Toyota Yaris Hybrid review

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is the flagship model in the Yaris range, a small hybrid car delivering all the advantages of hybrid motoring without any compromise in practicality. Ideal for urban driving, it is able to complete many journeys on electric power alone.

Key to the Yaris Hybrid’s economy is Toyota’s latest Hybrid Synergy Drive powerplant and e-CVT automatic gearbox. Available in a choice of four trim levels – Active, Icon, Design and Excel – the five-door Yaris Hybrid supplements the petrol and diesel Yaris models and brings hybrid technology to even more drivers.

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid driving


The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is the perfect hybrid car for today’s fast-paced urban world, with nippy performance and agile handling. Its 98bhp full hybrid power system uses Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive 1.5-litre VVT-i petrol engine and powerful electric motor to drive the car through a smooth e-CVT continuously variable automatic transmission.

The benefit of this hybrid powertrain is that it enables the Yaris Hybrid to drive solely in electric EV mode (automatically selected up to speeds of 31mph) for up to 1.2 miles, with no fuel consumption or harmful emissions, and the battery charges under deceleration and braking.

Specially tuned suspension maintains a comfortable ride, and with the same tight 4.7-metre turning circle as on the normal Yaris, you can go exactly where you need to with precision and confidence.


Every five-door Toyota Yaris Hybrid is designed to accommodate up to five passengers with comfort and convenience in mind. Its aerodynamic design combines with better insulation to keep external noise to a minimum, especially important when operating in near-silent EV mode, creating a more peaceful experience. Like other Yaris models, space inside the Yaris Hybrid is impressive, with an excellent driving position.

High equipment levels are the order of the day in the Yaris Hybrid: dual-zone climate control is standard across the range, and Excel Hybrid models are equipped with cruise control. Both grades come with the acclaimed Toyota Touch 2 touchscreen multimedia system, which includes a Bluetooth connection and rear-view camera. Navigation with Google Street View™ and Panoramio™ is available as a £650 option.

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid interior


By cleverly packaging the extra hardware for the hybrid system, the Yaris Hybrid retains the same amount of luggage space as the normal Yaris, so it’s just as practical for everyday use. The boot provides 286 litres of space with the rear seats in place, or 768 litres when they are folded flat. In the cabin, cupholders are on hand to hold your latte, while both driver and passenger gloveboxes can stow other items safely.


The Toyota Yaris Hybrid has all the same safety features as the standard Yaris, which achieved the maximum five-star Euro NCAP crash safety rating. That means there are seven airbags, whiplash-reducing seats and a number of technological safety assists including anti-lock brakes that optimise the braking on each wheel, braking assist that helps in the event of an emergency stop, and traction and stability control to maintain grip and prevent skidding.

Additionally, the new Toyota Safety Sense package of active safety technologies can be optionally fitted to Icon, Sport and Excel models. This laser-controlled system monitors the road ahead, providing warnings if the vehicle begins to leave its lane, or if it detects that a collision is imminent. It can even apply the brakes in an emergency to minimise the effect of a possible collision.

Running Costs*

Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive powerplant makes the Yaris Hybrid the most efficient car in its class, achieving up to 85.6mpg on the combined test cycle. Running costs are further reduced by its class-leading emissions levels of 75g/km (82g/km for models with 16″ wheels), which exempts all Yaris Hybrids from road tax. Electric-only EV mode running means that trips to the petrol station are even less frequent, which every driver will welcome!

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid economy


The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is built to the same exacting quality standards as the conventional Yaris, and enjoys the same comprehensive warranty cover: a five-year/100,000 mile mechanical warranty and, regardless of mileage, three years’ warranty against rust and paint defects and 12 years’ anti-corrosion protection. Further, its hybrid system is covered by an eight-year/100,000 mile for added peace of mind.


Designed to be the most affordable full hybrid on sale, choosing a Yaris Hybrid is simple – just select which trim level fits the bill and take it from there. Pricing starts from £15,295 on the road for the Yaris Active Hybrid, rising to £16,495 for the Icon Hybrid. The Yaris Design Hybrid costs £16,995 and the range-topping Yaris Excel Hybrid retails at £17,795.

Optional extras like the Safety Sense package (£400), Touch 2 with Go navigation system (£650), and Parking Pack (£425) are available from Icon upwards.

For further information about the Toyota Yaris, visit the designated section of the Toyota UK website. And if you’d like to try the Yaris Hybrid for yourself, leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

*Prices correct as of 14/03/16


  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for your post. Our suggestion would be to speak to your dealer regarding the order. They will be able to talk through the issues you’re having regarding the order. Alternatively, our customer relations team would be able to help; you can contact them here: OR 0344 701 6202. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  2. Hello
    I have bought a toyoto yaris hybrid earlier this year. What i have noticed so far is, that i hear wierd sounds. Its automatic. When I am on a hill and coming down and break, loud clunking noices are coming from the clutch, which at some times are scary. I dont hear those sounds when I am doing 30/40 miles. Another think i have noticed is that when I start my car and try to move it, giving gas it does not move and after hearing a loud clunking noise from the tyres i believe but I am not sure, the car moves. This has only happened on rare occasion so far.
    I have also noticed that on the back of the car, the gap between the outer body part is widening and all the clips are visible.
    What do you suggest i do, do i contact the dealers or wait until my service?

