Toyota GR86 design: more powerful, more muscular

The replacement for the GT86, the GR86 has a more powerful engine than its predecessor (2.4 litres over 2 litres). It also has a far stiffer chassis, making for a more responsive driving experience. Like the GT86, the GR86 has the quintessential hallmarks of a sports coupe – a long, diving bonnet, the front windscreen is raked, and the roof sweeps backwards to meet a dynamically angled rear windscreen. In addition, a range of attention-grabbing design features give the Toyota GR86 a more muscular appearance than the GT86, reflecting its improved performance and handling.

Toyota GR 86 design

At the front end, several elements make the GR86 look low and wide. Set into the fenders, the lights are angled and aggressive. The bonnet dives and the front end rests below the lights, making the GR86 look primed for speed. Lines set into the bonnet accelerate all the way to the front end, emphasising how long and low it is. As well as this, the large central grille is positioned low on the front bumper and thrusts outwards from the side air intakes, making the GR86 look like it is moving rapidly, even when standing still. To complete the front end, the side intakes are housed on the outermost edges of the front bumper, giving the GR86 a confident stance.

Toyota GR 86 design

To the side, a sharp crease emerges from the front wheel arch and accelerates rearwards over it, conjuring a touring car aesthetic. An eye-catching highlight forms above the crease, darting all the way to the front door. Together, they provide musculature over the front wheel area, reflecting the responsiveness of the GR86.

Toyota GR 86 design

Behind the front wheel is a large functional air vent, a reminder that the GR86 has better performance than the GT86 and is designed to be driven hard. The vent connects to a sill that punches outwards just beneath the door shut line, creating a strong highlight. Visually, this highlight lowers the centre of gravity of the GR86, widening the car body, and making the vehicle look stable and athletic. The sill has a sharp crease that creates a shadow beneath it – this contrasts strongly with the highlight, forming a dramatic three-dimensional feature that is far more confident and brawny than the sill of the GT86.

Around the rear wheels, a number of design elements work together, creating a vivid reminder that power is delivered through them. Firstly, the sill rises dramatically behind the door, generating a sense of explosive acceleration. This leads to a haunch that sweeps over the rear wheels. The GR86’s haunch is far more defined than the GT86’s, letting us know that the new model benefits from more power coming through the rear wheels. 

Toyota GR 86 design

The design of the rear again tells a story of a car with greatly increased capability. The spoiler is seamlessly integrated into the boot, emerging from just above the rear lights to accelerate rapidly upwards towards the centre of the car, creating a poised aesthetic. Beneath the edge of the spoiler is a downward-facing surface that reflects the road as the GR86 speeds past, creating vibrant pools of reflection. As well as this, the boot bulges outwards forming strong shadows and a three-dimensional effect, providing the impression that the GR86 is being pushed at great speed from the rear. 

Toyota GR 86 design

The rear lights too have a strong three-dimensional presence and their outmost edges define the sides of the rear end, giving the Toyota GR86 design a commanding stance. Lower down, large twin exhausts are set within a prominent rear diffuser. The diffuser has beefed up ridges designed to accurately direct airflow coming from underneath the car, completing the story of a vehicle with improved power, handling and capability.

Toyota GR 86 design


  1. Looks amazing, had my gt86 9 trouble free years! I don’t want to part with it, but this might tempt me. I was holding out for a Supra bus was a little concerned about the reliability of the BMW underpinnings.

  2. How about an option for no power-assistance on the steering?
    I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but the tyres aren’t super-wide and while I have a car with good steering for electrically-assisted, it’s infinitely less fun than my 205GTi was, which went where you pointed it to the mm…

    1. I know why you suggest this, the more steering feel argument. But that would mean more turns lock to lock. Far less accurate steering. I’d trade this accuracy for a bit of “feel” any day. Plus this is still some of the best steering on any car.

  3. Looks great! What tyres are fitted? I am wondering if you have gone for a sportier tyre this time or stuck with a lower grip tyre like before for lower speed fun.

    1. Hi John,
      As there is not currently a UK specification GR86, we do not have this information at the moment.
      Sorry we couldn’t help further.

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Currently, there is not a UK specification GR86, meaning we are unable to provide this information.
      Sorry we couldn’t help further.

  4. It feels like you’ve thrown off the aggressive appeal of the original model to make it more friendly and approachable. Almost like tuners aren’t going to be interested anymore. Furthermore no engine bay shot or technical information at all. Really disappointing from a company know for making great cars.

    There’s a reason I’ve stuck with my ’89 supra and not updated since.

  5. Baby blue does it for me. Have registered interest with you, and phoned the local dealer and told him I want one.

    Have you an update on when the order book opens, and any tentative “at dealer”, delivery dates.


    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for your interest in the GR86.
      We haven’t got any information just yet,
      If you have signed up for updates, this will give you the latest information.

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