.

Next, press ‘SETTINGS’ and select ‘TRAFFIC INFORMATION OVER INTERNET’. You’ll only need to do this once – once you have selected this option, your Touch 2 system will launch it automatically.

If you now go back to your sat-nav route, you’ll see that Toyota Real Time Traffic has been activated.

The red lines on the route denote a traffic delay.

On the left-hand side of screen you will see any traffic incidents that are on your chosen route, as well as the duration of the delay. You can also see the distance from your car to the actual incident. The total delay time on this route is displayed at the top of the screen.

You can see the details of all the incidents on your route by pressing the ‘NAV’ button and selecting ‘TRAFFIC MESSAGES’. If you select a specific incident, pressing the ‘DETOUR’ button will plan an alternative route tha navigates you away from the traffic delay.

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  1. My 2021 Rav4 had stopped showing or alerting me to speed cameras – whether connected by Bluetooth or Hotspot. The default setting us set to on. It has proven to be the most unreliable unit I’ve ever had the misfortune to own. Hopeless for a £40k car. My old Tucson never had a problem!

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for your comment.

      We’re sorry to hear that you are struggling with the speed camera alerts on your RAV4. Our Connectivity Team will be able to help with this and they can be contacted through this email form: Thanks.

  2. Hello. Who’s traffic information does the sat nav use? Is it something like Google Maps which pools lots of data so there is traffic information for very minor roads too?

  3. I’ve just got my second brand new CHR and the sat nav is useless . On my last CHR the sat nav picked up on road closures ( M4 has plenty of closures at night ) . Last Monday the M32 slip road from Bristol was closed and parts of M4 were closed and my sat nav did not detect any of them . I actually got lost as there was no diversion signs and all my sat nav told me was to do a u turn and go back to the closed slip road . Absolutely useless and I’m so disappointed with it . I wish I’d never changed my car .

    1. Hi Steve,
      We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your C-HR.
      Our multimedia team would be best placed to investigate this for you.
      Would you like us to provide you with their details?

      1. Hi and thank you . Yes I would like your team to help please . What details do you need as I don’t want to post private details on public space .

  4. Sent Pickture Reply your team Yaris cross speed cam alert pic not same as my pic myManual only shows bottom two on or of not able to send pic

  5. Hi, I have a Rav4 hybrid 2021,the speed camera alerts have stopped working. All the relevant icons are on but no alerts, this used to work up until about 3 weeks ago.
    Can you please help.

    1. Hello Saad, thanks for your comment.

      Most vehicles tend to use RDS-TMC although it will depend upon the exact model and grade.


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