Toyota RAV4 restoration: part 3

Read the third instalment of our four-part Toyota RAV4 restoration project story.

Having been whisked off to a professional bodyshop to restore and repaint the bodywork, work began by stripping our Toyota RAV4 to its birthday suit, so to speak. It was our intention to do a thorough job and root out every last scrap of oxidised metal.

RAV4 resto 18

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Replacing the bolt-on front wings with new original equipment panels was simple, and the entire lengths of both sills were confirmed once again as being rock-solid. However, further investigation of the oxidised patches that had lurked unseen behind the plastic wheel arch extension on the offside rear quarter panel revealed that rust had spread into the connection with the outer arch.

RAV4 resto 19

After ascertaining that a new replacement rear quarter was available from Toyota, the original panel was removed in entirety, all the way to its connections to the high-strength reinforcement bars across the roof, and discarded. This allowed easy access to the outer arch, the affected portions of which were cut away so that only clean, fresh metal remained.

RAV4 resto 20

As the rest of the inner arch and inner quarter panel were solid, new metal had to be fabricated to connect the outer arch to the outer bodywork. This was achieved by welding a crescent-shaped sliver of metal around the former to a length of metal tabs around the inner arch radius of the latter. Essentially, the principle of fixing tabs to the underside of an adjacent panel  is similar to that required to build our Toyota GT86 paper cut-outs, albeit on a 1:1 scale.

RAV4 resto 22

A similar amount of work was necessary on the opposite quarter, only this time restricted to the area around the fuel filler and outer wheel arch.

RAV4 resto 23

As a much more complex moulding, it was not viable to custom fabricate the area from scratch. Bearing in mind that Toyota supplies the new inner quarter panel and outer arch as one assembly, both sections were removed from the RAV4 after drilling out the spot welds. Meanwhile, access to these areas was improved by chopping off the bottom of the outer rear quarter.

RAV4 resto 24

With both rear quarter panels now restored and totally solid with fresh new metal, the replacement roof panel and missing reinforcing cross-member were set in place and spot-welded all the way along the roof channel using the same number of connections as Toyota originally intended.

RAV4 resto 25

A full respray in the original Bright Blue Metallic (code 8K4) paintwork put the crowning glory on our restored Toyota RAV4. But before the factory paint was rubbed back and primed, photos and careful measurements were taken of where the gloss black accent colour cut across the pillars and rear door so the two-tone finish could be accurately replicated.


The body restoration of our Toyota RAV4 was now complete, and thanks to the fabrication skills of the bodyshop it looked as fresh as the day it left the Motomachi plant over 20 years ago.

On its return to our press garage the car was refitted with its new trim and mechanical parts, put through an MOT test – which it passed with flying colours – and given new ‘GS’ badges to adorn the bottom of the B-pillars.

Look out for the fourth and final instalment of our RAV4 restoration posts to see the car back in its element – both on and off the road.

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  1. Must be needing a lot of work, as 6 months has past for next weeks instalment!

    Can you also add details of man hours and costs, plus part costs?

      1. Hi there,
        Thank you for your comment. We’d advise going to your local dealer as they’d be in the best position to help you. Many thanks.

  2. hi I am looking for Wheel Arch Trims / mouldings for my 2001 Toyota Rav4 MK2, Can anyone help me to find them ?

  3. Hello. Do you have any further pictures of the restoration?
    I’m restoring a rusted out rav4 myself that’s got pretty bad quarter panels / rear fenders as well as rust in sills.
    These pictures are a great help and about the only resource I could find to figure out how this is all supposed to look, the rust on mine is so bad in some places that I’ve nothing to make a mold of.

    Thanks in advance!

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