2016 Toyota Hilux: What accessories are available?

The new 2016 Toyota Hilux is like a master tradesperson equipped for almost every eventuality. It arrives with a similar line-up – Active, Icon, Invincible and Invincible X – but with even more generous specification levels.

In view of its popularity as both a trade and leisure vehicle, Toyota has a range of over 100 centre-fit accessories for the Hilux. These have been developed to specialise and personalise the vehicle to individual requirements.

But with such a broad selection available, deciding which accessory boxes to tick can seem daunting. So to ease the decision-making process we have gathered a selection and bundled them into related packs.

Toyota Hilux Accessories

Cost: £525
Applicable grades: Active, Icon, Invincible

Hilux accessories 01

The parking aid system features ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers. These link to in-cabin alarms that grow progressively louder the closer you get to obstacles. The front and rear alarms have different tones and can be cancelled via a switch if not required, such as when towing.

Cost: £360
Applicable grades: Active, Icon, Invincible, Invincible X

Hilux accessories 02

Genuine Toyota security system offers an alarm with a powerful siren to complement the car’s standard immobiliser. All doors and bonnet are sensor-protected, and the interior is guarded by ultrasonic intrusion detection technology. An optional incline sensor is also available to warn of attempted wheel theft and towing.

Cost: £750
Applicable grades: Icon, Invincible

Hilux at CVS 08

Touch 2 with Go is the latest multimedia package, which adds pan-European navigation to the Toyota Touch 2 audio and information system.

Learn more: New features of the Toyota Touch 2 with Go system

Cost: £800-900
Applicable grades: Active, Icon

Hilux accessories 03

Precision engineered black machined-face alloy wheels which combine strength and durability with optimal balance for assured road-holding. Choice of two designs: 17-inch six bold spoke (left), or 17-inch six double spoke (right). Prices are £800 and £900 respectively.

Cost: £700
Applicable grades: Icon, Invincible

Hilux accessories 04

The Style pack brings together a striking front guard and chrome fog lamp surrounds to make the front of the Hilux appear more rugged, along with Hilux (Icon grade) or Invincible (Invincible grade) branded aluminium scuff plates for stylish sill protection.

The above products are available individually and can be paired with chrome door handle garnishes (£95-155), headlamp bezels (£115), front bumper trim (£85 – not compatible with front guard) and rear light bezels (£345).

Protective items such as side cladding (£275), wheel arch protectors (£245) and bonnet deflectors (£120) can enhance the car’s appearance, while a range of decals (£70-120) is also available. Please visit your local centre for more details.

Cost: £450-600
Applicable grades: Active, Icon, Invincible, Invincible X

Hilux accessories 05

Flanged towing hitches attach to the Hilux body for maximum towing stability and are ideal for small boats, caravans and trailers. Traditional fixed towing hitch and optional ball-and-pin hitches (see image) are available, each with either 7- or 13-pin wiring kit included.

Dedicated 7- or 13-pin wiring kits for Toyota towing hitches are available separately at a cost of £250 or £285 respectively. Tow bar harness adapters are also available at a cost of £10 (13- to 7-pin) and £25 (7- to 13-pin).

Cost: £750-1,250 (DVD)
Cost: £400-500 (iPad 2)
Cost: £900 (DVD and iPad 2)
Applicable grades: Icon, Invincible, Invincible X

Hilux accessories 06

The Toyota integrated entertainment system gives rear passengers access to a choice of entertainment on the move through powered mounts on the back of the front seats. A range of options for DVD and/or iPad 2 media is available.

The dedicated DVD system can be specified in one of three ways – as a single master screen (£750), twin screens running as a master and slave set-up (£995), or twin master screens (£1,250) that can play different movies simultaneously.

The iPad 2 system can be specified with either one (£400) or two (£500) powered mounts (iPad is not included) so rear seat passengers can watch movies or surf the internet.

A combination DVD/iPad 2 system (£895) is also available that pairs a single master DVD player with a single, powered iPad 2 mount.

Toyota also provides a range of unpowered and USB-powered docking stations and tablet mounts. Please visit your local centre for more details.

Cost: £1,800
Applicable grade: Invincible

Hilux accessories 07

The stylish and elegant leather interior kit uses top quality leather, coupled with strict manufacturing processes, to give you the assurance of comfort, practicality and long-lasting durability. The kit includes a padded arm rest, heated front seats and handbrake lever cover. It is fully compatible with airbag operation.

Viewed from left to right on the image above, colour options consist of black mechanical, black leisure, dark rose red, dark grey, and beige.

The black leather padded arm rest and leather handbrake lever cover is available separately at a cost of £75 and £135 respectively, while other interior extras such as floor mats (from £58), blue footwell illumination (£220), and a removable cup holder ashtray (£40) is also available.

Fabric cover options are available to protect both front and rear seats, with prices ranging from £277-487.

