New Toyota Auris: your questions answered

The all-new Toyota Auris is set to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show later this week, and we’ll be ready and waiting to bring you all the news on Toyota’s latest family car – direct from the motor show floor.

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If you have anything you’d like to know about the newcomer, just ask us a question and we’ll get an answer for you. Take a look at our first images and video of the car here for inspiration.

We’ll start answering questions after the wraps come off the car on Thursday morning.

So don’t be shy, get in contact and give us your questions! Just type them in in the comments box below.


By Will McManus


  1. I’ve just read Bob Smart’s post about the poor lighting from the Auris headlamps and how the current lighting regulations don’t stipulate a requirement for angles of visibility or size of illuminated area. This is a very significant comment and places further emphasis on the problem.

    Like Bob, I had previously received Toyota’s form response and replied, pointing out, among other things, that Volkswagen do not treat the problem of improved lighting as a trivial matter and offer both dynamic and static cornering lamps for their vehicles. This would not address the whole Toyota lighting problem but would at least improve one aspect of it.

    This issue will not go away, LISTEN UP TOYOTA, your customers are calling.

  2. I reported the poor headlights on my auris as you suggested to your CR department. I was informed that nothing can be done about it. fortunately I have access to another vehicle as no way would I use the auris during the hours of darkness on unlit road its just dangerous. I would recommend anyone thinking of buying the auris to have a test drive after dark on some unlit country roads.


    1. Hi Faiz,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Firstly, you will need to establish that your Auris is pulling to the left when being driven on a level road, as, sometimes the camber of the road may result in the vehicle pulling to the left or to the right.
      If the road is level, we would advise you to inspect the tire inflation pressures. If there is a difference between the LH & RH tires, it may result in the vehicle pulling to one side.
      If this is not the case, please take your vehicle to be inspected by a Toyota Centre in order to check the wheel alignment and the tires (sometimes the vehicle may pull to one side due to defective tires).
      You can find your local Toyota Centre here:
      We hope this helps.

  3. Having an issue with my auris car bonnett….it wont stay closed, it secure but pops open an inch just wondering any ideas how to solve it

  4. Hi, I’ve recently bought a second hand Auris 1.8 Hybrid Design and would like to know how to set up speed dials for my phone. The phone is paired, I can see the phonebook and I can receive and make calls but can’t see how to set up speed dials. It is a 2016 registered car with Toyota Touch. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Speed dial cannot be setup on Toyota Touch 2 with go systems. The Toyota systems are not supported with this function.

      Apologies for any inconvenience.

  5. Please can you advise if there are any plans to recall & fix the headlight issue with the Toyota Auris hybrid. I’ve noticed several complaints in this thread and I’d like to add my concerns too. We’ve had both the hatchback & touring models of the Auris and loved both, EXCEPT the fact that headlights give very poor visibility in the dark. I actively try to avoid driving the Auris at night but sometimes have to out of necessity. I need to change a headlamp bulb and have just been researching whether I can fit something more powerful, but appears not. Please can you please let myself and your other customers know if this is a safety issue that is high priority?

    1. Hi Johanna,

      Thanks for getting in touch. There are currently no plans to recall, however we are sorry to hear that you are concerned. Safety is a high priority for us, therefore if you believe that there is an issue with your headlights, we would advise for you to contact your local Toyota Centre so that they can perform an inspection.


  6. I purchased a 2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid Excel, and for the most part have been happy with it, until this year. I purchased it in 2016 from a dealership as a dealer approved car. Three years later it has failed it’s MOT due to a problem with the headlights.
    The metal baffle that shapes the beam has burned and split meaning that the beam no longer forms a straight line parallel to the ground but has a bump in the centre. Toyota, apparently, in an effort to improve the brightness of the headlights switched from H11 to HIR 2 bulbs, this change may well be what has lead to the potential £800 cost I now face on top of the service and MOT. To be fair, the Dealership has been nothing but helpful in this, unlike Toyota UK who have waved away the problem as if it doesn’t exist.
    I recommend that if you own a similar car and it is still in warranty have the headlights inspected and if they are showing a semi-circular burn pattern and signs of splitting, get them replaced as materially defective under warranty. Similarly if you are considering buying a similarly aged Auris Hybrid have the headlights checked for this problem before purchase.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear that you feel this way. If you have a case currently open with our Customer Relations team, we can add these notes and get the case re-opened. If you would like us to do this, please could you provide the case number. Alternatively, you can contact the team directly, you can find the contact details here:


      1. Hi my husband has a problem with his Toyota Auris hybrid. The humming noise is coming from the wheel, 2 garages have both said it’s not the bearing. Any clue to what it could be

      2. Hi Christine,

        Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, without being able to see the car ourselves, we are unable to diagnose the issue effectively. We would recommend visiting your nearest Toyota Centre as they will be best equipped to assess the car in person and provide the best recommendation.


    1. Hi Lukas,

      If you could please provide a VIN number, we will be able to assist you further.


      1. Hi,squeaky noise from the wheels when reversing on an auris hybrid,sometimes going forward too,but always at low speeds ,are there any grease nipples for these if not what could be the cause? Thanks in advance.

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