    1. Hi Janani,
      We would suggest contacting your dealers. They will be able to diagnose the problem and help fix it for you. Many thanks!


    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to read about the issue with your car. We recommend contacting our customer relations to make a complaint. You can do that here:

  4. I have recently purchased a 2017 Auris Hybrid. I am a bit hard of hearing and could not hear the sat nav.If you increase the volumn the sat nav increases but so does the audio so you still cant hear the sat nav. Is there any way to increase the sat nav without also increasing the audio.

    1. Hi Melvin,
      Sorry for the delay in response. Unfortunately, you cannot increase the sat nav volume without also increasing the audio. If you have any further questions we’d advise contacting our multimedia team directly on this email address: Thanks.

  5. I was advised by an Auris owner to hold the plus button on the screen whilst the sat nav is giving instructions and at the same time hold the minus button on the steering wheel to reduce the audio.This has seemed to work . I can now hear the sat nav fine while the i-pad is playing. In fact I had to reduce the sat nav a little. Whilst I am on, if I set the i-pad to play a particular playlist , when I next use the car the next day, it will not automatically return to that same playlist, and I have to go through to find the playlist and guess whereabouts in that list I had got to ? Any ideas

    1. Hi Melvin,
      We’ve passed your details on to our Multimedia team and they will contact you directly. Thanks.

  6. Hi, I have recently purchased a Toyota yard hybrid. I am trying to listen to music through Ian port but after plugging USB in it is not discovered. What format should a USB be to be discovered. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      In order to play music via a USB stick in your vehicle, you will need to ensure that the USB stick is formatted as a FAT32 file system, and that the music files are correctly encoded.
      Supported formats and encodings may vary slightly between systems, but as a general rule, MP3, AAC and WMA formats are all supported.
      For more specific details, please refer to the navigation manual for your particular vehicle.
      If you do not already have a copy, you can obtain one via your local Toyota Centre, or by visiting My Toyota at the following link:
      We hope you find this helpful.

  7. I like to drive on cruise control. So I keep to the necessary speed limit With more and more 20 mile speed limits I find that cruise control gos off at about 30 Can Toyota adjust this down to 20 ???

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you could please provide a registration number, we will be able to find out the minimum cruise control speed for your vehicle.


  8. I bought a toyota yaris 18 plate, icon tech, very nice car, the road for the year is £140, I paid that.
    My wheels are 15 inches, if I change them to 16 inches then I dont pay any road tax?
    And how much does it cost to buy and fit the wheels.

    1. Hi Mehreen,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We cannot recommend modifying your vehicle away from the manufacturer’s specification, but as other higher grades of the 2018 Yaris had 16″ wheels, this would be something to discuss with your nearest Toyota Centre to see if it would be possible. They will also be able to advise on price and fitting.
      Could we ask you to clarify what you are referring to in relation to road tax?

  9. Toyota Hybrid Yaris new as at March 2022. Today would not start. The message said something about “not enough brake power” but as sunlight was streaming through window (and maybe the message was dim) I could not read it properly. Turned engine off and on again, would not start, brake just juddered but the same message did not come up. Start procedure was as normal, hadn’t even moved out of Park into reverse. Tried several times with the same result, judder on brake pedal. Got out. The car would not lock. Had to leave unlocked. Service Dept at Dealer Service told me Yaris Hybrid needs to be driven at least once a week and not left parked up if driver goes on holiday! Advised that I need to get a jump pack, checked amazon over £90 which probably isn’t great when the home-start guy’s cost over £300! Great a new car that can’t hold charge! What if I drove to the airport, parked up for 2-3 weeks? What if a lone female with kids, middle of night came back to a car with flat battery and wouldn’t start? Great end to a holiday! Great technology. If this is a known issue the jump pack should come WITH the car or at least advised PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Want my old Corsa Diesel 1.7 back, that never let me down. People need to know this PRIOR TO PURCHASE so I will not be keeping this to myself. Also, what are Toyota proposing to do to resolve this? Provide upgrade, provide jump pack, or ignore it and do nothing. A very disillusioned customer.

    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment.

      We are sorry to hear about this experience and that you are dissatisfied.

      We would recommend reading this mag article for tips on how to keep your hybrid healthy:

      Please contact our Customer Relations Team to discuss this further. You can contact them here:

      Many thanks.

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