Yaris proves it has Driver Power

Toyota Yaris T Spirit


It’s official! The current Toyota Yaris is the most reliable vehicle on the road – a fact backed by the UK’s top customer satisfaction survey.

Auto Express magazine recently published the findings as part of its 2013 Driver Power survey, which pooled the feedback of 46,640 readers in order to create a list of the top 100 cars to own.

The survey required owners to rate their cars in ten separate categories, from reliability and running costs to handling and practicality.

As seen from the percentage results below, the current Toyota Yaris was a high achiever in every category, being consistently awarded upwards of 80 points out of a possible 100 by its satisfied owners. But it was the model’s superior reliability that has really struck a chord with owners, the results of which were evidenced by its first-place position and 98.4% score. Putting that score into a wider context, the gap between first and second place was larger than that between second and fifth place on the table.

Yaris was also highly praised for its running costs, achieving an impressive third place overall for its frugal economy, not to mention easing further blows on the wallet with low servicing and insurance costs.

CATEGORY                               SCORE

Reliability                                   98.40
In-car tech                                  85.01
Running costs                          89.60
Performance                             78.46
Braking                                      85.38
Ride quality                               78.82
Build quality                              92.69
Ease of driving                         89.60
Handling                                    83.08
Practicality                                 86.92


  1. I have a 09 plate Toyota Yaris great car, reliability is excellent but why is the new yaris range so poorly finished inside my car is better finished and the digital dash is much better I am so disappoined in the new Yaris . The new Hybrid is wonderful to drive but disappoints with interor finish. very disappointed.

    1. Hello William
      Thank you for your post and feedback regarding the new Yaris interior. Such feedback is very useful when we look at how we can improve our products for the future. Interior design and feel is important to us and we are sorry to learn of your disappointment here. We will take these on board for the future and it was good to hear you liked the drive of the Yaris hybrid.

  2. We have a 62 yaris hybrid and it has been a fantastic car. I do agree though the plastic on the dash is not it’s strongest point. My daughter caught it with her school bag with a glancing blow nothing to strong and it marked very easily. The fuel economy is great one tip we have found is if on a very short journey and it is cold the petrol engine will start if you want it not to then you can sometimes stop this by turning the heating off. We are getting 55 in the cold weather and got about 60 in the better weather. Our best average so far was 80 on a trip to York with a bit of local travel once there. Generally we reset the average mileage recorder each time we top up the tank which is a lot less that it used to be with our Honda Civic. Well done Toyota.

    1. Hi David
      Thanks for your post and hope you are enjoying Christmas.
      We appreciate your feedback on the interior trim quality and will pass this back to the product team. Good also to hear your comments about fuel consumption, you are correct that in winter fuel consumption does drop as a result of the extra switchgear required. If it helps we also ran a feature about hybrid driving tips on our Blog. http://bit.ly/1dthgD0
      Best wishes

  3. I have owned a 2012 yaris 1.3 sr from new and i am bitterly disappointed with its performance and fuel economy. My 2009 yaris 1.0 T2 is far superior on both counts and much more fun to drive. I have taken toyota sr to my local dealer and they assure me there is nothing wrong with the car after 4000 miles I’ve decided it’s got to go.

    1. Dear Mrs West
      Thanks for your post and sorry hear about your disappointment with your Yaris. Just wanted to let you know that if you did want to contact our customer relations team then they can be reached via the attached link. http://bit.ly/1bwxYm0

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