How to contact Toyota GB if you have a question

Toyota GB office

There are many ways to contact Toyota GB if you wish to ask us a question or give us feedback on any of our product or services. We are always digitally open.

You can ask us a question using the comments section at the bottom of any article on this site. Don’t worry if your query doesn’t relate to the article – our dedicated Community Management team will do their best to guide you towards the information you need.

Our Community Management team are on call from 0700hrs – 2200hrs on weekdays and from 0900hrs – 1730hrs on Saturdays and Sundays.

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You can also contact Toyota via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, either by sending us a direct message on those channels which allow them, or by responding publicly to any of the content we publish. Our handle is @ToyotaUK – please give us a follow!

More detailed information about our current product range, including pricing, specification and finance, can be found at our sister website:

At the Help Centre page you can find information on topics such as roadside assistance, our dealer network, safety recalls, warranties, finance, fleet sales and connectivity. There’s also a direct contact for our Customer Relations team.

If you wish to contact Toyota GB by mail, our postal address is: Toyota (GB) Ltd, Great Burgh, Burgh Heath, Surrey KT18 5UX.  


  1. Hi There,
    I bought my Toyota Auris from one of the Toyota dealership online and it was delivered to me on 30/03/2021 shining and in a nice condition. When I started driving, I felt brakes slightly soft and also noticed some play when steering wheel was turning. Because the dealer is about 100 miles away from my house, I checked if I can take it to any dealer because it is under Toyota Plus warranty. They confirmed. However, when I tried to book the investigation appointment with the dealer I usually go to, they mentioned that there is a cost because not everything is covered and I should confirm with the dealership who sold me the car if they are ready to bear the cost. I was surprised and cancelled the appointment because I thought things are not that worst and I can survive. However, recently, steering started locking and feels heavy some time. It happens suddenly and things go back normal.
    I wanted to understand with Toyota what the Toyota Plus warranty covers and what doesn’t. It has been about 4 weeks but I still didn’t receive any warranty paperwork. Can I get some advise and help.

    1. Hi Junaid,

      Please confirm the vehicle registration and the location of your nearest Toyota dealer.


      1. Hi Junaid,

        Here is a list of what is covered. Once the centre has inspected the vehicle, they will be able to advise you further.

        Lighting equipment:

        Front and rear lamps, number plate illumination lamps, headlamps, headlamp aim, stop lamps, rear reflectors, rear fog lamps, hazard warning lamps and controls, direction indicator controls, fog lamp on and off indicator light.


        Controls including ABS system if the warning light does not work in the correct sequence, the condition of the service brake and parking performance, corrosion of brake pipe (Frictional cover is not covered when the condition is related to wear and tear).

        Steering and suspension:

        Steering control, steering mechanism and system power steering, transmission shafts, wheel bearings, front and rear suspension and shock absorbers.


        Windscreen wipers and washers, vehicle structure, fuel injection and ECU replacement as a result of failure to meet MOT exhaust emission standards.

        Seats and seat belts:

        All seat belt mountings, their condition and operation, driver and passenger’s seat mountings and backrest security in an upright position.


  2. I would like to know why you do not supply a second usable key with my new Yaris Hybrid. I tried to open the door using the second key and was shocked to hear the alarm go off. I had no idea how to stop it. I contacted the dealer who said there was no transponder in the second key to disable the alarm. My wife would normally use the second key if we decide to shop separately. This makes it impossible to leave the alarm on and allow the use of the second key. You would think with an expensive car a second key would be standard..
    I have had Toyota Yaris since they were sold in 1999 and I must admit to being very disappointed with this change. I have always had two keys.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment. We’re so sorry to hear about the issue you’ve been experiencing.
      We have emailed you directly to gather further details so that this can be looked into.

    2. I have purchased a Yaris at the Jamca Croydon dealership back in 2020 June. I was assisted by a Sales associate Mr Hussein. He was helpful during the sales period. However, he was not responsive after the purchase completed. On the day of my collection, as per agreement of I would get 2 keys, but the spare key has gone missing and your Croydon brand promised will find the spare key or program a new key to have it send to my address. 9 months passed and I am still waiting to get my spare key, which is very disappointing. I have sent emails and called the Croydon brand to chase it up, but the response I get is we on it! That’s is Shocking!!! Recently, the Jamca service team contacted me to schedule a service in Edgware, I have raised the spare key issue to the service adviser and he also sent an email to Croydon, and to hope I would get a response and get my key back on the day do the service. However, I did not receive any response at all!! Ironically I file this complaint while waiting for my car do be service at your Brand today.

      1. Hi Luis,
        Thanks for contacting us. We’re really sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service you have received from your Toyota Centre.
        We will email you using the address associated with your account in order to look into this further.

  3. I am so unhappy about the service I have received from the Cambridge branch, I have been contacting them for one week, had to contact them 5 to 6 times just in a day for a refund on the money, they are still putting me off, my 14 days are about to finish, I have to chase them up every time just for a refund confirmation email, I am really not happy with the service, I have been working in customer service for past several years and I cannot believe a company such as Toyota gives such a poor service, we have been hearing about Toyota cars for a long time from our family friend, and they recommended this company and their services.
    I would like someone to contact me regarding this.

    1. Hi Rudri,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re so sorry to hear this.
      We have emailed you directly to gather further details so that this can be looked into.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Got a Yaris GR on order. Got my order number, bu nowhere to enter this in the My T app. Ordered through a dealer.

    How do we sort tracking out?


  5. hi there
    I have bought a Toyota corolla 17th month ago from Sheffield Toyota dealership, since first week the wiper blades did not work, then the heater is not working so I went to Sheffield Toyota dealership to find the issue. firstly they give me awaiting appointment after two days although I told them that I need my car because I am a taxi driver, so they could not find the problem and they make an appointment for the next day (06.05.2021). they asked me to leave the car all day, but in the first place, they not provide me any cursory car after emphasis they gave me a car.
    At end of the day, they did not call me till I rang them about my car, they told me you can pick up your car so this is safe to drive until we get the part, and it takes 20 days to receive the part. when I was explained to them the heater is not working all time and I do business as a taxi in this car so how this is safe to drive, I can not wait for 20 days because it is too long for me but their response was unprofessional and rude. they do not have good customer service and they do not want to solve the customer problem even when I asked to see the manager but no one available then somebody is come without to introduce himself says we can not help you and the manger is not here so you have to come after 14 days then a realized he was the assistance of manager. and he did not want to take any responsibility so I don’t know what the assistance of the manager job when the manager is not there.
    finally, they do not change my wipe blader and I don’t know they make an appointment for me or not even I don’t know that the car is safe to drive.

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