Power to the people – Toyota’s suggestion system

Toyota’s desire to put the customer first and achieve the highest levels of quality in vehicle production has been a company-wide philosophy from day one and the suggestion system is part of this.

A programme called Statistical Quality Control was introduced as early as 1949, and in May 1951 was expanded to include a new concept called the Toyota Creative Idea and Suggestion System (TCISS).

Toyota's suggestion system

The purpose of the TCISS was to empower every employee to participate in improving product quality by inviting them to make informed suggestions on ways to improve the production process.

Previously it had only been the privilege of upper management to make suggestions in that respect, but was now opened up to include employees at the sharp end of production; arguably the ones most likely to highlight potential issues.

Extra motivation was incorporated into the system with the establishment of an Individual Annual Award to honour excellent suggestions, today split up into gold, silver and bronze medals. However, the real value of the system was that it provided motivation to employees by focusing on their skills and creativity.

Indeed, the slogan Good Thinking, Good Products was solicited by an in-house TCISS contest in 1953 and still appears as a highly visible sign in every Toyota factory across the globe.

As the years have passed, Toyota’s suggestion system has become steadily more productive. By 1974, the number of creative idea submissions had exceeded one million; 10 million by 1984 and 20 million by 1988. The incredible milestone of 40 million ideas was reached in 2011 and continues to rise.

With so many individuals providing informed input and a human touch into the build quality of every vehicle, is it any wonder that Toyota’s products are world-renowned for their quality, reliability and durability?

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  1. How do I contact Toyota with my new wheel changing device that helps motorists change a Wheel as a lot of people struggle aspecily with electric cars as wheel s are bigger and heavier the idea is patent pending

    1. Hi Graham, thanks for reaching out.

      Feel free to comment any questions here and we can contact the relevant teams for you.

      Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry form through our Help Centre. This can be accessed here: https://fal.cn/3A0nX

      Hope this helps.


  2. Hello,

    Have Toyota considered adding tracking functionality to their car keys, I have attached a Samsung Smart Tag to both my car keys – they don’t get lost anymore, well not for long. And when I get my second car, around Xmas, Smart Tags will be another, easy, way to identify which key is for which car.



    1. Hi Martin, thanks for your question.

      We will pass this onto the relevant product teams as an idea to consider.

      Hearing your experience is very valuable to us and we appreciate your feedback greatly.


  3. Hello, as a very satisfied owner of a great car, as an environmental engineer and loving the idea of Hydrogen potential. Can I suggest that if you want to sell the new engine that Americans might go for it faster if you create an alternative home electrical backup system or something similar to a backup generator for home use?

  4. Hello,

    BFX again , showing the state of the 12V battery on the same screen as high voltage battery would be also sufficient 😉


  5. Hi
    I have an idea to improve visibility of a broken down car, obviously not a Toyota, especially on the live lane of a ‘not-so’ Smart Motorway. I think it could be incorporated relatively easily. I have made a very simplistic PowerPoint to demonstrate the idea but how do I get that to you and would anybody be interested?
    My regards

  6. When I leave my CHR for an extended period the battery will become fully discharged and the car will not start. Allowing a lead acid battery to become fully discharged will reduce its life thus making the situation more likely to occur in future. There should be a low voltage protection circuit for the battery to isolate high drain circuits when the battery voltage becomes too low. This would allow the car to still start and would prolong battery life.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Anthony.

      All modern cars drain the 12v battery when they are switched off. This is due to the onboard electrical systems. If the 12v battery is not given a chance to recharge often enough, it will go flat.

      Read more here and pick up some tips that, if followed, can help ensure your Toyota remains in tip-top condition during an extended layoff: https://brnw.ch/21wDfeR

      If you would like your car to be inspected, please get in touch with your local Toyota Centre.

      Thank you.

  7. Given the requirement of a fleet average CO2 of 93.6g per km driven in 2025 and then a further reduction to 49.5 in 2030; allied to the fact that Toyota appears to still not know what vehicles to produce to meet global emissions targets; is it finally time that Toyota is willing to listen to a proposal for a radically different ICE engine which can reduce CO2 emissions in hybrid mode well below the 2030 target??

    You have my email address.

    1. Thanks for the offer, Neil.

      Toyota launched its first hybrid vehicle in 1997 in response to resource and environmental issues of the 21st Century. Since then Toyota has produced over ten million petrol-electric hybrid vehicles, which it estimates has stopped 77 million tonnes of CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere and saved 29 million kilolitres of fuel (compared to conventional petrol-powered vehicles of similar size and driving performance).

      We’re well on our way to meeting targets.

      Thank you.

  8. I have had 2029 and now have 2022 Highlander. How about making the speedometer screen and dash screens non-glare. Many times, when the sun is in a bad spot. I can’t see to use the touch screen or the speedometer and gages.

    1. Hi Tjomas, thanks for your comment.

      We’ll pass your feedback regarding the multimedia display along to our product teams for consideration.


      Toyota UK

  9. Hi Toyota…I am Pranav from India…I am actually a 8th grade student…I have come with an idea in which every car produces water water when the Air Conditioner is turned on…So we can store the water in a small tank like structure in the car from which we can use that water to wash our hands or we can connect that outlet into wind sheild water storage. Thank you.

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