Introducing the new Toyota Yaris HSD Concept at the 2011 Geneva motor show


Yaris. Prius. Over the last decade, these two Toyotas have won both hearts and awards the world over. But now, the supermini’s compact and clever design and the groundbreaking Hybrid Synergy Drive technology pioneered in Prius have been paired in the new Toyota Yaris HSD Concept, which makes its world debut today at the 2011 Geneva motor show.


As you can see from these photos, the Yaris HSD Concept inherits the clever packaging that has historically been a fundamental of element of Yaris, with a spacious and practical interior married to a more advanced and sophisticated exterior design.

This is unmistakably a hybrid: the hybrid-specific white pearl paintwork has an exclusive new finish, with sparkling blue metallic accents created using multi-layering application techniques. The hybrid blue accents continue with the car’s Toyota badging, illumination of the rear-view camera housings and doorhandles. Combined with daytime running lights and a solar roof, this is one impressive looking car.


And the clever design continues under the bonnet: the HSD powertrain design has had to be tailored for installation within Yaris’s compact and extremely efficient packaging, without compromising its quality and performance, or detracting from the passenger accommodation and loadspace.


The production model which will follow the Yaris HSD Concept will be launched throughout Europe during the second half of 2012. Cars will be built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing France’s Valenciennes plant, making Toyota the only car manufacturer to be producing hybrid vehicles at more than one European factory. This marks an important step in Toyota’s strategy for rolling out full hybrid technology across its European model line-up by the early 2020s, a programme that began in 2010 with launch of Auris HSD in the C-segment.

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  1. Well I hope to high hell that they make it at an affordable price point. I also hope they don’t dump some 1.8 liter 4 banger in it. At least give it a v6- make it competition for the Genesis.

  2. Having done 95,000miles in 3yrs in a Prius as a company car I reckon Yaris HSD will be brilliant! Not in a Prius now – but only because it cannot tow – otherwise I’d be in anohter one. (Couldn’t afford Lexus RX450h…!)

  3. I currently drive the Yaris Diesel. I have managed to get over 72 miles to the gallon out of it (whilst in heavy traffic on the M6 near Manchester travelling at 45 mph in 5th gear for approx 20 miles). If the hybrid can beat that it will certainly be at the top of my list when looking for a replacement.

  4. I think that finally Toyota have produced a really elegant, good-looking, fuel-efficient small car. My only concern is that while it looks like it outshines the competition in every area, it lacks one – comfort! The ride is not great, I know that it is a small car, but other manufactures seem to be able to build in that ‘solid’ sense of comfort. It does possess build quality, and great technology, but it feels as if I am driving a delicate car (I own a Yaris). If it had that real sense of comfort, of solidity, then it would the perfect small car!

  5. cool, bagus sekali… tapi toyota indonesia akan mulai di 2013 ini sepertinya ….. harganya pasti mahal juga ….

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