2016 Toyota Hilux reviews round-up

With 50 years of heritage, the all-new Toyota Hilux aims to set new benchmarks in strength, performance and drivability. To show exactly what the car is capable of, the UK media was invited to test drive the new car in Namibia.

2016 Toyota Hilux review 1

Below is the first round of 2016 Toyota Hilux media reviews.

Autocar – 4 stars

“The Hilux is one of the best models in its class to drive both on and off road. If you want to buy a pick-up, this has to be on your test-drive list, not least as Toyota now claims the overall cost of ownership is lower than its rivals with the long five-year/100,000-mile warranty, improved economy, and competitive pricing next to rivals.”

Click the link to read the full Autocar review.

2016 Toyota Hilux review 2

Autocar’s Mark Tisshaw has also written a blog on the subtleties required to drive on sand dunes. Mark learned that, “When you’re at the top, remember not to panic; you’ll probably only see sky, and thus be inclined to slam on the brakes – at which point you’ll lose all of your momentum before you’ve fully conquered the climb.”

2016 Toyota Hilux review 3

You can read his blog: What’s it like to drive on a sand dune?

Car Magazine – 4 stars

“Its build quality and off-road ability is second to none, and combined with a 3.5t towing capacity, the eighth-generation Hilux is still – despite fierce competition – one of the best proper pickups on the market.”

Read the Car Magazine Toyota Hilux Invincible (2016) review

Toyota Hilux review 4

Daily Record

“We drove the Hilux on extreme rutted roads in Namibia, through the desert, high up into the mountains and on severe stone and rock strewn mountain paths. It took them all in and spat them out the other end.

“On the non-Tarmac main roads, it blazed a trail but it really came into its own off-road. In four low on the sand it was unbeatable and on the mountain roads it carefully picked its way through debris and boulders aided by Downhill Assist Control descending and for extra ability on the way up you can lock in the Diff.”

A truly remarkable vehicle.

Read the Daily Record Toyota Hilux review

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  1. Looking good just needs that 2.8 GD diesel and the 4.0V6 on the option list
    Those up starts at VW have a 225 HP V6 diesel now so a 2.4 145hp isnt quite up to it if you still want to call it an invinsible !!!!

    1. Hi Finners,
      Thank you for your post and feedback. Unfortunately we have no information at present. Keep an eye on our blog for all the latest news and features. Many thanks.

  2. lets hope the new Hi Lux lives up to its reputation. i have been unfortunate to have bought one of the remaining old models only to be told after purchase that the build quality is poor but if i want 100% toyota will grind bits off to make a better fit. whole new car experience ruined. thank you Toyota

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your post and feedback. We are really sorry to hear you are having problems and we don’t want to lose you as one of our customers. We will pass on your feedback to our product team. Many thanks.

  3. My current gen Hilux has been flawless , used as a work truck and privately.
    Mine is Thai built,done 12,000 miles in a year a lot of them on rough minor roads visiting farms
    I’m hoping the new one is as good …

    1. Ok, so I’ve had my new Hilux almost a month , so far so good,
      Better on fuel and slightly more power than my old 2.5 no faults and the paint and build seem good (South African built) I find the auto lights seem far too sensitive they come on in anything but direct sunlight , the ride is a bit hard I guess it’s the price you pay for a 1 ton payload , I’ve changed the crappy factory radio for a after market one , on balance I would recommend Powerful enough unless you plan on towing a lot then I would be waiting for the 2.8 …

  4. I picked up my new Hilux X last Friday 12/08/16 at 17:00 only to find after I had paid for it, a paint defect on the rear door, a chip in the rear alloy wheel, a scratch on the gear shift panel and a defect rear trim on the roll top cover, I was going to cancel the sale and ask for a refund but the Hilux I was trading in (my forth in four years) the insurance had been canceled and the broker was now shut so I could not re-insure it.
    The dealer Toyota Chesterfield has said he will fix all the faults, but that is not the point on a brand new Hilux I have paid in excess of £33,000 for and it should be right from the start – I feel like I am now getting a second hand Hilux bodged up by the dealer, in regards to the defect in the paint on the rear door the dealer has offered to put swap the door for the one on his demo Hilux! in effect a second hand door on a new Hilux! the worst service I have ever had. I have spent £ 85,000 with this dealer in four years and feel badly cheated and let down. I will be setting up a mytoyota blog to air this disgraceful service i have had with Toyota and my new Hilux
    I paid the balance for the Hilux on my visa card – I shall be contacting them 1st thing Monday to instigate a charge back.
    The side trims I also had fitted are pealing off as well!

    Emailed Toyota yesterday but they have not got back to me – also called then today they said they would escalate and get straight back to me – but never gave – now done a charge back on my visa card My advice dont by a Toyota – they take the money and run

    1. Hi Jim,
      We’re very sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with your new Hilux. Would you mind providing us with your customer relations case number and we can chase up your case. Many thanks!

      1. Hi Ella, she never gave me one, I have the conversation logged my Reg is YP16 WUB I have still not heard anything from them



  5. Hi Jim,
    Your case number is: CASE0604332. I’ve spoken with customer relations and your case is still being investigated. They’re looking into it and will be in touch as soon as something progresses forward. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Ella

      Well to say the amount of money I have spent with Toyota they are taking their time -mI understand from the dealer Toyota I have said the will paint the door but that is all they will offer – the dealer took the Hilux to a Toyota Body shop – I was present the body shop said they would have to paint the side of the Hilux to get any sort of match – I find this unacceptable on my new Hilux – the best I have been offered by the dealer is to have the door swapped with the one from his demo Hilux – the motor trade call it demo but it in effect a second hand Hilux – I have asked the dealer to get Toyota to supply a factory finished new door fully built up – but Toyota apparently are refusing to do this. I find the level of service from Toyota appalling – I would like Toyota to resolve this by supplying a factory finished new door fully built up.

      1. Hi Jim,
        We have looked into this and unfortunately, until customer relations get back in touch with you, we are unable to say what the outcome of this will be. Please keep an eye out for customer relations getting back in touch! Many thanks.

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