11 ways the Toyota Auris makes owners’ lives easier

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Complicated multimedia systems and the frustrating idiosyncrasies of too much on-board technology can be irritating in cars, but not in the Toyota Auris. It benefits from a host of useful, easy-to-operate features, designed to make things easier for driver and passengers. We’ve rounded-up 11 of our favourites.

1. The Auris reads text messages out…

Toyota Auris reads text messages out

You talking to me? Receive a text message while you’re driving, and Auris’ Touch 2 multimedia system will read it out to you.

2. …And can send them too!*

Toyota Auris send text through nav

Going to be late to the party? When you’re using navigation, you can send a text to any of your contacts letting them know your ETA using a preset template! How cool is that?

3. The electric windows still work when the engine’s switched-off

Toyota Auris electric windows

Parked-up and the heavens have suddenly opened? When you turn off the engine in an Auris, the electric windows continue to work for 45 seconds if you don’t open the door.

4. The sat nav has Google Street View™

Toyota Google Street view

Want to know what your destination actually looks like? Search for it visually using the Street View app, and then set a route by hitting ‘Go’.

5. Live radio can be rewound!

Toyota Auris DAB radio

Missed a beat? When listening to DAB radio, you can rewind live radio using the Time Shift function!

6. The Auris features ‘Follow-Me-Home’ headlights…

Toyota Auris follow me home headlights

Not been eating enough carrots? Fret not! Auris has ‘Follow-Me-Home’ headlights to help guide you to your front door at night. They are are activated by pulling the stalk towards you when the lights are set to AUTO or O mode.

7. …And you can adjust the length of time that they stay on for!

Toyota Auris rear light

Longer driveway? You can adjust the length of time the ‘Follow Me Home’ headlights remain from the default 30 seconds to 60, 90 or 120.

8. It helps you park

Toyota Auris parking camera

Parking not your forte? When you’re less than 30cm from an obstacle, parking sensors sound continuously.

An Intelligent Park Assist system – fitted as standard to Excel models – makes light work of parallel parking. Activated using a button on the centre console, it uses ultrasonic technology to determine whether a parking space is large enough for the car and then steers the car into the parking space, while the driver controls the accelerator and brake.

9. The window and mirror demisters turn-off automatically

Toyota Auris rain

Seeing clearly now? There’s no need to switch off the rear window or mirror demisters as the car will switch them off automatically dependent on time, temperature and speed.

10. The radio can be turned on without your hands leaving the wheel

Toyota Auris Steering Wheel

On song? Turn on the tunes without your hands leaving the wheel – simply press ‘MODE’ on your steering wheel and sing along to your favourite songs.

11. The indicators can be adjusted to suit your needs

Toyota Auris lane indicators

Changing lanes? Auris features lane-change indicators. Their default setting is three flashes, but they can be increased to five, seven, or turned off completely.

By Eliott Farr

See also: 

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Where next? 

Further information about the Toyota Auris range is available on the designated section of the Toyota UK website. If you would like to take a test drive, leave a comment below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

*Navigation standard on Icon Plus and Excel grade models, optional on Icon grade, and not available on Active.


  1. Hello
    Just taken delivery of a brand new Auris.
    One minor point
    The dealership are telling me that my iPhone 4s
    Is not compatible with media system with regard to sending or receiving text messaging!
    Apparently only blackberry phones can be synced this way?
    Please advise

  2. Hi Peter. Congratulations on your purchase. We hope that you’re happy with the vehicle apart from that! We are going to need a bit more detail about your car so could you please let us know the year, grade and which media system you have in your Auris. Thanks

    1. Hi Eric,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that this should be possible. Please follow the steps below:
      1. Turn the power switch off.
      2. Press and hold the mirror fold switch and ^ of the mirror angle adjustment switch at the same time for more than 2 seconds.
      3. Performing the above procedure again with enable automatic operation.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Hi Rosamund,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We would have to recommend speaking with your local dealer to solve this problem. Do you need any assistance to find your nearest dealer?

  3. Hi, I need to leave the back door open to carry my doughter bicycle and have tho issues: 1st can’t stop the door open sound beeping and second there in no hook to preinstalled to secure the open back door with a rope!