Cost: £215-335 (polyethylene)
Cost: £480 (Line-X)
Applicable grades: Active, Icon, Invincible, Invincible X

Hilux accessories 08

Specially shaped high-density, rigid polyethylene bed liners are available to protect the deck bed, side panels and rails against paintwork scratching. Over-rail bed liners are specified for Single and Extra Cab body styles, and can be joined by an over- or under-rail tailgate liner (£40) for additional protection. Under-rail bed liners are available on Extra and Double Cab models, with rail protection offered through separate rail caps (£140-144).

Unlike a traditional bed liner, the Line-X protective coating is sprayed on to offer an airtight and watertight seal. It is available in both over- and under-rail applications at the same price.

Tough, transparent adhesive film (£95-145) is also available to protect paintwork around the front, side deck and tailgate rails.

Cost: £1,800-2,500 (aluminium roll and lock)
Cost: £2,000-2,300 (hard tonneau cover)
Applicable grades: Icon, Invincible, Invincible X

Hilux accessories 09

Sport deck packs provide alternative methods and configurations for covering and securing the rear bed of Double Cab models. The two options consist of either a retractable aluminium roll cover (see image above) or a colour-coded and hinged ABS hard tonneau cover.

Having decided on the type of cover, you can choose whether to add a stainless steel high-over bar (also available separately at a cost of £680). Finally, you need to decide between a hard-wearing plastic liner or more permanent Line-X spray-on coating for the bed itself.

Optional deck cross bars (£310) are available to mount or transport items over the aluminium roll cover.

Are there any more accessories available?

Absolutely! This post has concentrated on the primary accessory packs available for the 2016 Toyota Hilux. Many more individual accessories are available, the full details of which can be discussed with your local Toyota centre.

Click the following link to be taken to our dealer locator tool.

Hilux at CVS 04

Learn more: Prices and specifications of the 2016 Toyota Hilux


  1. I’ve a brand new Hilux Invincible X for just over 3 weeks, which is fantastic. Unfortunately though I’m really disappointed to discover (that for the nearly £40K price Tag) there’s no alarm, the tailgate lock isn’t married to the central locking and there’s no front parking sensors. Apart from this the Media Centre is very slow to respond, Sat Nav is supposed to be 3D and definitely isn’t.
    The auto gearbox is in no way set up correctly either, if you don’t accelerate past 70 then it never finds 6th gear. This is obviously using more fuel and increasing cabin noise, as in the UK the law says this size pick up is restricted to 60 on Dual Carriage ways and 50 on single carriage ways it does add to my annoyance.
    So far I’ve had to buy a central locking solenoid for the tailgate, to sort out that problem. I’ve also bought an HUD to display speed as the clock is very hard to read especially in London traffic with all the other distractions. I’m now looking into buying a tailgate assist as the weight is to the point of being dangerous when opening.
    I’m hoping that someone from Toyota reads these and can put some of these issues into the pipeline to get sorted for future top of the range Hilux’s. The Auto-gear box situation may just be a firmware update ?

    1. Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We would advise for you to contact our Customer Relations team regarding this, as they will be able to open a case and investigate further. You can find their contact details via the following link:



    2. Yes I had the same problem with tailgate not been able to lock via central locking & no front parking Sensors , Seems a shame to buy such an expensive vehicle and not to have these items fitted as standard

    3. Dear Geoff

      I am from Malta and in 2018 I bought used 2017 Hilux invincible manual from UK and about tailgate assist I bought one Toyota Genuine from Thailand with Manufacturer Part Number: PC3B2-0K001. I don’t know why a lot of accessories is not available in Europe and about the Auto gearbox that the reason that I chose Manual gearbox lower fuel consumption.


    4. I agree fully, no automatic wipers, a DPF system that revs at 1400 , no damper on the tailgate, revving up to 3700 revs before changing to 6th, really slow Bluetooth system, no front sensors, back with the dealer 3 times with engine management light coming on along with collision avoidance system and was brand new in March 2020, ( only 3500 miles on), Toyota really need to figure these nuisances out, there is far too much competition now for this to be ignored, I have owned all makes of pickups and was so looking forward to this new hilux only to be left a bit disappointed, they need to look at how the American pickups are finished, this was a bloody expensive pickup!

  2. Hi, I have a Hilux extra cab with factory ladder rack. I am looking for a roller shutter that retains the ladder rack, also a pair of running boards and possibly a roof bar system. Hope you can help.
    Kind regards, Ian.

    1. Hi Ian.

      Thanks for getting in touch. Please contact your nearest Toyota centre, who will be able to talk you through the options available for your vehicle.


  3. Hi, I have a 2019 hilux inv x which has the additional alarm system fitted (extra). Trying to work out how to disable internal sensors so I can alarm the vehicle with the dog inside… any ideas?? Can’t find a button or switch anywhere and double pressing the lock button on the remote doesn’t work either.
    Anyone figured it out??

  4. Hi I’ve just come back from Denmark
    My freind has a new hilux and has removed the rear seats and put a storage kit in to create a storage space great idea for a working vehicle can we not get these over here in the uk
    Looked on the net but no joy
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Steven,
      We would recommend contacting your Toyota Centre to see what options are available to you.

  5. I have a 22 plate invincible and want to disable the interior sensor for the dog to be in the truck. How do I do this please?

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