Toyota RAV4 TV advert – exclusive preview!

It’s alive! Here’s an exclusive preview of the new Toyota RAV4 TV advert, which is arriving on UK screens this weekend.

Titled Keep the Spirit Alive, the clip showcases the new exterior styling of the RAV4 while demonstrating that it maintains the spirit of the original compact SUV with a more grown-up attitude.

The commercial will get its first showing during the Dancing on Ice final, which is on ITV1 on Sunday (March 10th) from 7pm.

The song is I’m Alive by Johnny Thunder, a 1969 soul-funk cover version of the Tommy James and the Shondells original.

The voice over artist is British actor Jim Sturgess, who has starred in films including 21, The Other Boleyn Girl, Across the Universe, One Day and Cloud Atlas.

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Toyota RAV4 advert


  1. I purchased a Rav4 Invincible automatic in December which was my 3rd Rav4 in 5 years. I understood from my dealer that they were now being sold with a space saver wheel only to be told half way through the purchase that the wheel was not being supplied after all. I went ahead reluctantly as I did like the new model especially the boot opening.
    I have subsequently ordered a space saver wheel which, including the fixing kit and Jack, is costing an extra £581 which I think is ridiculous considering some vehicles have been supplied with the wheel. I didn’t go with the original dealer who had informed me incorrectly anout the spare situation but the second dealer offered to obtain and fit a spare for me.

    1. Hello Jean
      Thank you for your post and we were sorry to read your comments. We did have a transition from vehicles supplied with tyre repair kits and those supplied with space saver wheels late last year because the specification did change. Just to let you know as well, the reason that the spare has to be located in the boot space is because the necessary fixings are not in place to secure the wheel within the wheel well. We do understand that some owners prefer the peace of mind of a spare wheel in their vehicle.
      We hope this helps explain but if you do have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Did you actually read what I wrote. I have ordered the space saver wheel and the kit which fixes it into the well intended for it. The garage are fixing the kit in place to hold the wheel safely as in the factory fitted one which has been supplied to some vehicles. My gripe is that I have to pay for the privilege of having the space saver when some vehicles have it fitted free as part of the specification.
        An update to this is that my Rav 4 was booked in to have this done at the garage yesterday. The car was collected by the garage at 9am to do the procedure. I received a phone call at 3.30pm saying that the job had not been done as they had not received the tyre, which had been due in that day. The car was returned to me without the work done at 4.30pm. I telephoned today to check when the work was to be rescheduled only to be told there was a 5 week wait for the tyre from Mitchelin. What a load of rubbish from a company I have dealt with for my lay 3 Rav4 vehicles. This will probably be the last one.

      2. Hi Jean
        Thanks for your post.
        Sorry if your post was misunderstood about space saver wheels, but these are chargeable for those owners who decide to purchase them. We were also sorry to read about your car while it was at the dealer and the delay with the tyre. We would recommend contacting our customer relations team via the attached link who will be able to investigate this further.

  2. I would like to know which RAV4s from 2009 onwards have a spacespacer wheel included. Thank you.

  3. Hi Lynda
    Thanks for your post and we do apologise for the delay in replying.
    All RAV4 from model year 2014 (launched December 2013) have space saver spare wheel as standard. Prior to this (since 2009) tyre replacement kits were provided. However some vehicles in 2013 did receive space saver spare wheels but these were in very limited numbers due to supply issues.
    Hope this helps.

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