Toyota Proace Review

The Toyota Proace is the perfect partner for anyone who needs a reliable, spacious and well-equipped van to meet their business needs. Powered by a choice of three efficient diesel engines – 90hp 1.6-litre, 128hp 2.0-litre or the range-topping 163hp 2.0-litre – and available in various combinations of length and roof height, there’s bound to be a Proace suitable for you.

With up to 7m³ of loadspace capable of hauling as much as 1200kg of payload, high equipment levels for conducting business on the go, or even the extra passenger space afforded by the Proace Crew Cab, the Proace is the van that can.
Toyota Proace driving

A day spent driving the Proace is an effortless task, with all of its diesel engines producing plenty of load-hauling torque while being fuel efficient and meeting the latest Euro 5 emissions standards.

The 90hp 1.6-litre engine, paired with a five-speed manual transmission produces 180Nm of torque. The larger 128hp and 163hp 2.0-litre engines are equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox and produce 320Nm and 340Nm of torque respectively. A large fuel tank and up to 44.1mpg (2.0-litre engine) give the Proace a potential driving range of over 770 miles, more than enough to keep you motoring all day long.

The Proace is designed to help you deliver a productive day’s work, so it’s comfortable and well-equipped. All models share the same levels of equipment, including air-conditioning, Bluetooth and electric windows. Additionally, the Proace is equipped with a front bench seat that seats two or optionally available with an individual front passenger seat for no extra charge. The Proace Crew Cab adds a second row of seats, enabling travel for as many as six people (including the driver).

Toyota Proace loadspace

To meet the needs of modern business, the Proace is offered in a combination of two lengths and two height options. On the normal vans, the standard 3,000mm wheelbase version (L1) is offered with a standard 1,942mm roof height (H1), while the longer 3,122mm wheelbase version (L2) comes in H1 or H2 (2,276mm) roof heights. The Proace Crew Cab is only available in L2H1 configuration.

The Proace has a payload capacity of 1,200kg (1,000kg on L1H1 models), with a load volume of between 5m³ and 7m³. And to make it easy to get at your payload, sliding doors on each side and twin rear doors that open to 180 degrees give superb access. A glazed, top-hinged tailgate is available as a cost option on standard roof height vans.

When you have to keep going in all conditions, the Proace is there to help and protect. Stability control is fitted as standard to ensure maximum grip in heavy rain, snow and ice, and anti-lock brakes help to bring you safely to a stop when braking heavily. If the worst should happen, driver and passenger airbags are fitted to minimise injury.

Thanks to the efficient diesel engines in the Toyota Proace, running costs are kept as low as possible. In the standard roof models, the 1.6-litre engine delivers 42.2mpg on the EU-regulated test cycle, and the 2.0-litre does even better with 44.1mpg on the same test. High-roof 2.0-litre models return 39.8mpg. Service intervals are set at 10,000 miles or once every twelve months.

Toyota Proace rear view

The Proace enjoys the same three-year/100,000 mile mechanical warranty as Toyota’s other light commercial vehicles, with paintwork covered for three years and 12 years anti-corrosion protection.

The 1.6-litre Toyota Proace costs £18,634.17 (all prices after VAT reclamation) for the short wheelbase L1 version or £19,217.50 for the long wheelbase L2 version. Proace vans with the 128hp 2.0-litre start from £19,384.17 (L1H1 model) and peak at £21,550.83 for the long wheelbase, high-roof L2H2 model. The most powerful 163hp 2.0-litre Proace vans range from £20,384.17 (L1H1) to £22,134.17 (L2H2). Lastly the Proace Crew Cab comes in at £23,300.83. Optional extras include ply lining from £162.50, steel bulkheads from £125.00, and metallic paint for an extra £412.50.

For the very latest promotional offers and competitive finance packages on the Toyota Proace, and to arrange a test drive, visit the designated Proace section of the Toyota website.

*Prices correct as of February 2015


  1. We have just scrapped a Fiat Scudo after five years,this looks like the same van,120 multijet,it cost us a fortune to run and repair and service,we could’nt sell it for love nor money we gave it away at a loss to us,if this is Toyotas answere to the Hiace (i am currently running a nine year old Hiace with 270000 miles on the clock with no issues)god help them.Sorry Toyota or is it sorry Citroen.

    1. Hi J Pop
      Thanks for your comments and feedback.
      We have been working sucessfully with PSA in the past (Toyota Aygo) and continuing with a new model which was launched at Geneva motor show. We will also be working with them on the development on the next generation of the Proace model. Good to hear about 270,000 miles in your Hiace.

  2. I’ve been far from impressed with my Toyota Proace since buying it 3 years ago. Lots of niggling issues with it since new. The driver’s window has a mind of it’s own & when trying to close it it will stop halfway up and start opening again before going into a little “dance routine” moving up & down at will. Sometimes needs 4-5 attempts to get it shut. The side door produces a loud rattle when closing suggesting there is some part of the mechanism not fixed in position properly. The ignition has always felt less than smooth in operation & finally failed to work altogether today (2 months out of warranty) leaving me unable to go to work & trapping another vehicle on the drive. I would also question the fuel efficiency claims that are cited for the vehicle. The mileage I get with this small can is far from what I was expecting after changing from o 10 year old VW LT van.
    All in all I regret buying the Toyota Proace & would not consider buying another one. I wish I had stuck with VW

  3. never ever buy toyota as am having still issue with 1 year and half van started with addblue tank defected and engine proble i been told by their mechanic all van have them issues and taking more than a month for part to come its not even sure if its going to come bad customer service no update they dont care at all they just trying blame you get something out of it i wish i didnt buy it ,i had vw never had problem i wish i stick with vw

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