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There are many ways to contact Toyota GB if you wish to ask us a question or give us feedback on any of our product or services. We are always digitally open.

You can ask us a question using the comments section at the bottom of any article on this site. Don’t worry if your query doesn’t relate to the article – our dedicated Community Management team will do their best to guide you towards the information you need.

Our Community Management team are on call from 0700hrs – 2200hrs on weekdays and from 0900hrs – 1730hrs on Saturdays and Sundays.

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You can also contact Toyota via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, either by sending us a direct message on those channels which allow them, or by responding publicly to any of the content we publish. Our handle is @ToyotaUK – please give us a follow!

More detailed information about our current product range, including pricing, specification and finance, can be found at our sister website:

At the Help Centre page you can find information on topics such as roadside assistance, our dealer network, safety recalls, warranties, finance, fleet sales and connectivity. There’s also a direct contact for our Customer Relations team.

If you wish to contact Toyota GB by mail, our postal address is: Toyota (GB) Ltd, Great Burgh, Burgh Heath, Surrey KT18 5UX.  


  1. Our Toyota Prius is our first Toyota – chosen because we wanted to move to electric (1st step a hybrid) and trusted the Prius because of its long track record. We has a bump on a roundabout on the 6th February. We were told it would be repaired and ready on the 1st March. A long time but we understood given the pandemic. It was not ready. We kept being told the repair centre were waiting for parts from Toyota (it turns out it is the front fog light). We contacted Toyota customer services – they said parts would be sent and our car was to be ready on the 26th March. Our insurance company took pity on us and gave us a hire car for 2 weeks (we needed a car to get to work). Hire car has been returned today (25th March) in anticipation. Now we find our car is still not ready. We said we would take it without the fog light. Apparently not as the whole front bumper would have to be removed. And there is a very complex process to go through to reset all the electrics.
    Not an incentive to buy another Toyota.

    1. Hi Dr Leslie Hamilton,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear about this.
      We have updated your customer relations case with your latest message and hope you get your car soon.

  2. hi my toyota lancruiser has been toyota garage in tunbridge wells for 5 weeks now ,suspension was jumping up and after 2 days said it righted itself but when i drove it was the same ,took it back then said could be sensors , instead they put new ecu part £854 didnt fix problem .saying its air suspension bags need repacing but said it still might not cure it. surely after 5 weeks toyota expert should find the problem the moneys racking and fault still there ,been a customer of toyota 25 years having had 4 lancruisers in that time . every one i know keeps asking what happening with my car which doesent look good does it ,have no problem with staff

  3. Hi,
    I want to copy Toyota Customer Relations in on an email to my dealer regarding an issue on my GR Yaris and their lack of Customer Service. Rather than re-type the email can you please provide me an email address that I can CC the email to.

  4. I was told by both members of staff that the finance agreement was on a 0% agreement which I decided to go for as interest is not allowed in my religion.

    Now I found out that the finance agreement was 4.9% when I was in contact in regards to paying off the GFV. PCP going to end this month 30.04.2021

    Regarding this issue I spoke to my dealer but they unable to help me as dealership has changed from Vantage to steveneagell in Birmingham I also send an email to Vantage had online chat they just noted my details but got no reply yet.

    Also I mentioned that to Toyota finance on phone they asked my to send complaint through website or email.
    So far I feel I stuck in middle hanging around with no solution as no one taking any responsibility seems that was my big mistake I bought this car from Toyota company wasn’t expected that.
    I m very disappointed and feels cheated when I purchased on good faith.

    I m still hoping will get some solution.

  5. Hi
    My husband is looking to buy a swb toyota landcruiser commercial to be used off road quite a bit of the time. We have found out that they don’t come with a spare wheel only a tyre fixative, which is not a lot of good. I have discovered in Ireland you can buy a new swb landcruiser with a spare wheel attached, how come you can’t in the uk? Do you think that people don’t use them off road.
    Could you let me know your reasons as he is thinking of going for a new landrover defender instead, as they do have a spare wheel.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thanks for your comment.
      In the UK, the SWB Commercial Land Cruiser comes with a tyre repair kit as standard rather than a spare wheel, and we are unable to comment on the specification decisions taken by other markets.
      However, the 5dr (LWB) Commercial Land Cruiser does come with a full size spare wheel in the UK.
      We’re sorry that this doesn’t match your optimal requirements, and as always we will pass this feedback onto our wider product team.

