Toyota Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade

Toyota Apple Carplay

Toyota is pleased to announce that owners of Corolla and RAV4 models produced since 2019* now have the possibility of an upgrade to their Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mobile integration.

Compatible vehicles for Apple CarPlay upgrade:

  • MY19 Corolla in all body styles and grades
  • MY19 and MY20 RAV4 all grades excluding Icon

This multimedia upgrade allows owners to access the services included in their mobile phone on the multimedia display screen and action them through voice activation or by manually prompting through the steering wheel controls or touchscreen itself. In this way they will be able to safely enjoy applications such as Google Maps, Spotify, Amazon Music, WhatsApp and Waze without the need to directly interact with their mobile phone.

Toyota Apple Carplay

The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade for compatible vehicles will be carried out by appointment at your local Toyota centre. Toyota recommends that owners arrange to have the upgrade installed during a scheduled service. In this way it is efficiently incorporated into the technician’s time, allowing the price to be discounted to £50 inc VAT. However, if the customer would prefer that the upgrade is installed between scheduled services, the charge is £120 for Corolla and £150 for RAV4.

For more information on this software upgrade and to confirm compatibility, please contact your local Toyota centre.

* Depending on vehicle and specification, Toyota has installed its enhanced multimedia system as standard equipment since the 2020 model year. This means that vehicles with this system always feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.


  1. Hello,
    I am currently looking at 2018/2019 C-HRs,hopefully a Dynamic, the head unit looks the same, would either of these be updatable?

    1. Hi Vicki, thanks for your comment.

      Previous generations of the C-HR are not compatible with the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit.


      1. Hi I’ve just purchased and picked up a 2020 Prius Plug in and it was advertised as having Apple CarPlay and when I looked and paired my phone I noticed it is not on there. I thought all Toyota’s from late 2019 had it on there as standard.

      2. Hi Luke,
        Apple CarPlay works on a wired connection. Have you tried plugging your phone into your car via a USB connection?

      3. I had my Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2 Litre Design Tourer serviced in June. I was offered various add-ons to my service but not apple carplay upgrade. Have all Toyota franchise this facility?

      4. Hello John, thanks for your comment.

        Yes, all Toyota Centres will have the capacity to complete this retrofit. However, it is an optional extra so you will need to request it.


  2. my 2020 rav4 already has apple car play So what’s this TOYOTA MULTIMEDIA UPGRADE which i have just received email about ??

    What is the current software version and how do i check what software is installed in my rav4 ??


    1. Hi,

      2019 RAV4 didn’t have Apple CarPlay from factory, so we are contacting owners to make them aware that this update is available. This won’t apply to your vehicle, as it already has Apple CarPlay. Please contact your Toyota centre if you need further assistance with your vehicle.


      1. I have recently bought a RAV4 hybid Excel 2018 model. I opened a ‘My Toyota’ account. When I register my media/sat nav device using the serial number, it says that it’s Toyota Touch 2 ……2nd Generation. So when I research this device it says that I can connect to Apple Car Play but it seems not. Very disappointed as I wanted to use ‘Waze’ due to the in car sat nav being terrible.

      2. Hi Steve,
        Thanks for your comment.
        If you would like to provide your full vehicle registration, then we can confirm if your vehicle has CarPlay or not.

      1. Hi there,
        Can you please confirm the vehicle registration of your Camry so we can look into this for you.

  3. Hello

    We were sold our new Corolla (2019) without Apple Car Play or Android Auto however we were told the update will be applied when available at no cost. Now we are faced with being charged £50 for something we thought was included in the price of the new car. Please could you advice how this update can be applied as sold.

  4. Hi there, I just purchased a Corolla Icon 1.2 Manual Hatchback (Reg RJ19UOP). It is still at the Toyota dealership. Can you confirm that it’s upgradable to Apple CarPlay ? If so, I’ll ask them to update it before I pick the car up next week.

