Toyota Touch & Go: How to pair your phone

Toyota Touch & Go multimedia system allows you to connect your car to your smartphone and access a host of features including hands-free calling and music streaming.

But just how easy is to pair your phone? In this post, and in the video above, we show you just that.

Pairing a device is simple. Whether you are using Toyota Touch or Toyota Touch & Go, the process is exactly the same.

Most mobiles these days have Bluetooth, but it’s worth checking which of the Toyota Touch or Touch & Go features are compatible with your particular phone before you begin. There’s a full list available on

Press SET-UP
Make sure Bluetooth is ON
Check your phone is in Discover Mode/Discoverable
And when the system finds your phone, select it from the list
It will then ask you to accept the connection

If you want to change any of the settings
Press SET-UP
And then choose your device.

Touch & Go users can also connect to the internet. By choosing this option you are allowing your phone to be used as a modem, so you can make use of connected services.

Accept notification
Select your network provider

It’s a one-time set-up process for each mobile and you can have up to four devices connected at the same time.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
How to make a call and access your phone book
How to play music via Bluetooth or a USB device
How to register your Touch & Go system
How to send and receive a text message
How to use sat-nav features
How to carry out an online search
How to send directions to your car

Touch and Go FAQs
Toyota Touch 2
Got a question about the new Toyota Touch 2 system – being rolled out across various Toyota models in 2014 – then take a look at our dedicated Touch 2 section

Toyota Touch 2 FAQ

By Iain Reid


  1. Hi Michael,

    Have unpaired phone and done all you suggested, but message still appears.

    This even happens when phone is switched off and bluetooth in car is disabled.


    Ricky J

    1. Hi Ricky. What is the actual message that is displayed on the screen? There should be a setting in the connections menu that enables you to turn off auto-connect – if you start the car, turn auto-connect off and then turn off the car, does this fix the issue? Thanks.

  2. Hello,

    I am currently renting a Yaris 2015. I paired my IPhone 5 and connected for music. Everything worked great!

    Then to my horror Ive discovered that all my contacts have been copied over to the Yaris’s system but removed from my I Phone. They are still on the Yaris!


    How do I get them back???

    1. Hi Brendan,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have suggested resetting your phone to see if this will help the problem. If this does not help they have advised visiting your local Toyota dealer. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Hopeless support. I see you more or less give this as a stock answer to all queries. I am renting the car!. I tried resetting my IPod but no idea on the logic as to how resetting would retrieve my lost contacts!! It obviously didnt work. My question remains the same – how do I get my contacts from my Yaris to my IPhone (a mutual sync).

        Your a support operation – please do not fob me off and do your jobs



      2. Hi Brendan
        Thanks for your post. We did speak again to our technical team and we are sorry that we will not be able to provide a diagnosis to this problem online. The car will need to be seen by your nearest Toyota dealer.

        If you let us know roughly where you are located we would be happy to contact the nearest dealer on your behalf to help make the necessary arrangements. Hope this helps a little further.

    1. Hi Nigel,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised you select set up on your multimedia screen, then Bluetooth and there is then an option to turn Bluetooth on or off. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  3. Is there a way with the Touch 2 and Go system to have contacts displayed first name then surname instead of surname then first name?

    1. Hi Owen,
      Thank you for your post. Touch 2 displays names by surnames taken from your phone. Hope this helps, many thanks.

      1. Hi. Is there a way to change this? On my phone (android) contact names are displayed sorted by first name. It would seem a very basic usability option to support this in touch and go I would have thought?

      2. Hi Ak,
        Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and Touch and Go displays names via contact surnames not first names. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      3. Thanks for getting back. Perhaps you can request the technical team to support the option to sort it regardless of how it was imported? For me this is a really big problem, as a lot of friends in my community share the same last name. (Imagine a lot of Smiths in your phone book for example!)

      4. Hi Ak,
        Thank you for your quick reply. We shall pass your comments on to our product team for future product reviews. Many thanks.

  4. Hi. I have a Toyota Yaris sr 2011. My Bluetooth connection works fine when I make a call but there seems to be a problem receiving calls. There’s a ring but when I press answer on the screen I’m left with a silence. Can you help..?

    1. Hi Maryanne,
      We would have to advise contacting your local dealer to see if they can help diagnose the problem. It’s difficult for us to see what the issue is from the description. If you need help contacting your local dealer, please let us know. Thanks.

  5. Hello,

    I have recently changed my phone to a motorola and it will connect fine but I cannot hear the person on the other line. Its definetely a problem with motorola phones as I have paired it with a HTC and a iphone and the bluetooth is working fine in my car with those models. Any ideas on what I could do to try and fix it? Thanks Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle,
      We’re sorry to hear you’re having problems with your system. This does sounds like a Motorola issue and all we could suggest would be popping in to your local dealer to discuss this with them. They may be able to advise further!

  6. Hi I have Toyota Avensis 2010 reg and I can’t pair my Huawei P10 lite phone with it via blue tooth. Can someone please help.Before this I had a Samsung and it was working fine and was easy to connect. Is Huawei compatible with this car at all?

    1. Hi there,
      Please can you confirm if you have Toyota Touch, Touch & Go, Touch 2 or Touch 2 with Go? Thanks.

      1. Hi Ella, thanks for coming back .I managed to sort out issue and Bluetooth is connected now and working fine.

      2. Hi Mirjana, I have the same problem with pairing of my phone Huawei P10 and Toyota Auris 2010. How did you solve this problem with connection?
        I can pair my phone with a car, but only my audio player – I can play music via radio, but I can´t make calls… Please can you help me? Thakx.

      3. Hi Maya,
        Sorry for the delayed response. Our Multimedia team would advise trying a hard factory reset and attempt to pair the phones again. However, this particular smartphone does not appear to be listed as one of the compatible phones for this multimedia system. Hope this helps.

      4. Hi, what I done first was deleted Huawei from Toyota Bluetooth. I have deleted old Samsung device as well. After that I have done pairing again for Huawai .When Toyota listed my phone I pressed connect and this time it was working ok. I hope it helps.

  7. hi , i cant connect via Bluetooth my huawei p10 lite to auris diesel 2013 .I think I have Touch & Go with nav .

  8. Hi.
    I have a Toyota Prius T4 VVT-CVT, it has no screen system but has Bluetooth so how do i set up my Bluetooth from this?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your comment. You should be able to select the Bluetooth option, Bluetooth Setup and then select search for Bluetooth devices. You should have your Bluetooth switched on from your smartphone to be able to connect to your device. If you need any extra information please could you send us your reg number so we can give you more detailed instructions. Many thanks.

      1. Hi
        My vehicle does bit come with the sat nav, there is no touch for me to select or turn on Bluetooth. Here’s my my reg: SO59 AOG

      2. Hi Khalil,
        We are in talks with our multimedia team and will get back to you as soon as we hear back from them. Many thanks for your continued patience.

  9. Hi Khalil,
    Our technical team have advised the following:
    Step 1: Press the telephone button and select ‘Pair Phone’ by using the TUNE.FILE
    Step 2: Register a phone name by either of the following methods – A. Select ‘Record Name’ by using TUNE.FILE, and say a name to be registered. B. Press the ‘Face with speech waves from mouth’ button and say a name to be registered.
    Step 3: Select ‘Confirm’ by using TUNE.FILE
    Step 4: A passkey is displayed, and input the passkey into the cellular phone.

    Hope this helps.

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