    1. Hi Mikas,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m afraid there is no facility to turn the door opening buzzer off, as it is considered a safety feature. We wouldn’t recommend driving the vehicle with the back door open even if it secured with a rope. However, we’d suggest using a roof rack and a bike holder, or alternatively, a bike carrier that can be fitted to the vehicle’s tow bar. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply! Yes I agree with you it’s safer to have the back door close. And Inalso use the rear bicycle holder when carrying 3 bikes. In case I need to carry only the small one I would prefer to have it open (it just couple of cm). So concerning my second question part is there any hidden hook to secure the bipping door?


  4. Hi Mikas,
    We’re sorry to say that there isn’t a hidden hook, we’d advise using just a roof rack or a bike holder, or a bike carrier. Hope this helps

  5. I am a happy 2014 hybrid Auris owner but I have a minor issue concerning a “low volume bip sound” when moving backwards!

    When I shift the rear speed gear I got to 2 different bips the general warning bip sound and the classic bip informing the car is closing to an obstacle. My issue is with the second bip sound it’s too low !!!
    So when moving backwards can’t hear the warning sound well and bumped to other cars several times.

    Toyota (here in Athens) tested other similar auris cars and conclude that the rear bip sound is low to all auris cars!!
    Suggested to disable the moving backwards warning sound (the first bip as mentioned above) in order to hear better the parktronic bip sound which continues to be real low!

    Do have have any other trick for that case?

    1. Hi Mikas,
      Thank you for your comment. We can confirm that you are able to change the reverse gear warning sound from a continuous beep to a single beep. This needs to be done by your dealer though. This means that when reverse is selected, a warning sound will only happen once and not keep beeping continuously, which is the default setting.
      Unfortunately, the volume of the parking sensor warning cannot be changed. Turning the reverse warning buzzer to a single beep is therefore the best solution.
      Hope this Helps.

      1. Thats already adjusted! (just a single beep). Its a progress but the warning beep is too low volume again, actually I cant remember driving any car with so low beep warning volume. Keep in mind that the front beep sound is OK as it is in a yaris a prius and every car I know.

        Thanks again for quick & detail repply.

  6. Hello,
    I own a toyota hybrid auris, and i would like to know how is it possible to secure the door button ???, cause where i live their steal this part of the car, they disconnect the door button and take it.
    Is there a way to secure this part, a special lock or something, do toyota have an alarm like security ?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we don’t have any product available in our product range that would secure the door button in place.
      Most Auris Hybrids feature an alarm system and if you provide the VIN or Reg No of your car, we could confirm whether this particular vehicle is fitted with an alarm system and the exact conditions the alarm system would be activated.
      However, the Toyota Alarm system would not go off if the door button was stolen. The alarm system has been designed to protect the vehicle or any items left in its interior against theft.
      Hope this helps.

  7. I have a facelift 2015 Auris hybrid and desperately want to switch to a single reverse beep instead of the constant beeping. The car has normal parking sensors which beep and the constant beep just overpowers them and you end up missing the actual proximity beeps.

    I honestly can’t believe it left the factory like this; the experience is to detrimental to safety and concentration.

    I’m encouraged by the comments about saying it is possible to disable the constant beep and switch to a single beep – however, I’ve tried two Toyota dealers now and both of them say the option isn’t there in my car to disable it. After googling it it sounds like this is an issue with 2015 facelift Auris – can you let me know how I can get this disabled?

    1. Hi Ben,
      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear about your experience.
      The Auris Hybrid features a reverse buzzer that buzzes every time you shift into reverse. This buzzer has been designed to inform the driver that they have shifted into reverse. The default value for this buzzer is: “Continuous beep”.
      However, this buzzer can be set to “Single beep”. This can be done by a Centre Technician using the diagnostic tester.
      Please note that this is a separate buzzer to the buzzing that comes from the rear parking sensors.
      We hope this helps.
      If you have any more problems, please do contact us.

      1. Thanks – that is great to hear that it is possible. The issue I have is that I’ve been to two Toyota main dealers service departments and have been told that it’s not possible and sent on my way! Why don’t they know how to do it?

      2. Hi Ben,
        We are sorry to hear that the dealers has been unable to help.
        Would it be ok if I email the email address you have supplied, to collect some personal details from you, so we can investigate this further?

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The Auris Tourer (2014, 1.6 petrol engine) does not have an alarm, however, it does have an immobiliser.
      We hope this helps.

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