Toyota Touch & Go – How to search online

Know the name of your destination, but not the postcode or street address? Then the Toyota Touch & Go satellite navigation system has got it covered.

One of Toyota Touch & Go’s smartest features is that you can search for locations and destinations online, using your mobile phone as a modem…

Results can include detailed information about location, as well as key contact information, including phone numbers.

As this is a “connected service” your mobile needs to be paired to your device. It will also need a 3G data connection or better – and to be able to browse the internet.

In addition, you’ll also need to set up a customer account at mytoyota, and ensure that your phone has it’s “hot spot” enabled – allowing you to set up internet tethering.

With all of the above in order, searching online is simple. The first task is to pair your mobile phone with your Toyota Touch device. Once your ‘phone is paired, press NAV, then choose ENTER DESTINATION.

Next, you’ll need to select the ADVANCED TAB, shown at the top of the screen – which will reveal a list of options, including ONLINE SEARCH.

Pressing ONLINE SEARCH will bring up another screen, which will offer two further options.

To search for destinations at your current location, touch SEARCH AREA, and then define if you want more detail about your exact position, or wish to widen your search to a specific location.

If your device does not respond in this fashion, please check your data connection, and your ‘phone’s connection to the internet.

In our demonstration video (above) we search the local area, thought the process for gathering information from further afield is exactly the same.

By touching the SEARCH WORD option, you can enter a search query, just like you would on an internet browser.

Simply type in the name, or details of the location you would like to know more about, and press OK.

The device will show the top 20 results, though if you would like more, simply press DOWNLOAD MORE, and you will see up to 40 more.

Choose one of the results, then press GO to prompt the device to find the details it needs, and then start navigating towards the location.

You can activate the route guidance exactly as you would if you were programming the device normally.

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  1. I have paired my phone(Motorola x force with android 6). I can use the phone and listen to music, but I cannot do a an on line search. I get an error: Your a/c is not working. please visit You may need the Device ID(see general setup).. I have checked and checked the Device ID without finding anything wrong. It is driving me mad. Do I have to add the online search app? or Google if so how. There is no Google option to add.

  2. Hi thanks for your reply. You are wrong. My phone is listed. My system software is 2.7.4 L. My phone is Motorola x.

    1. Hi there,
      Our apologies, the Moto X is compatible with our systems however there are certain functions it is not compatible with. Internet searching being one of them. Many thanks 🙂

  3. Hi TOYOTA my touch and go system in my 2019 touring sport won’t start up??
    The dealer has updated to the new version of the estore
    Also if the touring sport and the hatchback are the same car why can’t I use apple CarPlay in my car?

    1. Hi Ciaran,

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you are having issues with your multimedia, we would advise for you to contact our multimedia team, as they will be able to assist you further. You can find their contact details here:

      With regards to Apple CarPlay, this is something we are currently working on. Please keep an eye on our social channels and blog for the latest updates.


  4. I’m trying to set up my online account in my 67 plate land cruiser. When I go to complete it keeps saying the toyota server is not available.

    Can you please advise? Does the software need updating etc?



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