Toyota Touch 2: Introduction

You’ll never need to reach for a paper map again. Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go is a satellite navigation system that won’t disappoint.

Together with our new MyToyota customer portal – personalised for you and your Toyota – your car can become an information hub, just like your smartphone or tablet computer.

By registering your Touch 2 device with your MyToyota profile you can activate and manage a range of useful applications for your Touch 2 system, helping you to stay up-to-date with the latest weather reports, research fuel costs and investigate parking space availability, all in the comfort of your car.

For more on the Toyota Touch 2, Toyota Touch 2 with Go and Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus, please see our guides to the individual systems below. If you have a specific question about your device, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, below.

Toyota Touch 2

The Toyota Touch 2 system is the latest generation of our basic multimedia system and features some important upgrades.

At the core of improvements are redesigned screens with a deeper, 3D effect for graphics. Image resolution has been improved too, meaning the screen is brighter and images are sharper.

On-screen menus have been redesigned to incorporate key vehicle information including fuel economy and DAB radio function (where available). What’s more, the screen now supports ‘drag and flick’ control for easy, intuitive operation.

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Toyota Touch 2 with Go

The Toyota Touch 2 with Go system takes all of the basic function of the Touch 2 device and adds a versatile and detailed satellite navigation system.

As well as offering simple-to-use navigation functions, the system also allows users to tailor the information on offer, to include customisable speed limits, speed camera warnings, automatic zoom, motorway signposting and motorway junction views. The map zoom function is controlled by a simple rotary button at the side of the device.

Advanced traffic coverage, now located on the map itself, takes the form of a ‘traffic bar’ showing the driver any congestion ahead, and how long a delay to expect.

Via the Toyota Online function, the system offers on-board connectivity to an expanded range of services including Toyota Real-Time Traffic powered by TomTom, Google Street View and Panoramio, and Google Local Search –the largest and most up-to-date search database in the world.

The MyToyota customer portal also allows users to plan their journeys online. Destinations can be input remotely from home or office via Google Maps, and Points of Interest (POI) may be downloaded for entry as destinations.

Toyota Online content includes a Touch 2 with Go Apps function which offers several applications, including fuel prices, weather and parking space information.

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Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus

When upgraded to Touch 2 with Go Plus, the touch-screen multimedia system comes equipped with 3D city models, landmark graphics and a ‘text-to-speech’ message readout facility.

The system will display emails and calendars depending on Bluetooth mobile phone compatibility. It also features a ‘Play More like This’ function. This smart music recognition system can automatically provide playlist recommendations to suit your mood; a safe and easy way to manage music on the move.

Touch 2 with Go Plus supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Users set up their smartphones as a Wi-Fi hotspot for connection to the system’s online functions.


  1. Toyota has always kept things simple which I personally like , I think it can be said that over complicated systems can cause more problem areas than they remedy , Simple and straightforward should be the motto always

  2. when I accept a phone call on my touch to go system it doesn’t automatically coonect to hands free how do I set this uo

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We would recommend contacting our specialist multimedia team for further help with this.
      They can be reached here:
      Alternatively, here is a link to a blog post explaining how to connect your phone to your Toyota Touch 2 system and how to check which of your phone’s functions are compatible:

  3. I have recently bought a 2019 Yaris, having connected to the sat nav traffic alerts I get a warning each time I start the car regarding the costs. What are these costs and who are they payable to?

  4. You don’t seem to know the difference between Touch 2 and Touch 2 with Go, all your videos are concerned with the latter, and none with the basic Touch 2, which i have in my Yaris Y20 . Is it not a full functioning Satellite Navigation system, if not why bother with the maps ?

  5. Hi there, please would you be able to help me find out what system I have? We have a 2018 Hybrid Yaris Rxcel 1.5 Icon, and through Bluetooth pairing I have learned that we have Touch 2 With Go. When I try to register on my phone to use the Send To Car feature, it asks me if it’s 1st Generation or 2nd Generation. I wasn’t told about the Touch 2 Go Charm that I’ve just read about. What generation would ours be please? Thank you.

    1. Hi Bea, thanks for your comment.

      Please can you provide your vehicle registration so that we can look into this for you.


  6. Hello. I have just bought a 2019 Yaris Icon Tech with Touch 2 with Go, and although the sat nav is working ok and getting me to the right place, the display is rotated i.e. when it should be showing me the road ahead, it is actually showing the road pointing to bottom left, South West. I can’t find anywhere in the Touch 2 setups where I can set the rotation of the display, i.e. the compass bearing. Help please!

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please provide your vehicle registration so that we can look into this for you.

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