Toyota Touch & Go: how to play music via Bluetooth or a USB device

With Toyota Touch and Touch & Go it’s straightforward to play music via your Bluetooth device. You need first to pair your phone to the system.

The system will automatically recognise the device and start playing.

Toyota Touch and Toyota Touch & Go can connect to USB sticks, as long as they are 2.0 and above, and MP3 players.

Simply plug in the USB stick or MP3 player and the system will automatically recognise the device and will start to play the music on the device.

Regardless of whether you are connected via Bluetooth or through the USB port, if there is something specific you want to listen to:
You can search by Artist, or Album much like you would on an MP3 device.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
How to pair your phone
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Touch and Go FAQs

By Iain Reid


  1. Hi there Toyota.
    My daughter has a brand new Aygo X and I have transferred some music from iTunes onto a USB so that she can listen to songs that she likes whilst driving. All works very well except for the album artwork which doesn’t always display. Is there an ideal size say 480×480 and format e.g gif or jpeg for the player. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, my stereo in Toyota Auris 2014 doesn’t seem to recognise a USB when plugged in. It’s just greyed out. Please can you advise on this?

    Thanks in advance

    1. USB stick only seems to work when formatted to Fat 32. Windows will only format a stick to a max of 32gig. Any bigger and you will have to search the net for suitable conversion software. Hope this helps

    1. Hi Abid, thanks for your comment.

      If you scroll to the bottom of this page and select ‘Contact Multimedia Support’, you will find the Connectivity Team contact form.


  3. Hi I have connected my phone to my hilux 66 plate via Bluetooth but when I press Bluetooth on the dash to play the music it just says loading and nothing happens please help ??

  4. Hi, one of my friends has a 2015 Aygo X and she is having trouble when trying to play music through a USB stick. She has tried two different USB sticks with music in MP3 format on both and when they have been plugged into the USB port and the stereo has been switched to USB mode, the display just flashes ‘USB error’ and no music plays? I was wondering if you could help with this. I know there is no issue with the USB sticks as both of them work in the USB port of my 2015 Kia Rio. Any suggestions?

  5. Hello I just bought a new 2024 Prius XLE I cannot find the port where I can pay play music from my MP3 player nothing shows up how do I import music from my CDs that I have a flash drive into my new car help

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