New Toyota Auris: your questions answered

The all-new Toyota Auris is set to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show later this week, and we’ll be ready and waiting to bring you all the news on Toyota’s latest family car – direct from the motor show floor.

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If you have anything you’d like to know about the newcomer, just ask us a question and we’ll get an answer for you. Take a look at our first images and video of the car here for inspiration.

We’ll start answering questions after the wraps come off the car on Thursday morning.

So don’t be shy, get in contact and give us your questions! Just type them in in the comments box below.


By Will McManus


  1. Re: Auris headlights and the lack of illumination of the near side front when driving on unlit country roads.

    I have posted last year about the problem and no one at Toyota seems to be listening. THERE IS A PROBLEMS WITH THE HEAD/DIPPED LIGHTS and a fix is needed urgently before there is a fatality!

    1. Thanks for your post Anthony.
      We can assure you that this information has been brought to the attention of the product team and that the Auris complies with UK lighting regulations regarding use on the road. There are no current plans to change the headlamp units in the Auris but we do thank you for your feedback.

    1. Hi Neil
      Thanks for your post.
      We do not sell the Auris with xenon headlamps so this is not an upgrade we can recommend unfortunately. If you were to replace any bulbs in the car it would be with identical parts.

  2. I have just taken delivery of a ‘pre-registered (29/9/14) Auris Icon from the local dealer and find that (despite being told that it is the current model and everything seems in line with the current Brochure, the seat trim is called “Imola”, which does not appear in the current ’14 Brochure. This trip has white stitching on the front seat edges and I don’t like it! Can you tell from the Chassis No.(SB1ME3JE20E060996) if this is an older Auris that 2014 even though it was only registered this year?

    Thanks, George

  3. Hello George
    Thanks you for your post.
    We have checked the production date of your Auris and it would have been July this year so you definitely have 2014 model. We have also spoken to the product team about your interior trim. Imola is not a name they recognise so if you can clarify where this information came from then we will look into this further. The trim used in the Auris Icon has not changed for the last couple of years and is called Yatomi and this is the correct specification for your car.
    We hope this helps clarify and please let us know if you have any other questions.

  4. When I am driving my Toyota Auris Icon + 1.8 Hybrid evry so often there is an intermittent beeping noise coming from inside the car… is driving me mad.
    There is nothing showing up on any of the screens that might give me a clue as to what it is.
    Anybody have any ideas as to what it might be or experienced it themselves.

    1. Hello Robert
      Thanks for your post.
      This could be the alert for speed cameras. Does this happen just before you are approaching one? If not your local dealer might be able to help.

  5. Why can the dashboard lighting on the Hybrid Auris Excel (2014 model) not be adjusted to suit the owner? This is the first car I have EVER owned (even my first Ford Anglia had the facility) that I cannot do so, so it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to do so on this car. It is the top of the range, all whistles and bells, model after all so you would expect such a basic facility to be available I could on my previous AurisT Spirit. IT IS POSITIVELY DANGEROUS. 5 days after getting the car, while driving in bright sunlight, I experienced ‘blackout’ of the dash display. I thought there had been an electrical failure of some type so looked to pull over and investigate. It was only as the road changed direction that the dashboard display came back into view and I realised it was the sun reflecting off the black background of the dash display that had caused it. I experienced this 3 times in the first 18 days of ownership and it has happened on several occasions since. Clearly this is going to be an on-going problem, not a ‘one-off’. When it happens you are ‘driving blind’ – and that is down right dangerous.
    Forget about wearing sunglasses too, because they also mean the dash display is virtually indistinguishable. If there was independent, adjustable back lighting this situation would not arise.
    Solution please. And yes, 2 months after buying the car I am thinking that I will have to sell it and get a car without this safety fault if you do not have a solution.

  6. Hello Kay
    Thank you for your post and we are sorry to read the details.
    In the circumstances we do recommend that you take your car to your nearest Toyota dealer for them to check this matter further for you. We know that if the lights are set to auto then this can affect the dashboard illumination (when the car passes from light to dark) but your dealer can help advise further on this.

  7. Thanks for your positive response David – I returned to my Dealer and they explained that there was a mistake in the paperwork for which they apologised. I am happy that the car is current and it is very nice to drive!
    Regards, George

  8. Hi I have a 63 reg Avensis Icon Tourer with the parking assist how do you raise the sound level of the warning buzzer/beeper, it is barely audible.

  9. I have recently bought a icon plus Auris unfortunately there are couple of issues if anyone can advice please. The volume sound is very poor even when you have it turned up to Max it still sounds like it is on 40 or 45 the sound does not increase.
    The car seats they heat for few minutes then that is it, they do not heat up again. The boot you have two and the one underneath the top one had no carpet in it looked disgusting to say the least.
    Not a happy customer I have spent a lot of money and already not happy customer.

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