Toyota Touch 2 – Over The Air Installation Of Apps

In this post, we explain how you can install apps to your Toyota Touch 2 with Go and Touch 2 with Go Plus multimedia system.

We’ve prepared this short video to explain the process, or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Before we start, you’ll have to install the Toyota e-Store app on your Touch 2 device. For more information, please read our post ‘How To Install e-Store’.

To purchase apps for your device you’ll need to log in to the MyToyota customer portal. If you’ve already registered, simply head to MyToyota and enter your email address and password. First time users will need to complete a simple registration process, which is explained in this step-by-step post.

Once you’re logged in, click on ‘e-Store’ and select the ‘Apps’ section to see our selection of Toyota apps.

Next, click on your chosen app – the Twitter app, for example – to get more information.

Select your car and click ‘Add to Basket’.

View your basket by clicking ‘Basket’ from the menu at the top of the page. From here, you can proceed through the checkout process, entering your details and choosing the most convenient payment method – either credit card or PayPal.

With checkout complete, click on the ‘Purchases’ area to see your purchased app.

If your phone is paired with your Touch 2 system, you can now go to your vehicle, switch on the Touch 2 system and go online.

Touch 2: Over the air (OTA) app installation

Touch the ‘e-Store’ icon and you will see a list of all the apps that are available on your system and in your particular region.

Find your purchased app – in our example, the Twitter icon – touch ‘INSTALL’ and your app will download to your Touch 2 system over the air.

For information about updating your Toyota Touch 2 device, see our post ‘How To Update Your Maps And Software’.

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  1. i have been having an Update for eStore available on my Touch 2 with go system for a few days now, i perform the update, a message says update successful, i then press the eStore option and yet again it asks me to update it! I’ve done this several times to no avail it just keeps saying the same message! what am i supposed to do when i have followed all instructions correctly and checked its registered correctly?

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Thank you for your post and feedback. In order for us to recreate the problem we would advise contacting our Customer Services: stating login details, and if possible a screen shot of where the process is creating an error? This will help us to diagnose the issue you’re having. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  2. Having just had my new hilux delivered I was excited to use the touch & go system which all in all is good however the text message function seems not to work with my iPhone and the only app I can see is Twitter (which I don’t use).

    When will useful apps such as Spotify ,google Callander, search, email, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and most importantly Airplay be available.

    I stupidly made the assumption that when the litriture said it supported apps that their would actually be usable apps. It looks like a good system and is easy to use if it just had content.

    Any feedback on this would be welcome.

  3. How can I log-in with Twitter. When I start the App, it goes straight into logging-in and then says it can’t do it. I haven’t given it any log in details, and I cannot find a way to enter them. How is this set up?

    1. Hi Jon,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We have sent this query to our Multimedia team. Please could you provide your email and registration number so we can contact you.

      1. I have got exactly the same problem! Server is not responding error, or so. It would be nice to have Twitter working, but loggin-in is not possible nowadays…

      2. Hi there,
        Thanks for getting in touch. Please could you provide your reg or VIN number. Many thanks.

  4. How can I log-in with Twitter. The server doesn’t respond. In my touch2 with go plus everything else is ok. My VIN is: SB1MS3JE70E389217

    1. Hi Massimo,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We have passed your email address on to a member of our Multimedia team and they will contact you directly. Thanks.

    2. I’ve had the same problem, so I’ve done the latest update and now twitter has totally gone and there is no option to download it

      1. Hi Boris,

        Thanks for getting in touch. We’d advise contacting our Multimedia Team directly as they are in the best position to assist you further.

        You can contact them using this email address:


  5. As you don’t currently support mirroring or Android Auto through mirror link, do you plan to make apps available on your estore that may be more relevant to users please.

    I listen to Audible books, as I cannot link my phone to the car to operate the app via the head unit, I have to operate the app via my phone directly whilst paired to bluetooth. This obviously is an issue as it is both unsafe and more important illegal!

    If I could download an App to my car, I could then download books and operate the app through the car thus remaining safe and legal.

    Do you have any plans to open the app store to proper apps such as Sygic, Audible Google and so on?

    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We have passed your suggestions on to our Multimedia team. We currently have no information on the future development of our Touch 2 system.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’d advise contacting Toyota in you region as they are the best position to assist you further.
      Here is a link to Toyota Hungary’s website:

  6. Hi
    I’ve recently purchased a Toyota Auris with a Touch 2 with Go system. I have subscribed to some apps and they seem to be working OK but I have 2 apps AHA Radio and Cyclops Mobile Camera that I’m having issues with. Firstly I’m unable to install the AHA Radio from E-Store section. When I try to select to install the app I get a Download Failed error. It’s the same with Cyclops, there is a Update available and I try select Update and the error Download Failed occurs.

    My internet is through my Bluetooth connection and I know it works OK.
    I tested using an iPhone and Android phone and the error still occurs.

    Can you give any suggestions on how to fix this?

    1. Hi Giovanni,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Touch 2 with Go system. Our multimedia team are best placed to help you further with this and we will email you directly in order to gain additional details and put you in touch with them.


  7. Ive got estore pre installed on my system. My toyota portal says i have so many free apps active but when i got to apps on the multimedia screen nothing is showing

  8. Hi John,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    Could you please provide us with your reg? We’ll then look into this further with our multimedia team.

  9. I have new Camry and need help installing apps from the estore. My portal tells me I have 10 apps, but they are not showing in estore in the car. The car has a working internet connection.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your comment, and congratulations on your new car! We hope you’re loving your new Camry and are sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with the e-store.
      We would recommend contacting our multimedia team as they are best equipped to assist with your enquiry further.
      You can contact them, here:

    2. I have new Corolla Estate had it two weeks and I still have not got the myt app working been back to the dealers to get the connection working but still can’t get apps working Not happy

      1. Hi Terence,
        Thanks for getting in touch, and thank you for choosing Toyota! We hope you’re enjoying your Corolla Estate, and we’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing problems with MyT.
        We would recommend contacting our multimedia team for help with this issue as they are best equipped to assist you further.
        They can be reached, here:

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