Toyota’s 2009 range on show – and a first look at new Prius

UPDATE 19/4/13: This post was first published ahead of the launch of the current-generation Toyota Prius, which has since been updated. To find out more about the Prius, read our other posts here or go the the website.

We’ve been concentrating on the Next Prius in our recent posts, but it’s not the only new and exciting Toyota model to be released this year. 2009 has seen the launch of iQ and the Urban Cruiser, along with new models of the Verso, Yaris, Avensis, Auris and Aygo
– meaning that almost all of Toyota’s car range is new or updated.

And, from Monday 18 May, Toyota will be showcasing its renewed range in shopping centres across England – and giving the public a first chance to experience the next Prius.

Toyota will be visiting three of the country’s biggest and busiest shopping destinations; The Trafford Centre in Manchester, Birmingham’s Bullring and Bluewater in Kent. At each, you’ll be able to see the Urban Cruiser, iQ, Yaris, Verso, Avensis and Auris.

All-new Prius

And, though the Prius isn’t due on British roads until 1 August, it will be making its first public appearance in the UK as the centre point of Bullring’s Green Week. New Prius has a best-in-market petrol CO2 figure of 89g/km with a combined fuel consumption of 74.2 mpg, 136 bhp and a 0-60 time of 10.4 seconds. The new car also falls into the £0 road tax bracket, and will be exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

Prius Moving

You’ll be able to experience the third generation of Toyota’s full-hybrid vehicle at Bullring from Monday 8 June to Sunday 14 June, after which it moves on to the Trafford Centre (15-28 June) and Bluewater (29 June-12 July).

Full schedule

The Trafford Centre
18-31 May – Urban Cruiser, iQ and Yaris
1-14 June – Verso, Avensis and Auris
15-28 June – New Prius, iQ and Yaris

1-14 June – Urban Cruiser, iQ and Yaris
15-28 June – Verso, Avensis and Auris
29 June-12 July – New Prius, iQ and Yaris

8-14 June – New Prius
15-28 June – Urban Cruiser, iQ and Yaris
29 June-12 July – Verso, Avensis and Auris
13-26 July – New Prius, iQ and Yaris


  1. I understand from others who have done it that it is possible, but the bar fitting has to be sourced from outside the UK.

  2. The latest Today Tomorrow magazine has an introduction to the new Auris Hybrid. Inter Alia it says on p 30
    “As with all new Toyota cars, the Auris Hybrid comes with ….an 8 year warranty on the Hybrid battery. When I bought my Prius in October 2009 the warranty seemd to have been reduced from 8 to 5 years. Was that just for a short period and ahve I been short changed?

  3. My old 08 Prius had an eight year warranty on the hybrid system so I was shocked to find out that the new model only had five years! Whats more annoying is that I have only got a three year warranty and a few months later they have a five year warranty and this is the latest model, I will find it hard to get a fair price when I sell it as the warranty is far less than one a few months newer. I think Toyota should give all third gen Prius a five year warranty as we have been very loyal updating our prius’s to the latest model. I am not a happy about this and would like Toyota to extend our warranty to five years. Who should I speak to about this?

  4. Wow this blog is very cool!

    You have showcased the minds of the blog reader. I like the organization of this posting. You have stirred up their ideas and knowledge.

    But until now I haven’t seen this edition here in the Philippines are you not planning to launch it here?…

  5. I have just checked by LED Headlamps and realised that the Full Beam and Side Lights are horrid yellow halogen types. I would like to change them to LEDs. Anyone know exactly what bulb types are needed for both and whether they will cause an issue if replaced?

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