Toyota Auris owners – 12 volt flat batteries

2012 Toyota Auris Hybrid

As part of Toyota’s rigorous quality control programme, we have investigated the cause of a 12 volt flat battery issue that has left some Toyota Auris drivers unable to start their cars after only a short period without use, usually a couple of days.

We would like to apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience that may have occurred as a result of this issue. But we can now confirm that the cause has been identified and a permanent solution developed.

The following information only applies to any Toyota Auris (including Hybrid) produced between December 2012 and February 2014. If you have an Auris produced after February 2014 your vehicle is not affected by this issue. No other models are involved.

Toyota Auris Hybrid Flat Battery: What causes the issue?

The issue is caused when the hazard switch is partially depressed for a very short period of time, incorrectly activating the car’s CAN-bus electrical communications system. This draws a constant flow of current that can discharge the 12 volt battery if the car is left unused for several days.

How can I prevent this from occurring?

Toyota has published a Technical Service Bulletin to its dealer network advising them of a permanent solution to this issue. The bulletin contains information and software files that will enable technicians to modify the software of the car’s combination meter. This update will prevent the incorrect activation of the CAN-bus system and prevent any potential flat battery concerns arising from this area of the vehicle.

If you still have concerns regarding the 12 volt battery of your current generation Toyota Auris then we recommend you get in touch with your nearest Toyota dealer for further assistance.


  1. Hi,
    I have a similar issue where the car starts and after I get to my destination 10 min drive the car wont start and the voltage has dropped down to 8v. After a jump start and a 10 min drive I put the battery charger on and was showing 95% chargered.
    Could it Can Bus issue? My Car reg is CJ13EAR.


    1. Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We are sorry to hear this.
      Please contact your Toyota Centre for assistance with this issue.

  2. I had a tilt sensor fitted to my 2015 Auris Hybrid in 2021.

    Since then the 12v battery discharges quickly.
    I think you have another can – bus issue.
    The 12v battery was replaced in 2020

    1. Hi Graham,

      Sorry you’re experiencing some problems with your Auris.

      Please get in touch with your local Toyota Centre if you require assistance.

      Thank you.

  3. My Auris 62 plate has suddenly started getting a flat battery after only a few days of not being used. It has gone flat 3 times in the last 6 weeks, after just having the aircon compressor replaced. Last time was Sunday at Tesco with a full boot of shopping 🙁 The battery has November 20 on it, so not very old, and my local garage tested it and said it was fine. Having found this article I just phoned my local Toyota dealership in Worthing and was told that they have not heard of this issue and that they will charge £144 per hour to check out what is happening. Unfortunately if it is not a recall issue, you have to pay. I am not at all happy and as a pensioner, do not have money to waste. Unfortunately the breakdown service said they will charge me if I call them out for a flat battery again. It’s not very satisfactory….

    1. I have been having problems with my new yaris hybrid march 2022 car 12v battery.
      after not using car for 2 days I had to call aa out. they started it and said to drive it straight to garage because if I switched it off it would have to be jump started again.
      The aa report said the same as you that they would charge me if came out to battery again.
      The dealership kept car overnight and they delivered it back to me next day. Brilliant service and they said to phone if have problem again and they would come out.
      This is ok if I at home, but because I am disabled I feel let down by the car, and the aa, this is First hybrid for me.

      1. Hi June, thanks for your comment.

        We are sorry to hear this and apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

        The 12 volt battery in our hybrids are smaller than most as they are only needed to run small systems in the car. One of these systems is turning on the relays/switches that allow the hybrid system to turn on. Once the hybrid system is on (as indicated by the READY light), the 12 volt battery will be charged by the high voltage battery, which in turn is powered by the engine. In some cases, infrequent usage and short journeys can mean that the 12 volt battery doesn’t fully charge. We recommend making more frequent and longer journeys in order to keep the battery healthy.

        Once again, we are sorry you are unhappy about this, and, if you would like to discuss this further, please contact our Customer Relations Team here:


  4. Every winter my 2017 auris 12 volt battery goes flat .
    Why won’t it hold a charge? This happens when it has been standing for 2 or 3 day’s.

    1. Hi David, thanks for your comment.

      We are sorry to hear about this.

      Please contact your Toyota Centre so that they can inspect the battery.


    2. Hi David, I had similar problems a few years ago, tried turning all lights OFF. And it worked! If you really do need lights on, you may consider replacing bulbs to LED lights.

      1. When my 12V battery drained it was because we left car open in rear (estate model Auris) for our dogs to breethe. This works ok if you flip the interior light main switch OFF, leaving only the rear door 5W light on. However, if you happen to leave it on, ALL your interior light bulbs may stay on, draining 12V battery with 37W, which may go on unnoticed in broad daylight.

