Toyota C-HR: design details to fall in love with

“With the Toyota C-HR, we are trying to introduce a new value into the C-crossover market. But we’re not trying to make an SUV that’s dynamic; rather, a dynamic vehicle with SUV-like properties.”
Kazuhiko Isawa, Chief Designer

The Toyota C-HR introduces distinctive styling that brings dynamism and sensuality to the crossover market. But just as it is not always possible to see the wood for the trees, we think that in being enticed by the car’s overall aesthetic, it might be possible that you have missed some of its finer details.

Toyota C-HR: design details

C-HR body low

First, Toyota C-HR has the hallmarks you would expect of a sports utility vehicle – powerful body, chunky sill line and large footprint – but above the shoulder line is a contrasting, coupe-like cabin. It is formed by slim A-pillars and a ‘floating’ roof design that slopes confidently backwards, ending in a sharply angled rear window.

C-HR body upper

Inspired by highly crafted gemstones, the surface treatment of Toyota C-HR is deliberately multi-faceted, the shapes and detailing creating a delicate balance of precision and sensuality that is designed to be attractive from any angle.

C-HR diamond interior 02

Diamond motifs echo throughout the cabin, from the door trims and seat stitching to the steering wheel buttons and climate control switches.

C-HR diamond interior 01

Even the roof lining is detailed with diamond-shape graphics ‘scooped’ out of the material to create an added sense of depth.

C-HR screen

At eight inches across, the Toyota C-HR’s multimedia screen is the largest of any fitted to a Toyota and is mounted high in the dashboard to be in your immediate line of sight.

C-HR headlights

Toyota C-HR is equipped with the longest headlight units in the market, and feature a bank of sequential LED turn signals.

C-HR puddle light

At night, the Toyota C-HR logo is projected on the floor every time you open the driver’s door.

C-HR roof

The Toyota C-HR’s bi-tone roof appears to float separately from the main body, morphing into a large skeletal-frame rear spoiler. Disguised door handles help the car assume a coupe-like style.

C-HR wheels

Ready to pounce, the 18” machined-face alloy wheels are designed to appear as if they are always in motion.

C-HR rear lenses

The LED rear lamps carry a distinctive boomerang-shape light signature.

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NB: Some details above may not be applicable to every model.


  1. I have just started the process of looking to chose a new company car through our leasing company. Do you know exactly when pre-orders will start? Need to choose in next few weeks.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your post and your interest in C-HR. Our pre-sales start in October! Many thanks.

  2. Hi Toyota. Your text above states….
    “unique sequential LED turn signals.”
    In what way are they unique? Another car marque also currently uses sequential LED indicators in UK.

    1. Hi Doris,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Our LED headlights are the longest, sequential lights in the market! Many thanks.

  3. The length is hardly a reason to state them as unique is it. You could reasonably state they are longer than other vehicles’ however you can’t reasonably state that your sequential led indicators are unique. Would be interesting to see advertising standards view on this. Very sloppy wording Toyota, very sloppy.

      1. I see you still list your indicators as being unique with the clear inference that the uniqueness comes from them being of a sequential LED nature. Why is that? And if you’re happy to deceive through language on this point, what other points should we believe or not? Shame really as it looks like a good vehicle but you are going out of your way to be untrustworthy

      2. Hi Doris,
        Our comment in the post is merely meant to create anticipation for the full details being released, which will happen very soon but are not available just yet! Our team are working on editing this post.

  4. Have had one of these for 2 months having previously owned a 320 clk mercedes my expectations were not high, but i have to say the chr is better and 60 mpg av makes it a financial no brainer.

    1. Hi Leon,

      Thanks for these comments, it’s great to hear that you are having such a positive experience with your C-HR!

  5. hi, i will be getting the toyota cr-h gr in october does the european model have sequential rear indicators or is it an option

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your interest in the C-HR. We can confirm that Excel and GR Sport models get rear sequential indicators.


  6. will there be more colours to choose from in the c-hr gr sport as there is not a lot to choose from. mine is due in november

    1. Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your new C-HR GR Sport!
      Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any information to share on this.

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