Like our ‘Gadget Guy’ Yaris TV advert? You’ll love the ‘Outsmart Shout Out’ live event on Facebook

You’ve seen them on TV, now ask Gadget and Slick to create your own personalised music video! That’s right, Toyota is bringing your favourite cartoon and puppet rappers back into the studio for a live, three-day event on Facebook.

All you have to do to take part is answer the question, “What has life thrown at you today?” on a special Facebook page or by tweeting your entry using the #OutsmartLIVE Twitter hashtag. If Gadget and Slick love what you have to say, they’ll produce your own ‘shout out’ video response during the live event.

Can’t wait ’til the studio goes live on January 12th? Don’t worry, you can start submitting your entries from today, January 5th! To catch all the lyrical responses from Gadget and Slick, be sure to like the Toyota UK Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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