    1. Hi Daryl,
      Congratulations on your Corolla, thank you for choosing Toyota!
      Your Corolla is compatible with the Apple CarPlay retrofit.
      Please contact your Toyota Centre to arrange for this to be fitted.

    1. Hi Luke,
      If you are referring to your comment about Apple CarPlay in your Prius Plug-in, we replied to this on the 6th September.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      1. Hi. Just wasted my journey travelling up to Hereford Toyota. They didn’t notify me on the phone when I booked my car in to have it installed that they can’t retrofit it to my 2020 plug in Prius. They said it had to be done from the factory. My car was advertised as having it on there so I assumed they could retrofit? They phoned me when I got home that I couldn’t have it installed. I just put £10 fuel in the loan car they gave me and gave it a wash and this is the thanks I get. You didn’t bother to tell me it couldn’t be installed and yes I have plugged my phone into the car via USB and nothing happens. Not a happy Toyota customer. Cost me fuel going up there and putting it in the loan car. Thank you very much Toyota. Does anyone know anything anymore????

      2. Hi Luke,
        We are really sorry to hear about this.
        Please could you provide us with the full registration of your Prius Plug-in so we can look into this for you.

      3. Hi Luke,
        Thanks for that information.
        Our database shows that your Prius Plug-in was produced in 2019, meaning it does not come with Apple CarPlay and it cannot be retrofitted.
        Going forward, please can you confirm how you were informed that your car was compatible with Apple CarPlay.
        This will help us to further investigate your case.

      4. Well my car is an updated version it’s a 5 seater if it was a 2018 model I could understand but my car is a 20 plate and was first registered in June 2020. It said on the Motorline Advert that it had Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Which I do not have. Well Motorline have a policy if I’m not happy with the car I can hand it back within 30 days. I may just do that and go next door to Hyundai and get there plug in Ioniq that has Apple CarPlay. Furthermore I’m not impressed with the after sales service and the fact the clueless people that work at Motorline Toyota Hereford and Toyota UK that didn’t say when I was booking to have it done didn’t know the Prius wasn’t compatible with the retrofit. Nobody there got back to me. I wasted my day and journey and fuel to receive nothing in return.

      5. Hi Luke,
        We have emailed you directly to gather further details so we can set up a Customer Relations case to investigate this further.

  5. Hello, I have just bought a Toyota CH-R Excel 2018 and thought it had CarPlay. Really frustrated to understand this isn’t the case. Reading the comments above, it sounds like it isn’t even possible to retro fit. Please can you confirm? How much would it be to complete the whole multi-media unit to have car play fitted? Any other work arounds?

      1. Hello. Just letting you know this will be the last Toyota I’ll ever buy. The after sales of both Motorline Toyota Hereford and yourselves have been lacklustre at best. Motorline have no clue on Toyotas. The cars they have there are disgusting and been a proper valet. I’ve not had no communication from you on the issues I’ve faced. Motorline are lying morons. I refuse to give them my custom and will be cancelling my service plan with them and will be travelling to listers Cheltenham Toyota. Furthermore Stuart the manager is rude and has basically refused me to not be able to return the car on the grounds I wanted to return it. The ad on auto trader for the car was not correct it said smartphone integration Apple CarPlay and also a JBL sound system. Which the JBL is only on the excel model not on the business plus edition. My old car that I sold back to them says it has 15 inch alloy wheels and I know full well it is 16 inch wheels on it. When my Yaris went in to have its full service with Motorline Hereford they didn’t bother to change the pollen filter. So all in all I’m disgusted with the way I have been treated by them and by you. Love the phv Prius but you and everyone need to get the facts straight about apple CarPlay integration because I’m apple’s website it states on their that Prius plug in 2020 has it. Extremely unhappy.

      2. Hi Luke,
        We are really sorry to hear about this.
        As stated in our email, your case in now open with our Customer Relations team.
        They will be best placed to investigate your case further.
        Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

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