Family friendly 2016 Toyota Verso puts safety first

The flexible, family-friendly Toyota Verso MPV has been given a substantial safety upgrade with a package of Toyota Safety Sense active safety and driver assistance features being added to the standard specification of every model.

It’s part of a refresh for 2016 that includes a revised grade structure, new alloy wheel designs and a clutch of detail changes in the cabin.

Toyota Verso 2016 interior

Toyota Safety Sense

Verso’s Toyota Safety Sense benefits include a Pre-Collision System that recognises an imminent impact with a vehicle ahead, triggering a warning to the driver and priming the brakes for extra stopping power the moment the brake pedal is pressed. If the driver fails to respond, Autonomous Emergency Braking is activated, automatically slowing the vehicle to reduce the force of any impact.

Verso further gains Automatic High Beam, which maintains excellent forward visibility when driving at night. It detects both the headlights of oncoming vehicles, and the tail lights of vehicles ahead, automatically switching between high and low beams to avoid dazzling other drivers.

The third Toyota Safety Sense element for Verso is Lane Departure Alert. This monitors lane markings on the road and helps prevent accidents and head-on collisions caused by a vehicle drifting out of its lane. If the vehicle starts to deviate from its lane without the turn indicators being used, the system alerts the driver with visual and audible warnings.

These features are in addition to Verso’s proven active and passive safety provisions, from its strong body construction, designed to absorb and channel impact forces away from the cabin, to the seven airbags, ABS, emergency brakeforce distribution, brake assist, traction control and vehicle stability control that all come as standard.

Toyota Verso 2016

New grade structure

Verso is available in a new Design trim, alongside the established Active, Icon and Excel specifications.

Available with the 1.8-litre Valvematic petrol engine with automatic transmission and the 1.6-litre D-4D diesel, it comes with the Toyota Touch 2 with Go multimedia system with satellite navigation and reversing camera, rear privacy glass and a (fixed) panoramic roof. These are in addition to the standard features of Icon grade, including DAB tuner, dusk-sensing headlights, cruise control, automatic air conditioning, six-speaker audio and power windows front and rear.


At the top of the range, Excel models gain the panoramic roof, rain-sensing wipers, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, high-intensity discharge headlights and combination leather and cloth upholstery.

Icon, Design and Excel versions of Verso can be specified with an optional, high-value family pack that provides two rear seatback screens with integrated DVD players and leather seat upholstery (first and second row seats) for £1,995. Other entertainment system combinations are available as stand-alone options, including permutations of master and slave DVD screens and single or double iPad docks.

Exterior and cabin changes

New alloy wheel designs feature on the 2016 Verso – 16-inch for Icon, 17-inch for Design and 17-inch with a double-spoke arrangement for Excel, with an Anthracite dark grey finish. The colour choices include a new Platinum Bronze shade.


In the cabin there is a new leather-trimmed steering wheel with integrated switches for hands-free phone use and other functions. a new gear shift design and a new=look cloth upholstery for Icon and Design models. To free up more boot space, the tyre repair kit (when specified) has been relocated to the underfloor storage compartment behind the driver’s seat.

The Toyota Touch 2 system adopts a larger, seven-inch display and, where satellite navigation is specified, an improved interface for easier, more intuitive operation.

2016 Toyota Verso price

The 2016 Toyota Verso is on sale now, priced from £18,120 for the five-seat Active model. Seven-seat models cost from £18,650 and the new Design grade models start at £23,405.

Active1.6 Valvematic 6MT5£18,120
Active1.6 Valvematic 6MT7£18,650
Active1.6 D-4D 6MT7£19,995
Icon1.6 Valvematic 6MT7£20,650
Icon1.8 Valvematic Auto7£22,150
Icon1.6 D-4D 6MT7£21,995
Design1.8 Valvematic Auto7£23,405
Design1.6 D-4D 6MT7£23,250
Excel1.8 Valvematic Auto7£25,450
Excel1.6 D-4D 6MT7£25,295


  1. When did the Verso Icon stop coming with Privacy Glass? when I ordered in September it listed privacy glass. Car arrived today, has no Privacy glass? now I can see it is no longer listed as standard?

