Toyota Touch & Go – How to use sat-nav features

Toyota Touch & Go helps you get to your destination with only the push of a couple of buttons. In this video we show you how to get the most out of your sat-nav.

The blue arrow on the screen represents your Toyota and shows where it is on the map and which way it is facing.

To set your destination:
Press NAV
Enter the destination’s street name or postcode
The system will give you the option to choose from three routes – FAST, SHORT or ECOLOGICAL.
You also have the option to avoid motorways, toll roads, tunnels or ferries/car trains when you select AVOID.

Point of Interest search
One of the Touch & Go’s most useful features is the Point of Interest search. Banks, restaurants, petrol stations, schools, museums, coffee shops – there are over six million to choose from.

Press POI – Point of Interest

Follow the on-screen instructions to navigate to your point of interest.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
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Touch and Go FAQs

By Iain Reid


  1. Hi . I have just purchased two yaris icons with touch and go 2. On one of them the speed camera alert is too loud whilst on the other it is too quiet. I have checked instruction manuals, videos and forums to no avail. My Toyota dealer is I am told one of the largest in Europe yet all they can offer is that it is in the settings! They also said just turn the volume down when it goes off. Can you help?

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for getting in touch! You should be able to alter this when the alert sounds, by turning the volume control down. You are also able to turn the route guidance instructions down in this way or via the “volume settings” menu. You first need to select “general settings” to see this sub-menu.

      If this still fails to rectify the issue, we would advise you to contact your Toyota Centre, as the system may need a reset or potentially an update, however the Toyota Centre can advise when they inspect the vehicle. Can we check if you been on the My Toyota website and downloaded the Owner’s Manual for your vehicle? Many thanks 🙂

  2. More info. I have now connected to the internet and still cannot get traffic info display on my sat nav. Im using an iPhone 5 is that a problem?

    1. Hi Barry,
      We are in talks with our technical department and we will be back in touch once we have some further information 🙂

      1. Yes I have a my toyota account. Bluetooth is working fine. I can access other internet functions like street view. I just can’t get any traffic information

    2. Hi Barry,
      After speaking with our technical team, they have advised us to check that you have a My Toyota account and have connected your phone via Bluetooth AND got Bluetooth tethering turned on?

      They suspect that your account may not be linked to the vehicle, or the phone is not tethered via Bluetooth to allow a data connection. If you can confirm this then that would be great.

      Many thanks 🙂

      1. Hi Barry,
        Thanks for confirming this. We will speak with our technical team and get back to you 🙂

  3. Dear toyota help

    I have just bought Toyota Yaris 63 number plate and disappointed to find that Sat Nav not installed. Could you please tell me how much does it cost to have this installed from the Toyota dealer.

    Is there anyway I could install it myself from online resources.

    My Reg number is BU63AEO.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comments. We would have to suggest speaking with your dealer about this, they will be able to give the exact pricing of installation and whether this is possible. Many thanks.

  4. Hi I have a 2012 Toyota Yaris with touch and go and would like to change from Miles to KM.
    I have found in the general menu were you change it. I have change it but all the data shown is still in miles even though the selection in the setup is Kilometres
    Please help

    1. Hi Jason,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Can we ask what it is you’re trying to change from miles to km?



      1. I am trying to.change the units from.the touch screen to from miles to km in order for the trip computer on the touch screen to appear in km. But each time o.go to.change it it immediately reverts it back to miles. It will not store the change in the general menu. Also is there a way to.change the digital display on the odo metet to desplay the car milage to km?

      2. Hi Jason,
        Thanks for coming back to us. We would advise going to the ‘Setup’ screen on your display, select ‘General’ and scroll down to ‘Unit of Measurement’. You should then be able to change it from miles to km.

      3. that is what I do. But it does not change the displayed units to KM. it only display’s them in MILES. and after going back into the menu, sometime my selection km goes back to miles automatically.
        The other thing that I notice is if you have the engine running and you change it to KM it keeps the selection but will not display the measurements in KM but only in miles.
        But if you do not have the engine running and try to change it from MILES to KM then it will not save the change. It goes back to miles automaticaly

  5. Hi Jason,
    We have run your query past our technical team and they have advised that if this does not work, you should take your vehicle to your local centre for this to be investigated. Do you need any assistance in finding your nearest dealer?

  6. Hi, trying to enter my My Toyota ID in my new Prius, but I need the underscore to enter my email address. How do I add an underscore as it doesn’t show on any of the available keyboards

    1. Would can I install sat nav into my Toyota verso as it didn’t come with one and also, how can I know the type to install. Possibly the cost of it will be appreciated if known

      Many thanks

    2. Hi I’ve run into the same issue with my rav4 can’t seem to get to the underscore symbol at all ?

      1. Hi John,

        Thanks for getting in touch. What is it that you’d like emailed to you?

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