New Toyota Auris gets the anime treatment [video]

There are modified Toyotas, then there’s this – a new Auris that’s been given a makeover inspired by the cult Japanese anime cartoon Mobile Suit Gundam.

Gundam AurisThe work of noted customising outfit Modellista, who created the Toyota GT86 seen at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon, the car is meant to reflect the style of the series’ main antagonist Char Aznable.

Modellista gave the car a matt red colour scheme incoporating graphics from the show, plus a new aero kit, bonnet ducts,  lowered suspension and alloy wheels.

LED lights have been embedded in the front spoiler, while the roof aerial has been replaced with a blade-style antenna shaped like the one on the character’s robot suit.

Gundam Auris rearThe car is also covered with mirror detailing,  and ‘blackout’ paint inside the headlamps and fog light bezels, and on the front wheels and bumper.

Watch the video and check out these pictures taken during the build below.

Is this the craziest fan tribute Toyota ever?

[youtube width=”560″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Gundam Auris bumper

Gundam Auris Zeon wheels

Gundam Auris bonnet preparation

Gundam Auris wrap

Gundam Auris nose


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    My last 8 cars have been Toyota but if these continue I will but a Honda

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  2. Well Done Toyota! Finally, something with a bit of style! If you’re looking for a younger market share, you’re certainly going in the right direction!

    Can’t wait to see more like this.

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