RAV4 Adventure adds rugged styling for 2022

Toyota RAV4 Adventure

Toyota is widening the authentic SUV appeal of the RAV4 with the introduction of the new Toyota RAV4 Adventure, an addition to the range that reinforces the model’s “go anywhere” spirit with stand-out rugged styling that’s ready for life in the great outdoors.

This new version will broaden the model’s market reach to people who want a vehicle that matches their love of life off the beaten track while preserving the performance and efficiency benefits of Toyota’s hybrid-electric technology.

Toyota RAV4 Adventure

The RAV4 Adventure makes its intentions clear with its more purposeful front-end design. The new look, all-black grille has greater visual impact, with the Toyota emblem moving down from the leading edge of the bonnet to a central position on double horizontal bars that cross the centre of the unit. The vehicle’s commanding stance and SUV capability is amplified by setting the front fog lights in new black surrounds and fitting a bright silver-finished under-run.

The effect is enhanced by wider wheel arches and new 19-inch alloy wheels with a matt grey finish. At the rear, there’s a matching silver under-run.

In the cabin there’s a dedicated upholstery design for the seats, combining smooth, black synthetic leather with deeply quilted back and cushion sections, with contrasting orange stitching. RAV4 Adventure scuff plates are also fitted.

Toyota RAV4 Adventure

The RAV4 Adventure is powered by Toyota’s fourth-generation hybrid electric technology and is equipped as standard with intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD-i), provided by an additional compact electric motor on the rear axle. The efficient yet powerful hybrid powertrain combines electric motors and a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine – a unit with one of the world’s highest thermal efficiencies for a production engine – delivers 219bhp. AWD-i allows for (braked) loads of up to 1,650 kg to be towed. 

The new model also introduces new projector-type LED headlights and LED front fog lights. Elsewhere in the range, a new 10-spoke alloy wheel design will be introduced in bright silver or gloss black according to equipment grade. In the cabin, the focus is on added comfort and convenience with new LED lighting, power adjustment for the front passenger seat, illuminated window control switches and new, USB-C ports suitable for charging phones and devices while on the move. 

Toyota RAV4 Adventure

The latest changes maintain the momentum of the world’s best-selling SUV. In 1994, the original RAV4 created a new market for recreational SUVs with car-like agility, a breakthrough that has since earned it more than 10 million global sales. Its spirit of innovation has been maintained as the first model in its segment to offer hybrid-electric power. 

UK deliveries for the new Toyota RAV4 Adventure and the refreshed RAV4 model range will begin in the first quarter of 2022. Prices and further details will be announced nearer the on-sale date.

All information was correct at the time of publishing


  1. Hi, I am ordering the RAV 4 Hybrid 2WD Design next week. Now it is past November will this be assigned the 2022 model?

    If not, can I request the 2022 model is provided.


    1. Hi Chris,
      Your RAV4 should be the Model Year 2022 (MY22) specification.
      However, we would still recommend confirming this with your Toyota Centre.

    2. I have 2 questions, if I may:
      What type of battery is the main battery pack of this car (not the plugin model which may be different)? Is it NiMH or Li ion?
      The transmission is CVT (?). Toyota has CVT based on belt ONLY and CVT that has a set of gears for launch situations (also called K120 “Direct Shift”). Which one is it?

      1. Hi Dan,
        Thanks for your comment.
        Firstly, a Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery is used in Icon + Design grades and a Lithium Ion battery is used in Dynamic + Excel grades.
        Secondly, the RAV4 has a CVT transmission.

  2. How do you expect people to order RAV4 ? Dealers cannot confirm the details/specs of the car or the delivery date ? You are basically asking us to pay £1000 deposit and expect that I would receive an SUV with no confirmed delivery time or specs. This is really poor Toyota. I know you will ask me to contact local Toyota dealer…. They have no clue…. I called a few of them..

