Toyota GT86: Built by passion video

[youvid embded=’t’ vid=’gjK_JCxxz6c’]

When it comes to inspiring passion, the Toyota GT86 is the sports car to beat. Following numerous awards for its incredible driver-friendly engineering, the GT86 has fired the enthusiasm of a growing army of devotees around the world.

That’s why Toyota in Japan has taken a closer look at the car and how it is made, from sheet metal to a complete, road-ready car in the video above.

We’ve previously taken a look inside how the sports coupe was created with the man in charge of its development, Tetusya Tada. Read his insight on the Subaru partnership that paved the way for the car here, and his thoughts on the future of Toyota sports cars here.

If you want to find out more about how we build Toyota cars here in the UK, you can read a timeline and watch our videos from inside out Burnaston plant on our Factory to Forecourt microsite.


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