Toyota People: Steve Overton and his family of Toyotas

What’s the highest number of Toyotas owned by one family? We recently received an email from Steve Overton who shared a family picture featuring six Toyotas with us, asking us if we knew any other family with a broader collection. Eager to learn more about their passion for the brand, we got in touch…

TGB Blog: Tell us about all these Toyotas, Steve

“My mum decided on an Aygo automatic back in 2011 to replace her RAV4, which she started to find a little too big. She still has the same Aygo today despite [us] trying to get her to update it. In the same year we bought our eldest daughter a new Aygo for her 21st birthday. She still has it, but is actively looking to change, maybe for something else in the range. This was followed by buying a new Yaris for my wife’s younger daughter a few years later.”

“My sister is currently on her fourth Land Cruiser. She loves the fact that she has a lot of car around her, the high driving position and the fact that over the years the whole family, from babies to teenagers, can get in with all the baggage that follows them.”

“My two nephews and niece are now at Loughborough and Bournemouth universities and with safety and reliability at the forefront, my sister bought a Yaris for each of them. It’s quite a picture when they all turn up at the home together.”

“My wife, Kam, bought the new-generation Aygo in 2017 and loved it so much she has just taken delivery of a new Aygo Trend on a 20-plate from Jemca Toyota.”

What initially attracted you to the Toyota brand and made you stick to it for all these years?

“My 20 years working as a sales executive for Lexus steered my family into the brand, starting off with my mum wanting a small and easy car to drive around her village and into town.” 

Have any of the cars been on a road trip?

“My sister’s Land Cruiser comes in very handy to travel down to St Ives in Cornwall where they have a holiday home which they visit frequently.”

What is the dealer experience like?

“Servicing, which is an annual event, has always been straightforward, with clear and precise communication in regards to what work needs to be carried out and cars delivered back washed and cleaned. That helps me because it seems I’m the car cleaner at home.”

What would you say to anyone thinking of buying a Toyota?

“To any new buyer looking at Toyota for the first time, this is a brand that will deliver on its ethos of build quality, reliability and fun-to-drive vehicles. Not forgetting a dealer network that is second to none, should you need them to give assurance and backup for the future.”

Do you have your eyes set on any upcoming cars? 

“As to the future, electric cars are now starting to appear on our roads and I’m sure there will be one or two dropping into the family group.”

Thanks for talking with us, Steve. We really look forward to seeing your family’s Toyota collection grow…

Toyota People… is a series that celebrates individuals with a special enthusiasm for Toyota, whether that is related to its vehicles, philosophies, or manufacturing processes. Read more Toyota People articles here.

Steve Overton was speaking to Neha Aggarwal


  1. My sister bought a Yaris in 2002 ,she eventually passed it on to her son , he years after passed it on to her nephew as his first car, her son replaced with another Yaris, when her son decided to get another Yaris his was once again passed on to said nephew who then passed original one on to one of his friends! My sister traded in her Honda for another Yaris. In 2003 we bought our first Yaris , followed by another one and another one which passed on to our granddaughter as her first car and yes we got another yaris

  2. I have owned my Previa (Monty)for twenty years and she has seen my children grow up , she has never let us down and had virtually needed no new parts . Mot due tomorrow l have full confidence in her wish Toyota would make something the same now!

  3. I have had a Rav4 2005 3door for 5 years now only done 86000 but I would like to upgrade to a 2015 one Could you please let me know where the best place I could pick one up at good mileage? I am in Aberdeen area.

    1. Hi Daisy,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The RAV4 is an amazing car.
      Have you tried our used car search? You can filter the results by car mileage and the radius from your current area.
      We have created a search for you of RAV4 models within 100 miles of Aberdeen:

  4. Have 3 a 2004 celica red edition a 1999 starlet SR was the first car i bought and never sold ive had it 19 years getting a rare sight these days and a 2012 yaris SR
    ive also owned a mr2 and 2 corollas inc the T sport

    1. Hi Craig,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Wow, that’s pretty impressive. We really appreciate your loyalty over the years.
      We know it might be tough to decide, but which is your favourite out of the Toyotas you’ve owned?

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