Toyota Touch & Go: How to pair your phone

Toyota Touch & Go multimedia system allows you to connect your car to your smartphone and access a host of features including hands-free calling and music streaming.

But just how easy is to pair your phone? In this post, and in the video above, we show you just that.

Pairing a device is simple. Whether you are using Toyota Touch or Toyota Touch & Go, the process is exactly the same.

Most mobiles these days have Bluetooth, but it’s worth checking which of the Toyota Touch or Touch & Go features are compatible with your particular phone before you begin. There’s a full list available on

Press SET-UP
Make sure Bluetooth is ON
Check your phone is in Discover Mode/Discoverable
And when the system finds your phone, select it from the list
It will then ask you to accept the connection

If you want to change any of the settings
Press SET-UP
And then choose your device.

Touch & Go users can also connect to the internet. By choosing this option you are allowing your phone to be used as a modem, so you can make use of connected services.

Accept notification
Select your network provider

It’s a one-time set-up process for each mobile and you can have up to four devices connected at the same time.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
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Touch and Go FAQs
Toyota Touch 2
Got a question about the new Toyota Touch 2 system – being rolled out across various Toyota models in 2014 – then take a look at our dedicated Touch 2 section

Toyota Touch 2 FAQ

By Iain Reid


  1. Hello

    I have a 2011 Toyota Estima (Japanese import). I have managed to connect my mobile telephone via Bluetooth to make and receive mobile phone calls. But am unable to connect for Audio / Music play. Could someone please share instructions as when I try and connect Bluetooth for AUX setting. It has a fixed mobile saying Lars Mob and won’t try to find my iPhone. Please do help.

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