New Toyota Auris: your questions answered

The all-new Toyota Auris is set to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show later this week, and we’ll be ready and waiting to bring you all the news on Toyota’s latest family car – direct from the motor show floor.

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If you have anything you’d like to know about the newcomer, just ask us a question and we’ll get an answer for you. Take a look at our first images and video of the car here for inspiration.

We’ll start answering questions after the wraps come off the car on Thursday morning.

So don’t be shy, get in contact and give us your questions! Just type them in in the comments box below.


By Will McManus


  1. I picked up my new auris active today, when taking the kids out they complained they could not hear the radio. I adjusted the radio fade to the rear but no sound came out, am I doing something wrong as I can not get any sound out of the rear door speakers.

    1. Hello Matt
      Thanks for your post.
      It sounds like you have found the audio balance control which helps you adjust the volume between the front and the rear speakers but if after adjusting this it is still not working then we would recommend that you stop by your local Toyota dealer who can check this further for you.

  2. I bought a new Auris in May 2014. It was not until early Sept 2014 that I actually drove the car on an unlit country road in the dark and was totally shocked by the light pattern of the car. The limit of the beam cuts off suddenly and does not offer sufficient light in comparison to a 60 mph limit unlit road. My two passengers, both drivers, were frightened by the situation and I had to finish the unlit part of my journey at about 35-40 mph to be able to see safely. There is also a blind spot when you turn a corner in dark which is quite frightening.
    I booked my car in at a main Toyota dealership and they checked the car but could only say it met the MOT test standard. They did however suggest putting xenon bulbs in. They also offered to take it overnight and drive it themselves in the dark.
    With the lights the way they are its not going to be long before someone gets killed because of it and Toyota do not appear to be doing anything about it. I have been reliably informed that the new Auris has had a change to the lights and am interested to know if this has changed because of the fault in my model.
    I look forward to your reply

  3. Hi Andrew
    Thanks for your post and we are sorry to read your comments in respect of the headlamps on your Auris. When we introduce a car into the UK market we have to ensure that it conforms to all necessary UK lighting regulations. We have passed your comments to our Customer Relations team who will be in touch with you directly so they can obtain some further details. With regard to new models, we do not have any information regarding this but if you look at all the models in our range there is a constant programme of improvement in terms of specification and features.
    Hope this helps explain a bit further and thanks again for your post.

  4. Hi I have a 64 reg Auris 1.6 cvt icon the tyre pressure light stays on even after checking the tyres are correct and pressing the reset button in the glovebox, can anyone help please?

  5. Hi Dave
    Thanks for your post.
    Sorry to hear of the problem you have experienced with your Auris and the tyre pressure warning light. We have spoken to our technical team and their recommendation is for you to stop by your local Toyota dealer who will be help you resolve this. If you are unsure regarding your nearest dealer then we do have a dealer locator on our website

  6. Re: Andrew Thompsons post, I have posted before about the dangerous headlights on the the Toyota Auris when driving on country roads. May I suggest that some at Toyota takes a car out on a country road at night to see how dangerous the headlights are! The only way I can drive safely is by putting the fog lights on, not strictly legal though.


    1. Thank you for your post Mr Shipley and for making us aware of your concerns.
      Our customer relations team are keeping a record of the contacts we receive.

  7. I also bought a new auris icon in may this year and totally agree with the comment about the poor head lighting system, dipped beam on unlit roads it is nothing short of dangerous. some of the unlit roads also have no footpaths its just a matter of time before some one is killed. I look forward to your reply thank you.

  8. I agree, the headlights on my 2013 Auris Icon are unsafe for night time driving on unlit roads due to the lack of lateral illumination. Shocking that Toyota can apparently dodge the issue for so long because customers have been complaining for some time now and no sign of any action.

    Presumably when Toyota went through Type Approval for the Mark 2 Auris certain aspects would come under “Qualification by similarity” being classified as derivative from the previous Mk 1 Auris Type Approval and the projector type headlamps common to both Mk1 and Mk2 cars would come under this heading.

    Whatever changes were made to the Mk2’s there’s one thing for sure – the beam pattern has changed. What I’d like to know is if Toyota introduced the changes to the Mk2 headlamps for their own convenience. Nice little production easement and cost saver for Toyota but a disgraceful degradation in performance.

    High time this was sorted out – LISTEN UP TOYOTA!

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