Toyota Hybrid Health Check

Want to know more about protecting the heart of your Toyota hybrid? Then read on for details of our free* Toyota Hybrid Health Check.

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The Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain in your Toyota combines the power of a petrol engine with two electric motors to give you exceptional fuel efficiency and smooth, near-silent driving.

Our owners tell us that as well as proving rewarding to drive, the hybrid system is simple to use, and hugely reliable – but even so, this innovative technology needs specialist expertise to keep it in top condition…

The Toyota Hybrid Health Check is the best way to ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle.

At its core, the health check includes a series of specialist inspections, including the following:

We investigate the status and condition of your Toyota ‘traction’ battery. This is the battery that powers your car’s wheels, and is separate to the 12v starter battery that’s used to start the engine.

The next step is to check and confirm the car’s fuel consumption, to ensure that the petrol engine and electric motors are working in harmony.

Finally, we examine the car’s Hybrid cooling systems, to ensure that the arrangement is working at optimal temperature.

The technicians that carry out these tests are respected as experts in all aspects of hybrid technology.

At the end of the test, our experts will explain the test results to you clearly and simply, to help you fully understand the condition of your Toyota hybrid.

You’ll also be given an extensive and accessible written report that will provide you with the itemised information from your Hybrid Health Check, helping you make an informed decision about any further action you might feel is required.

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For more on Toyota servicing, please watch the video below.

* The Toyota Hybrid Health Check is free with your scheduled servicing. If you’re not due a service, you can have the Check carried out, at a cost of £39.

As well as this is an extension to the warranty of your battery. With each Hybrid Health Check you will get up to 1 year or 10,000 miles extension (whichever comes soonest) on your hybrid battery cover which can be renewed up to the 10th anniversary of the car’s registration with no limit on total mileage.


  1. Hi, I had a hybrid health check in 2021 warranty was 2 years. I have a 2010 Toyota hybrid Auris. Last Tuesday I was going to work and all the warning lights came on and the car wouldn’t budge. However I switched on after waiting for 5 mins and was able to drive to work and park there. I gave AA a call as didn’t want the same to happen while returning home. They came and checked and it showed Hybrid battery fault POA80. However he was able to reset and it’s fine till now. I called the Toyota dealership for an appointment and they said from Monday to Thursday. I work full time so hopefully will get it checked in the Easter Break. They said to book a diagnostic for 140 pounds. I did tell them I have a warranty but they said you need to book so we can check the fault. What is your opinion ?

    1. Hi Shabana, thanks for your comment.

      We are sorry to hear about this.

      Your Toyota Centre is requesting a fee to initially diagnose the fault and determine the problem. If the defect is a manufacturing fault, and the vehicle is covered by warranty, then the cost will also be covered by warranty.


  2. I have bought a Rav4 in the end of December last year 2022 I have been getting a flat 12v battery and so had the AA out who said the battery is of high resistance and failing I contacted my dealer to advise and was informed it is not covered I am disappointed that after only 3 months I am having to pay out for a new battery also without looking I think they have put a none AGM battery in when I thought as it was in the cabin it had to be AGM in all disappointed and now wonder if I did the right thing in getting a Toyota and going back to Honda ware had no problems at all, but the bigger annoyance is just after 3 months is poor service in my opinion

  3. I have bought Auris Mk2 2014 recently with 103k miles on the clock. If I do the hybrid health check now would the hybrid battery warranty be extended for another year since the car isn’t 10 years old?

    1. Hi Bart, thanks for your question.

      With each Hybrid Health Check you will get up to 1 year or 10,000 miles extension (whichever comes soonest) on your hybrid battery cover which can be renewed up to the 10th anniversary of the car’s registration with no limit on total mileage.


      1. Thank you

        In the extended warranty section in the below page on Toyota website that i can get this further extended up to 15 years with every service at Toyota dealer. Does this have to be an actual service or just passed Hybrid Health Check? I have checked with the dealer and they seemed to be unclear about what happens after after 10years/100k miles


      2. Hi Bart, thanks for your question.

        The Toyota Warranty is available until your vehicles reaches 10 years/100,000 miles.


  4. Hello my friend

    Need some advice.

    Just bought a Toyota auris 2010 gv10meu

    Service history is not all their.

    Is it best to get a service done with Toyota and will that include a battery health check too?

    Could you email me the service history you have on file for the car. Would be very helpful.

    1. Hi Adnan,
      Your nearest Toyota Centre would be best placed to assist you with this.

  5. I have just got a certificate for extended hybrid warranty last week. Now my car is showing hybrid fault sign. Toyota leic is asking for £126 for a diagnostic test and also saying i will have to pay for the cost after that as well if they find any fault. My car has done only 300 miles after the check and got a certificate.

    1. Hi there,
      We are sorry to hear about this.
      Have you had the chance to raise this with your Toyota Centre?

  6. Hi, I have bought a toyota prius on a 2011 model I was wondering if I would be able to get my vehicle hybird checked. Or is there a age limit.

    Mahmood. Thanks

    1. Hi Mahmood, thanks for your question.

      We would recommend contacting your Toyota Centre for assistance with this query.


  7. I bought a Toyota Yaris Hybrid model 2018 and the mileage is 14,000. Am I required to get my car serviced?

    1. Hi Aliya,
      We would recommend following your vehicle’s service schedule – which is usually every 12 months or 10,000 miles.
      If you are still unsure, your nearest Toyota Centre would be best placed to advise you.

  8. My 2014 Toyota auris has done just over 180k miles, has regular servicing, hybrid check done in April 2023. Today as many said here, car came to slow halt, all lights came up and check hybrid system warning came. It’s done 1000-2000 miles since hybrid check was done

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.

      We would recommend contacting your Toyota Centre regarding this, as they can inspect your vehicle.


  9. My local dealer are asking for £50 for a Toyota health check for my rav 4. Are all dealers £39?

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your question.

      The Hybrid Health Check can be incorporated in your service, with no additional charge.


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