  2. Hi. Just bought an automatic 2013 Toyota Verso. Doesn’t have a spare tyre but was given a tyre repair kit on purchase. Should it have a spare tyre and, if so, where would it fit? Thanks,

  3. Hi there again .

    As the new verso only Excel had the LED Daylight as standard . Can I get my Verso design normal Daylight to change to the LED Daylight by the main dealer ??

    With thanks

    1. Hi Brandon,
      We’ll have a look into this for you. We’ll come back when we hear from our technical department. Many thanks for your patience.

    2. Hi Brandon,
      Our technical team have advised the following: You would not be able to change this unfortunately, as this would be altering the vehicle from the standard factory setting.
      You might be able to change the design, however this is not something we can advise due to changing the vehicle specification from standard.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Hello Ella

        Thank you for your advise and I think best to keep my Verso as the manufacturer standard .


  4. Hi there! I just purchase a Toyota Verso Design 2016 model in my local Toyota dealer and when they hand in my keys, it got no spare key which I am very disappointed. I ask for it and they said there’s no spare key normally because the manager said legally, there should only be one key, and he’s trying to emphasised it’s a law. Is this true that there is really a law for this because I’m not quite convince with what the manager said and it’s really a big necessity for me to have a spare key as I always misplace my original key on my old toyota verso icon

    1. Hi Arthur,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Are you referring to a dealer in the UK? If so, we’d advise getting in touch with our Customer Relations team and make them aware of this. Thanks.

      1. Hi! Thanks for the reply. Yes I’m referring to a toyota dealer here in UK. Just spoke to the manager and said we have to order the spare key from them at our cost. My wife is not happy with that, ( she’s the one paying for it ). The manager said the previous owner lost the spare key, now he’s saying this. If only they mention it to us,when they’re still selling it, maybe we’ve made a good deal out of it. Is it not their responsibilities to provide all the informations about that car even the negative sides of it? I don’t know if it’s not a standard for toyota dealers who sell nearly new second hand cars to provide a spare key for the convinience of the customers? How come they haven’t sort it out before selling it? I’m asking all these because I’ve got some bad experiences of misplacing my keys on my old cars.

      2. Hi Arthur,
        We’re sorry to hear this. We’d advise contacting our Customer Relations team as they are in the best position to guide you further.
        With regards to the cost of replacing keys, the steps may seem simple but there are actually many stages that go towards completing this process. You can read more here:

      3. Hi again! The manager of my local toyota dealer rang me saying they will sort out the spare key for free! Very happy with it! Good customer service! Thank you!

      4. Hi again! Does a 2016 Toyota Verso Design comes with a manual, as mine doesn’t have one when I bought it? My local toyota dealer told me I can download/look it in your website but I find it very inconvenient to read it in my iphone especially when I’m out and about. Where can I get a printed (book) one please? Thanks!

      5. Hi Arthur,
        Thanks for getting in touch. When you collected your car you should have received a smaller version of the manual, called a user guide which is part of a ‘Kit’. The ‘Kit’ (which used to be called the passport) contains the User Guide and Service and Warranty information. If your car didn’t come with one, this will be because they’re out of stock and one will be autoissued to the dealer for you when they are in stock again. Hope this helps.

      6. Hi! Just to let you know that the user guide for my 2016 Toyota Verso Design has not arrived yet as I was advised last 31 January 2018 that they will be posted that day. I’ve already provided my details through email as you asked. Many thanks.

      7. Hi again! Thanks for the reply regarding my querry on User Manual of my 2016 Toyota Verso Design. Are you saying that my local Toyota dealer can request for it even I bought it as a used car?

        Many Thanks!

      8. Hi Arthur,
        As your car is a used vehicle, we will print of the user manual for you and sent it over. We have your email address so we’ll contact you directly for further information. Many thanks.

      9. That will be fine! Can you please include the user guide for my Toyota Touch 2 with Go, please? Thank you in advance!

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