Prius Biometric Drive: see how exciting it is to drive

The new Prius shows what’s possible when amazing engineering is used to deliver driving enjoyment – and this new ‘Prius Biometric Drive’ video from Toyota USA shows exactly how exhilarating it can be.

To capture the feel of driving the all-new Prius, stunt driver Sara Price’s biometric feedback was visualised in real time.

Watch the video below to see it.

Prius Biometric Drive – how it was made

The effect was achieved with the use of an aerial-like LED column attached to the rear of the car, which flashed up different combinations of lights to reflect data from the car and Sara’s biometric measurements, such as her heartbeat. Clever filming techniques created the effect of a ribbon of light, like a plane’s contrail, following the Prius.

Director Anrick Bregman explains: “This new Prius is all about being exciting and dynamic. The biometric data from our driver is captured and data from the car – and that is translated into our LED animations. The movement of the car accentuates the LEDs, so the result is these beautiful long light streaks.”

Sara added: “It was crazy. This is pretty much my canvas today, and the car is helping me be the paintbrush. Driving inspires me just by the adrenaline rush – I’m someone who craves that.

“The new Prius drove like a sports car. I had great control of it, felt comfortable driving it, and I couldn’t expect more from a car. The feeling of exhilaration, the adrenaline rush – you get to see it on the car as it’s performing, expressing that for me.”

See how Prius Biometric Drive was made with the behind the scenes video below.

Find out more about the new Prius at – or read our latest Prius posts here.


  1. Automobile coming with biometric technology is the best idea to secure the car from unwanted access. And by the way, nowadays, all the best cars come with this technology.

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