Toyota Touch & Go: how to play music via Bluetooth or a USB device

With Toyota Touch and Touch & Go it’s straightforward to play music via your Bluetooth device. You need first to pair your phone to the system.

The system will automatically recognise the device and start playing.

Toyota Touch and Toyota Touch & Go can connect to USB sticks, as long as they are 2.0 and above, and MP3 players.

Simply plug in the USB stick or MP3 player and the system will automatically recognise the device and will start to play the music on the device.

Regardless of whether you are connected via Bluetooth or through the USB port, if there is something specific you want to listen to:
You can search by Artist, or Album much like you would on an MP3 device.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
How to pair your phone
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Touch and Go FAQs

By Iain Reid


  1. Hi I found this while searching for an answer to a small problem with my Auris hybrid.
    I have recorded some albums onto a USB stick which the touch 2 is playing. But when I try use the hands free to try to choose an album or song it says that the USB is syncing please wait. How long should it do this for because it has been doing it for a couple of days now?

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The syncing process is dependent on the amount of audio files stored in the USB, it may take time for the device to read the data stored in the flash drive. We’d advise trying another USB or contact us via Many thanks.

  2. Hey there! I have a problem with my Yaris touchscreen controls and the physical seek up/down buttons not working on the steering wheel all of a sudden. The volume buttons work fine and music still plays through bluetooth, but my touchscreen no longer displays song info or the next/previous track buttons anymore. Just play and pause. Is there a way to fix this or reset the display?

  3. Hi there,

    This is random, I have a Toyota Verso 2013. I noticed sometimes when I make a turn with my steering without touching ANY buttons the song tracks will jump or pause or sometimes it skipped from playing CD to FM. At first I thought, might be my thumb accidentally hit on those buttons, but I can confirm thatI did not as I’m more alert now when it happens.
    Any idea what caused this? Or is there a way to “hard reset” the touch & go?

    1. Hi Nicholas,
      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry you are experiencing this.
      We would advise contacting the multimedia team directly as they are best placed to help you. You can contact them using this email address:

  4. Hello my Yaris does not see my music on usb, it is greyed out, why is that? My phone is Huawei p10, thanks

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Please could you provide us with your reg number so we can look into this for you?
      In the mean time:
      The play via USB function is intended to let you connect a USB stick with music files loaded on it and play those files.
      If the music files are on your phone: transfer them to a USB stick instead; the Touch and Go and Touch 2 and Go manuals list the specifications required, how to use, etc.
      If music is playing via Spotify: connect via Bluetooth.
      We will look into this further when we have your vehicle details.

    2. I had the same problem with my Avensis media player. The only way it would recognise my 32GB USB stick was to format it as FAT32- then all ok.
      Windows of course wont format large volumes as FAT32 so you need a standalone utility like ‘mini tool partition wizard’- hope this helps as Toyota don’t seem to even mention what format to use.

      1. Wow – first answer with any real info – thanks – exactly what I’d worked out for myself, but wanted ratification.
        Don’t know why the hardware specs for the USB connection are so hard to find? Seems like an obvious requirement to publish?

  5. Hello, it’s a UK 2016 hybrid with TSS, ive noticed the same with usb greyed out on a 2017 aygo I’ve driven recently. thanks.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for that, we can only go into further investigation if you supply a reg number or VIN number of the Aygo you were experiencing these issues with.

      1. YM66FCU hybrid, also how does a dash can wired in to the fuse box on live with a 11.8v cutoff sound to you as Toyota people?

      2. Hi John,

        Thanks for getting in touch. We do not advise modification against manufacturer specifications.


    1. Hi John,
      Our multimedia team cannot recreate the problems you are having with your phone.
      Please could you visit your local Toyota Centre as they should be able to help you with this matter.
      You can find your local Toyota Centre here:
      Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  6. I have a similar issue, in my case its a 2016 Prius, and a 2nd generation iPod Nano. The handbook says that it should work, but when I press the source button, USB and AUX are greyed out

    1. Hi Bryan,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Unfortunately, our multimedia system does not support the 2nd Generation iPod.
      We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

      1. Thanks, I had misread the handbook, which lists every other iPod except mine. I have now tried a newer iPod which worked straight away.

      1. Hi John,
        We are still waiting for a response from technical on this matter.
        We will update you when we have an answer.
        Sorry for any inconvenience this matter is causing.

    2. Hello, what does that mean exactly? All it is reputable brand of dash cam and I know Toyota USA offer their own cameras.
      My Toyota dealer offered to hardwire the dash cam for me for £100-160 today, please elaborate for me if you don’t mind as your answer was a little short with no link for reply.

      1. Hi Jon,

        Our policy at Toyota GB is to not advise modification against manufacturer specifications. Any kind of modification against manufacturer specifications mean that warranty, if still valid, becomes invalid.

        We hope this helps.

      2. I don’t quite understand, do you mean that if the Toyota dealer installs a dash cam in my car then this will void the warranty?

      3. If modifications are made to your vehicle which are not in line with the manufacturer’s specification and any part fails as a consequence to this, the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover the cost of repair. Therefore, if a dash cam is hard wired into your vehicle and there is then an issue with the electrics, the warranty will not cover the cost of the repair.

        Hope this helps.

  7. Hello, I’m completely lost here. Bought a 2012 Land Cruiser, it came without any manual. I managed to find the owner’s manual on the website but can’t find anything related to the Navigation/Media system. Also can’t find which one is. I tried to find any system info but there’s none, If I click on SETUP, GENERAL and scroll down the last option is “delete personal data”, cannot even find the system info. This is the one it’s in my car ( Can you help me? Also I have no idea how to access the HDD or DAB radio. Thank you very much.

    1. After speaking to our Multimedia Team, we can confirm that your vehicle does not have a Toyota Touch and Go system, but rather an HDD navigation system.

      If you are interested in updating the multimedia system of your vehicle, you will need to contact your local Toyota Centre to have this update implemented. This is because a specific toolkit is required to update the system.

      In regards to the radio, the grade of your vehicle is not fitted with DAB.

      We hope this helps, thanks.

  8. Hi,

    I am trying to fingerprint the system information from my touch and go to a usb pen drive but the option is still showing grey after plugging into usb port on my yaris

    1. Hi Billy,

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you could please provide a VIN number, we can try to assist you further.


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