Toyota poems – we have a winner!

To celebrate world poetry day we asked you to write Toyota-themed poems and post them to our Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who entered but there can be only one winner.

After much deliberation in the Toyota social media team there was one clear winner – and it’s this effort from Uri Halevi.

A man named Mika
Drove a Celica
To town for milk and pop.
It was a turbo,
Which caused an urge so
He picked the furthest shop.

Many thanks Uri – a £50 Amazon voucher will be winging its way to you shortly.

Here is a selection of the other entries that caught our eye:

I dream of spending the summer in Paris,
Exploring the city in a Toyota Yaris.
Paris is buzzing, dynamic, alive
And the Yaris is stylish, a dream car to drive.
I’d cruise along past the River Seine
And fall in love with driving all over again.
I’d discover Paris in a car that’s got style
And I’d leave wearing a Hybrid smile.
The feeling of freedom – that’s what I’m striving,
With the Yaris I’d discover the sheer joy of driving!

Ellie Sutch

Polar ice caps melt
Science gives us the answer
Hybrid Synergy

Patrick Mortell

I own a little Toyota,
It is quite a wonderful motor.
Wherever I go
It’s in my Aygo;
They call me the Toyota promoter.

Claire Fox

Well done to Uri and thanks to everyone who entered.

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