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for your comment.
      As the final production month for the Model Year 2021 RAV4 was November, all RAV4s ordered now should be a Model Year 2022 specification.
      In terms of delivery times, this depends on the grade and optional extras you choose, hence why your Toyota Centre would be best placed to advise on this.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      1. Why are Toyota customer services so evasive. They rarely answer a customers question often directing them back to dealers who do not know the answer. I do not believe Mr Toyoda would be impressed with their policy of avoiding customers requests.

      2. I’ve already ordered a RAV4 with an estimated delivery date of March, I’ve not been told that the dealer has been informed that the delivery has been pushed back to October but they don’t know why??? I’ve contacted your customer service who promised a call back but have heard nothing, why do you refer people back to the dealers if you don’t even tell the dealers what’s going on?

    1. Hi Aaron,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Our Product Team have confirmed that Urban Khaki should be available on the Adventure Grade.

  3. Went for a test drive in the Rav4 and noticed excessive rear tyre noise
    is there anything that can be done to reduce this.

    Went for a test drive in the rav4 and noticed a lot of rear tyre noise is there anything that can be done about it.

    1. Hello Thomas, thanks for your comment.

      The on-sale date for the MY22 RAV4 is the 1st January and the website will be updated nearer to this time.


  4. The MY2022 speciation for the Rav4 on the Toyota web site is showing it comes with a temporary spare wheel but in the December price list it is showing it has the TRK (tyre repair kit). Can you please tell me which is correct please?

    1. Hi Roger,
      Thanks for your comment.
      All MY22 RAV4 grades come with a spare wheel, except the Adventure grade.
      However, if you add a panoramic roof, the vehicle with come with a Tyre Repair Kit.

  5. Has the infotainment system been upgraded on the MY22 RAV4 as the screen size, resolution and speed has all come in for criticism from the auto-mags.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The Model Year 2022 RAV4 comes with the 8″ Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation multimedia system.
      Furthermore, all grades are compatible with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto mobile phone integration.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      1. Thanks for the reply, but you haven’t answered the question. Is the infotainment system an upgrade to the current, highly criticised version?

      2. Hi Martin,
        The Model Year 2022 RAV4 features the same multimedia system as the Model Year 2021 RAV4.

      3. Dear ToyotaUK,

        Just like Steve I was also hoping for infotainment system upgrade for the model year 2022 (screen size, resolution, wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, new system and features etc..). The Yaris Cross, Corolla sedan (from 2022) got the new system, and the upcoming Corolla Cross will get the new infotainment system too. In North America the 9-inch display offered on the highest trim of Rav4 Hybrid (unfortunately with the same old infotainment system) starting with 2022.

        I think offering more modern infotainment systems on cheaper products will not last long and I am just guessing that for MY23 Rav4 would get a new infotainment system in Europe.

        Best regards,

      4. Hi Steve,
        Thank you for your feedback.
        We have passed this onto our wider product team.
        Is there anything else we can do to help you?

  6. How can I find out if my order is MY22 ? My dealer has no clue, He doesn’t even think RAV4 specs changed for 2022. If it helps my order number starts with KL

      1. Hi James,
        As the final production month for the Model Year 2021 RAV4 was November, your RAV4 is most likely a Model Year 2021.
        However, if your Centre is unsure, then they should raise a case with us to confirm this.

  7. I ordered a Rav 4 August 21 with an expected delivery date of Jan – March 22.
    I have just been told by my dealership my order number has been changed and I’m now due a new model Expected August 22. This is despite the My Toyota App showing the car has arrived. Could this really be the case?

      1. Not really, they just said there was a new order number against my name which suggested I was due the new model now. However they seem to be having alot of difficulty finding any information.

  8. Hi Guys,

    I have a MY22 RAV4 on order but want to know if the UK 2022 Rav4 will have new buttons on the heated seats (as per the 2022 refresh video on you tube) or will they be the same as the 2019-2021 version?


      1. Hi Paul,
        Thanks for your comment.
        The new MY22 RAV4 will not have these new buttons, but if you would like to know more about what the MY22 will have, we would recommend visiting your nearest Toyota Centre.

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