Video exclusive: All New Yaris vs Monster Truck UK TV advert

You’ve seen all new Yaris take on the gadget guy, now find out how it fares in a classic stand-off with a monster truck! Due to premiere on televisions screens across the UK this weekend, the new advert recreates that age-old battle for that tricky parking space…

The second in a series of new TV ads created by Toyota, ‘All New Yaris vs Monster Truck’ features the vocals of British MC Rodney P and the unique visual style of rapper Dotstar. Click on the video below to check it out and don’t forget to join us on the official Toyota UK Facebook page to find out what’s coming next.

So who will win, all new Yaris or Monster Truck? The smart money’s on Yaris…


All New Yaris vs Monster Truck

Love our gadget master? Mad about the Yaris monster truck crew? Click here for official images from the TV adverts (did we mention the puppet?).


  1. Sorry Toyota, I may not be the first to comment on this, but nothing in this advert would persuade me to buy a Toyota. The ‘gang’ culture depicted is wholly offensive to many law abiding British people, and see it as being symptamatic to the whole cultural demise which was contributed to the situation in which urban Britain now finds itself in.

    1. Hi GGrant,

      We are sorry to learn that you find our ad offensive. It is not our intention to cause offence. We value the feedback we receive and will forward your comments to the Marketing Department.

  2. Congraluations Toyota, May I be the first to commend you on your innovation and forward thinking ad. The MC and music you used are highly relevant to many law abiding British peopke, and I see it as being indicative of the increasing recognition of aspects of a music culture that has bought many diverse communities of Britain together over the past 20 years.

  3. Offensive!!! the only thing offensive is that comment how does this show gang cultue?? it shows a group of friends rapping about a car! it’s very catchy and wonderfully entertaining great job toyota everyone loves this ad don’t let one person make you think otherwise:-)

  4. I never thought i’d see the day when a quality brand like Toyota would lower itself to having adverts full of gang culture and “chavs”. I would expect this kind of marketing from cheap brands such as Peugeot or Vauxhall, not from Toyota. My whole family have bought Toyotas for the last 15 – 20 years and we all find this off putting. My wife was looking forward to buying the new Yaris hybrid but after seeing these adverts she “wouldn’t be seen dead in one of those” I think we’ll buy a Honda next time. I think you should think about who you are aiming the car at and who have been loyal Toyota customers for so many years, not a bunch of gang members from “the Hood” that’s for sure!

  5. Maybe i’m crazy but surely people base the purchaes of a car on things like price, design, reviews and reliability rather than the music in the adverts.
    Also the people who believe that this reflects gang culture are clearly ignorant of what gang culture actually is. Its just blinkered to see young people, hear rap and think gang culuture. This displays the narrow stereotyeps with which some view young people these days. For the record i’m 41 years old.
    Also the rapper featured in this ad is called Rodney P and his last record called ‘Live Up’ was hugely positive. The main theme being that you have to live right with no violence and decrying gun and gang culture totally. But then you probably didn’t bother researching your ignorance otherwise it wouldn’t be called ignorance i guess.

  6. I have a TSpirit and its a lovely car to drive,The ad is up to date, although I guess not many youngsters are in the market to buy a new Yaris,especioally if they have to pay University fees! Nevertheless,Yaris is a wonderful car,especially with all the deals attached to it!I wouldnt part with mine! and you only have to drive the car to fall in love with it!

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