  6. Yaris Hybrid Launch Edition 1.5CVT

    Reference VNKKBAC380A039886

    Vehicle Registration Number S222RAE

    After much deliberation I decided to buy the above car from Arnold Clark, Linwood , Glasgow. The choice was made because it seemed to be the ideal car to fulfil my requirements. I had also previously owned a Prius Hybrid which I liked very much.

    I ordered the car on 5th September 2020 and paid a deposit. I was notified in November that the car had arrived at the Dealer. I duly paid the full amount in cash and the car was delivered on 20th Nov.2020.

    Since that time I have found it necessary to call out the A.A. four times ( 23/01/2021, 29/01/2021, 15/02/2021, 07/04/2021) because the car would not start because of a flat battery. On the last occasion when I called out the A.A. the mechanic who attended the call out tested the main battery and found it to be faulty. He recommended that I should contact the Dealer while he was on site. I telephoned Arnold Clark and was told by the lady on the telephone that the problem with the battery was my fault because of the low mileage on the car. Furthermore, she stated that replacement of the battery would not be under the warranty but would cost approx. £125.00 – the cost to be met by me. She also advised me to take the car out for a good run which was apparently what was said by the Service Department.

    I feel extremely upset by this turn of events and hope that you can resolve this situation. I am 85 years of age and the car was purchased for pleasure, for shopping and to visit friends. I certainly had no intention of taking the car for long runs and so I beg the question “is the car fit for purpose”?

    I would appreciate if you can give this matter your attention and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

    Yours sincerely,

    Avril M Rae.

    1. Hi Avril, thanks for your comment.

      We’re sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Yaris. The advice from the dealership to take your vehicle on a long journey is accurate, this is needed in order to ensure the starter battery is fully charged. Battery problems are not uncommon in the current lockdown situation as we are all making much shorter and more irregular trips which do not provide sufficient time for the starter battery to be recharged. When running more electronics in the winter, this also places more drain on the battery. We would recommend running your vehicle for at least 60 minutes per week. We do have a dedicated blog on this subject that explains this in greater detail, please have a read:


    I am looking to replace my current 2004 Corolla Verso with a newer version eg a 2017/2018 Verso.
    I realise that production stopped in 2018 but is there anywhere that I can view or download a Toyota Verso brochure so I can read all about it raher than a piecemeal view on auto-reviews eg AutoExpress, Parkers etc.
    thank you

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to hear that you’re considering a Verso!
      We have emailed you directly with a MY17 Verso brochure that we hope will be of some help.

  8. My 2003 plate Yaris was called in for an air bag safety recall. I made a (waiting) appointment for the work to be carried out.
    During the work, the garage carried out a visual inspection, under the bonnet and around the body work and tyres. They also cleaned the car inside and out. This was great, and we really appreciated it. The car was driven home and parked outside the flat, as usual. However, upon going to the car in the evening to drive somewhere, we noticed a wet patch on the floor and put it down to the clean that they had done. Arriving at our destination, water was still dripping out – it was coming from the car’s radiator. After driving for 10mins, we had to keep topping the radiator up with water but it was all just dripping straight out.
    We’ve never had any issues with the radiator, and we take great care of the car, because we absolutely love driving it. Concerned, I phoned the centre the next day at 8am to complain and raise my concerns, but the best they could offer was “if you bring it in today (Friday), someone might be able to look at it, but I can’t guarantee it. Or, you can book an appointment and bring it in on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.”….now, we need the car for work and this wasn’t an option for us. They were largely saying they didn’t go near anything in the engine, but it seems very odd that our vehicle went there being driveable, and left there being undriveable. Taking care of the car and using it for work is important to us, so due to the unhelpful nature of the centre, we ended up going to an independent garage on Friday, finding a part locally, and getting the car fixed ourselves. We’ve footed the bill for a new radiator, and I’ve had no follow up from the Toyota centre in question, despite not hearing back from me. Absolutely furious, I wish I’d never booked the car in for this free air bag recall.

    1. Hi Natalie,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re really sorry to hear about your experience with one of our Toyota Centres.
      We will email you to gather further details and set up a Customer Relations case on your behalf so that this can be looked into in more detail.

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