Toyota Corolla Touring Sports – first details

Corolla Touring Sports

The Toyota Corolla Touring Sports made its first appearance at the Paris Motor Show on 2 October 2018, joining the new Corolla hatchback. This all-new model has a dynamic design which clearly differentiates it from the hatch as a sleek, refined and versatile wagon.

Developed and created in Europe, the Touring Sports body style is aimed at customers who want good looks with uncompromised practicality.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports: powertrains

The new Corolla range marks the debut of Toyota’s dual hybrid strategy with a brand new 2.0-litre full hybrid electric powertrain joining the line-up.

The Corolla Touring Sports reflects Toyota’s continued focus on hybrid electric technology, with just one conventional engine featuring in the range – a 114bhp 1.2-litre turbo petrol unit. This will be offered alongside two hybrids: 120bhp 1.8-litre and 178bhp 2.0-litre powertrains. The latter is unique in Corolla’s segment, as no conventional engine can deliver the same balance of performance and low emissions.

The 1.8-litre hybrid is an improved version of Toyota’s current unit, offering quiet running, intuitive and responsive performance and self-charging electrified vehicle technology, together with low cost of ownership benefits. The new 2.0-litre system maintains all these qualities together with the ride comfort, stability, handling and driving enjoyment inherent in Corolla’s newly adopted Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-C platform.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports: suspension

The suspension features a proven front MacPherson strut arrangement and an all-new rear multilink system. New shock absorber valve technology is used and, for the first time in a Corolla, adaptive variable suspension is available.

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The engine’s low mounting height, the low hip point of the seats and the location of the hybrid battery beneath the rear seats help give the Corolla Touring Sports a low centre of gravity and agile handling.

Technology and equipment explained

A comprehensive range of technology features for comfort and convenience will be provided as standard on high-grade models and available as options elsewhere in the range. These include a world-first 3D driver’s meter, premium head-up display, a JBL GreenEdge Premium sound system, wireless mobile phone charging and the Toyota Touch multimedia system.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports - New look

What about the car’s exterior design?

The new Corolla Touring Sports was styled in Europe at Toyota’s recently opened Design Centre in Belgium. Thanks to the use of the TNGA platform, the new wagon is no longer simply a variation of the hatchback but has become a distinct, separate model in its own right. The wheelbase measures 2,700mm, helping achieve best-in-class rear legroom.

The design generates a refined, sensuous appearance, with the sweeping roof line of an elegant yet robust estate car. This sporting profile is reinforced by the wide, flared wheel arches, their edges hemmed so the wheels can be positioned further outboard, emphasising the car’s wider stance and lower centre of gravity.

At the rear, the design theme is witnessed in muscular shoulders, widely spaced full-LED lamp clusters and a raked rear screen. The deep rear bumper reflects the catamaran shape that features in Toyota’s current design language.

Exclusive to its market segment, the Corolla Touring Sports will be available from launch in four optional bi-tone colour schemes. These match the body colour with a black roof, pillars and lower front grille surround.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Interior Dashboard

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports: interior design

The all-new interior creates a spacious, modern and cohesive cabin environment in which new textures, colours and trims combine to offer the highest levels of visual and tactile quality. This is in line with the model’s development to appeal specifically to European customers.

Thanks to the new GA-C platform, the front seat hip point is set lower, which in turn helps secure a lower centre of gravity for the car while providing a more engaging driving position. Furthermore, the front to rear seat couple distance is 928mm, giving ample space for rear passengers. The loadspace has a VDA capacity of 598 litres and is equipped with a number of features for ease of use.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports  Boot Capacity

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  1. It says that the battery will be located under the rear passenger seats, a location for the fuel tank, does that mean it will feature a smaller capacity tank?

  2. Love the new look! Are you going the brave and be the first manufacturer to completely ditch the diesel models then!!?? If that’s the case, well done! I hope you’ll also venture down the full EV Road in the near future!!😊

  3. I’d like to find out more about the Trek variant, in addition to any measures Toyota have taken to prevent Catalytic Convertor theft.
    A test drive would also be great!

    1. Hi Stefan,
      Thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear that you’re considering the Corolla Touring Sports TREK grade!
      You can find out more information here:
      Whilst any vehicle containing a catalytic converter is in theory at risk of theft, we have reduced the precious metal content of our newer hybrids, meaning that they are less attractive to thieves. Smartwater marking is also available from Toyota Centres, which involves marking the part with an invisible ink and allows them to be traced back to specific crimes.
      The only Toyota Centre that currently has this particular model as a demo is Yeomans Toyota Brighton. They can be reached on: 01273 582428.
      Alternatively, we can pass your email address along to them. Let us know which you’d prefer!
      Other grades of the Corolla will be available to test drive at different centres.

    1. Hi Eddy,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Any vehicle containing a catalytic converter is in theory at risk of theft.
      However, we have reduced the precious metal content of the catalytic converters in our newer hybrids, making these less attractive to thieves.

  4. Can you please confirm that the catalytic converter on the new Toyota Corolla Touring Sport (Design) has been relocated under the front bonnet to prevent theft? Also, in electric mode around town ie < 30mph, how many miles can you do before the petrol motor takes over? Thanks

    1. Hi Lisa,

      The primary cat is closer to the engine, but the secondary cat is not. It is impossible to say how many miles a hybrid will get in electric mode. It should get roughly a few miles in slow moving traffic, then the engine will come to recharge the battery, and it will repeat that process throughout the journey. In an urban environment you should expect to be in electric mode for about 50% of the time. We recommend a test drive to experience this for yourself.


  5. For this touring sport will you be adding to the MyT app support for remote locking and switching on fans/heaters etc in near future updates?

    1. Hi Karl,
      We currently do not have any information on this.
      Please keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest information on this.

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