How to use Apple CarPlay in your Toyota

Apple CarPlay

Welcome to a beginner’s guide on how to use Apple CarPlay in your Toyota vehicle, as well as looking at the various features of the system and how to use them. Apple CarPlay is available on all current models. There is an Apple CarPlay upgrade available for Corolla and RAV4 models produced since 2019. Click here for more information.

To ensure CarPlay is switched on:

  • Menu
  • Setup
  • General – CarPlay is switched on

Only Apple-approved third-party apps can be used.

Connect your iPhone (5 or later) using a USB-Lightning cable, by plugging it into the USB data port.

The first time you connect, a message will offer you three options: Do Not Enable, which you might want to choose if all you want to do is charge your phone, not connect it to the multimedia system; Enable Once, if it’s a friend or relative’s phone that you only want to provide temporary access to the car’s infotainment system; or Always Enable, so your phone automatically connects to the car every time you plug it into the cable.

You’ll then get a message to say that all your Bluetooth devices will be disconnected.

Wireless CarPlay?

At the time of this article’s publication, Apple CarPlay only works through a wired connection in Toyota models except for GR Supra, which is available with a wireless CarPlay setup. To connect the wireless system, pair the phone to the Toyota multimedia system using Bluetooth, choosing Apple CarPlay as the primary function.

You’ll then get a prompt on your phone to check that you want to use CarPlay with this vehicle, so tap Use CarPlay.

Now, every time your phone is in your Toyota, the phone will automatically connect to the car.

If you want to connect to CarPlay through the display for your car’s infotainment system, just tap the Apple CarPlay icon in the main menu. You can also access it via the Media/Radio and Communications icons.

Once you’re connected, you’ll see a grid of app icons in the CarPlay display, a lot like those on the phone home screen. These will probably cover more than one page – especially if you use music streaming services such as Spotify, or alternative navigation apps such as Waze – so all you need to do is swipe between pages to find the app you need. However, there’s also a shortcut menu on the side of the main page of icons, so you can just jump to the most-used apps.

You can access apps by using Apple’s Siri voice control function. If you have voice control in your Toyota, just hold down the voice button on your steering wheel and Siri will respond by asking what you’d like to do.


  1. Just bought OW19AXF Corolla Hybrid Design on Friday from Inchcape Toyota Oxford having been told it had apple car play – can’t find it. Help?

    1. Hi,

      Congrats on your new car. This vehicle did not come with Apple CarPlay from the factory. It may have had the software update though. The quickest way to find out would be to plug in a compatible iPhone via USB to see if it activates.


  2. Hi

    How do I increase the volume when I’m using Waze on CarPlay. I can’t hear anything I’ve checked sound is on. When I increase the volume the radio volumes get’s higher but not the satnav which is annoying when you have to keep checking the screen, traffic, cyclist and everything else going on. CHR model

    1. Hi Tameka,

      As you are using a third party app (Waze) via third party software (Apple CarPlay) we cannot advise on this.

      Sorry about that.


  3. Hi, similar to the other questions, is there a retrofit for Apple CarPlay available for C-HR Dynamic (VU68JUW). Thanks

    1. Hi,

      The only vehicles compatible with the Apple CarPlay retrofit are:

      MY19 Corolla in all body styles and grades
      MY19 and MY20 RAV4 all grades excluding Icon


    1. Hi Erol,
      Please can you provide us with your vehicle registration number so that we can assist you with this query.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay is not available in this vehicle.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Please provide your registration number so that we can look into this further for you.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Thanks for your interest in the C-HR.
      Please may you provide us with this vehicle’s registration number so that we can look into this for you.

      1. Hi Sam,
        Unfortunately, this vehicle does not come with Apple CarPlay.

      2. The Apple website says Toyota CHR 2019 to 2021 have Apple CarPlay. Is this car able to be upgraded at all?

      3. Hi Sam,
        Unfortunately, this vehicle is not available for the Apple CarPlay upgrade.

  4. Hi, please can you let me know if my car comes with car play as I’m having trouble connecting it to my iPhone 13 – Yaris 2021 plate KE21YZM

  5. Hi, just purchased KV 71 YHZ, can you confirm if this came with CarPlay as standard? I have tried connecting via USB but nothing happens.

    1. Hi Adrian,
      Thanks for your comment.
      This vehicle should come with Apple CarPlay as standard.
      If you are having difficulties connecting your phone, we would recommend contacting our Multimedia team here –

  6. Hi, Just want to check if my Yaris came with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The registration number is LC70 SKZ. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tse,
      Please can you confirm your vehicle registration, as our system cannot detect the current one you have provided.

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