New Toyota Auris: your questions answered

The all-new Toyota Auris is set to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show later this week, and we’ll be ready and waiting to bring you all the news on Toyota’s latest family car – direct from the motor show floor.

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If you have anything you’d like to know about the newcomer, just ask us a question and we’ll get an answer for you. Take a look at our first images and video of the car here for inspiration.

We’ll start answering questions after the wraps come off the car on Thursday morning.

So don’t be shy, get in contact and give us your questions! Just type them in in the comments box below.


By Will McManus


  1. Hello Zac
    Thanks for your post.
    Firstly we do apologise for the inconvenience caused and we do recommend that your Toyota dealer checks out the stereo volume, boot carpet and heated seats for you. They will be able to help advise you further regarding this. Thanks again for contacting us and if you need any other information please let us know.

  2. Hi Mike
    Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying on this.
    We did need to double check this with our accessories team and they have advised that the volume level is set and cannot be adjusted. However it may be worth taking your car to your local Toyota centre so that they can double check that the speaker has been fitted in the correct location.

  3. Hello I have a 2013 auris v matic sport, have a slight issue the steering often makes a clicking sound as you turn the wheel, I had an auris back in 2007 that developed the same issue. Any idea what this could be. My service is not due until June 2015 and the dealer where I bought it from is 40 mile away so would rather just wait until I take it for its Service. But if it’s anything major I would have to get it looked at. Also would any toyota dealer as there is others near be able to look at it. As I had a Ford Focus inbetween my 2 auris and I took it to another dealer for repair work and they had a terrible attitude as I never bought the car from there as the dealer I bought it from went out of buisness. Ps apologies to toyota for ever buying a ford they’re awful unreliable things. I’ll stick with toyota next time.

    1. Hi Andrew
      Thanks for your post.
      We did run your comment past out technical team however it is sometimes difficult to make a correct diagnosis without actually seeing the car. If you are concerned in any way regarding your vehicle performance then their recommendation is to take this to your Toyota dealer so that they can help identify this correctly for you. Sorry that we cannot be more conclusive here and it was good to read about your previous ownership of Toyota Auris. If you do have any other questions or queries though please let us know.

    1. Hi Paul
      Thanks for your post and great to hear about your new Auris. Sorry for the delay in replying to you.
      Normal careful driving will be fine to run in your car but for the record the advice we give is,
      Do not drive at very high speeds
      Avoid sudden acceleration
      Do not drive continuously in low gears
      Do not drive at constant speed for extended periods
      Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for your reply, David, but I have already taken the car back to the dealer to see if they could over-ride the computer programme and adjust the back lighting to the dash manually so that there is more illumination during the daytime. The answer is ‘it cannot be done’. The dashboard lighting cannot be adjusted to suit the needs/preferences of the individual.
    The only possible solution that I have seen mooted on the internet is to cover the light sensor itself so that it ‘thinks’ it is night time and increases the lighting on the dashboard. Question – where exactly is this sensor located, as I have not been able to find it to try this?
    I would suggest that ALL dealerships offer, as a matter of course, the opportunity for people to be able to have a car to test drive for a full 24 hrs. In that way you have time to drive the car in a variety of conditions and to make an informed decision on whether it meets your requirements. 20-30 minutes on the roads around the dealership, in a new car that you are unfamiliar with, and with a sales person telling you all the positive points etc. is not a good basis on which to make an expensive decision.

  5. I picked up my auris hybrid excel last week and first the alert for speed cameras sound was working but now its just disappeared. How can you reactive the alert again? I don’t know what I may have changed and couldn’t find anything regarding in the handbook.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Aric, thanks for getting in touch. To reset the tyre pressure you’ll need to look directly under the drivers side foot well. By your shin there is a small button (about the size of the top of a biro). Hold this down and your tyre pressure indicator should reset. Any problems do pop by a local Toyota dealer and they’ll be able to point this out to you. Hope this helps!

  6. I have read the article in yesterday’s Sunday Times Driving section relating to the security of car keyless locking systems. What is the Toyota attitude to this problem? What is the company doing to ensure that the weakness’ identified are being addressed / overcome?
    Currently my wife and I check when locking the car that the locks are engaged but clearly that not enough to overcome the problems

    I raised this issue twice when buying my Auris Icon in September 2013 with the dealer even giving them a copy of the article at that time that they needed to pass on to Toyota UK as the dealer had been told Toyota didn’t know anything about it. I hope that there are some of your team that now take the Sunday Times.

    1. Hi Brian, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Vehicle security is of utmost importance to the automotive industry, the number of car thefts has fallen from 318,000 in 2002 to 77,500 last year. The automotive industry is working closely with a number of security experts, security research companies like Thatcham, the police and other relevant bodies to address this issue. Vehicle manufacturers monitor and update security systems on an ongoing basis, with manufacturer-approved dealers providing software updates to cars as part of a regular servicing programme. Since Watchdog’s first report, vehicle manufacturers have released a number of software updates to make vehicles more secure and combat keyless vehicle theft. Criminal activities continuously evolve, meaning manufacturers must consistently develop its systems to stay one step ahead. Thanks again for getting in touch if you’re concerned by the issues raised on Watchdog please contact Trading Standards Institute-approved self-regulatory body, Motor Codes, on 0800 692 0825 for impartial help and advice.

  7. Hi Zoltan, thanks for getting in touch. Can we check if you’ve turned the sat nav volume to 0? If so this also mutes the cameras. Does this help?

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