    3. If you have old fashion bulbs fitted you may replace with LED lights. I replaced 8 lights in my Auris (2013) reducing 52 watts to 7.2 watts power, internal lights, e.g. four T10 1W LED’s replacing 8W (P37/P38) bulbs, and also two replacing the licence plate 5W lights. Replacing lights that stay on when hybrid system (and engine) is off seems sensible in order to spare 12V battery power.

  5. I have a 2021 Corolla, and had the same issue of the 12v battery being ok, but flat. Is it ok to post that in this thread? – I will look for a Corolla thread too.
    The dealer told me that the 12v battery is not charged off of the traction battery at any time. That seems like a wasted opportunity for keeping the car usable.

  6. Hi my 63 plate auris hybrid touring went flat over the cold snap, not gaming been used for a couple of months. I had a spare matching 12v battery. The boot is locked and I can’t see how to open it. Anyway, I crawled in from the back seat and changed the battery out for a fully charged one. Last time I did this the alarm went off, then I cleared that and could start the car. This time; no alarm, and nothing at all on the dash when pressing the start button. Is there a fuse that could be blown, which stops the dash lighting up? Which one?

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for your comment.

      We are very sorry to hear about this experience.

      We would suggest contacting your Toyota Centre regarding this, as they can physically inspect the issue.


  7. I bought a gr yaris sport brand new and took delivery last July This January I went to start my car in the morning and found I could not open the driver door this was when it was in the garage I was informed that the battery was flat and it measured 1.8v open voltage across the terminals I summoned the AA and they came and jumpstarted the car and said leave running for 45 mins and the battery would be fully charged untill the next morning and the same ritual applied the AA came and jumpstarted the car I asked them to transport the car to the nearest Toyota dealer and they refused and the mechanic left and the report I had from the AA said if this happens again they would charge me for the call out I replied that the fault was never repaired and the mechanic must have done a duff repair and I would not pay them for a job they had been paid for twice

  8. post note
    you are well advised to either leave the battery on charge overnight or rig up a means of coupling a battery charger to the battery in the boot ( that’s where the 12v battery is located)
    this starting method puts me in mind of a old mini I had in 1979 and I had to take the battery off every night in the winter leave it in the Kitchen in the warm reconnect it in the and do the same when I got to work but 40 years later with a new car I did not think I would be in the same situation

  9. Same problems with our 2017 Auris. We know that whether we go away for more than a week without our car, we will find the battery dead on our return. Totally unreliable. At out local Toyota center they keep fobbing us off saying that all is fine, and that we just need to drive it more often for longer journeys even if not needed, which is a ridiculous waste of petrol.
    I see that many other people have the same problems as ours. How is it possible that nobody can do anything about it??

  10. 2019 Auris Hybris Tourer, Flat 12volt battery, Every Week
    This is Utter Nonsense about hazard light switch from Toyota I doubt if I’ve ever even touched the switch once in 4 Years, Just fobbing us off like idiots, Just like they have with the catalytic converter theft problem, which they have know about for 20 years, yet still left it unprotected for all to steal.
    When I was young and skint, I used to drive old bangers which we used to roll down a hill to bump start or get your mate to pull along side and jump start until you could afford a new battery. Now I have a four year old car that cost over £30,000 and I can’t eve leave it at the airport for a week without having to spend an hour in the pouring rain trying to get it started due to a flat 12volt battery.
    Toyota are deceiving us, this need to be sorted instead of Mickey Mouse excuses. Maybe the end of our 35 relationship is due

    1. Hi Philip, thanks for your comment.

      We understand your frustration and apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

      For Hybrids, it is recommended to place the vehicle into ‘ready’ mode for around 60 minutes each week. This will help to ensure the health of both the Hybrid and the 12v battery. In order to do this, all you need to do is press the ‘start’ button with your foot on the brake and the ‘ready’ light will show on the dashboard. You can then remove your foot but make sure to keep the vehicle in ‘P’ mode with the parking brake engaged. Remember to keep an eye on your vehicle at all times and do not leave it unattended.

      However, if you believe there is an issue with your vehicle’s battery, we would recommend contacting your Toyota Centre so that they can assess this.

      Please contact our Customer Relations Team to discuss this further. You can find them here:


      1. I have the same issue with my 2019 Prius model. It gets driven around 6 hours a day and I still have the same battery problem where the car does not start sometimes the car is completely dead with no dash lights or anything. Can’t even lock the car unless I use the physical key. There is an issue which you guys are not addressing and is causing alot of people a lot of problems. Your technicians say the same thing everything is fine when in actual fact it’s not. It seems like there is an issue with the software or the ECU. The battery cannot be that week where it dies on brand new cars after a couple of days

      2. Hi Abid, thanks for your comment.

        We are sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues and understand your frustration.

        Our Customer Relations Team are best placed to discuss this further with you. Our team will be more than happy to help support you with this.

        You can find them here:


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