Toyota Aygo: Reviews round-up

Jaws dropped when we unveiled the all-new Toyota Aygo at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March. Sporting a distinctive x-shaped front end, a broad range of customisation options, and boasting levels of equipment on par with models from the class above; Aygo has grabbed the city car class by the scruff and given it a shake.

Now, the British motoring press has driven the car – here’s a round-up of their thoughts.


“Light control surfaces, its small size, tight turning circle and good visibility make the Toyota a natural urbanite – much as its predecessor was.

“In the wider world, the news is better still. Thanks to additional spot welds and a higher use of high-tensile steel, this is a stiffer, lighter Aygo – and it shows. The ride is busy, but very well-judged and rarely seems overloaded; meaning that there’s plenty of play to accommodate some mid-bend surface turbulence even when cornering. The result, when combined with decent grip levels and an even-tempered front end, is a city car that can happily be driven with vigour.

“…at the moment its (Toyota’s) latest contender looks set to immediately return to our city car top five.”

Auto Express

“No other city car drips with so much sheer attitude.

“Inside, the new Aygo is much more sophisticated, with less exposed metalwork and materials that are more pleasant to the touch.

“The new car is also quieter at a motorway cruise. Less wind and road noise is a welcome bonus, but there’s still enough of a cheery thrum when revved.”


“The Aygo has grown up and now features a hi-tech infotainment system, as well as a more refined interior… which makes it a much nicer place to be, while still maintaining the original model’s youthful appeal.

“As a city car, the Toyota Aygo is most at home in town where its small dimensions make it perfect for darting through congested streets, and parking in tight spaces, while the steering is now more direct than the old car’s. The Aygo’s engine also sounds nice – so working it is not a chore – and the car has plenty of pace for the city.”

The Daily Express

“…the refinement levels are easily on a par with any car from the class above, with an excellent ride quality in particular.”

“In the front, there’s plenty of head and leg room and the seats are excellent and very supportive…”

“The three-cylinder engine has a lovely off-beat thrum to it and always seems keen to rev and be worked hard. Not that you will often feel the need to.”

“If this new Toyota is anything to go by, the days of city cars being the short straw are long gone.”


“Not only will drivers of the old model appreciate refined levels of new Toyota Aygo comfort, but those downsizing to it will too.

“Although it’s a small car with fine all-round visibility the reversing camera fitted to many Aygos makes it supremely easy to park.”

Press Association

“That face is a deliberate Marmite feature. It looks a bit like a superhero’s mask with a huge X shape of interchangeable coloured panels…

“From different angles you see different things in the Aygo’s striking new lines. Maybe a Manga-style spider in the long, claw-like tail light clusters or a hint of Lexus in the narrow projector headlights, which, incidentally, are a class above the regular halogen lamps you normally get in cars like this. Whatever you see – or don’t – the Aygo is not a car you could mistake for anything else.”

“The ride is exceptionally good, and body roll is reasonably well controlled. Chunky front seats are nicely shaped and make comfy places to park your behind, so basic comfort is impressive.”

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By Eliott Farr


  1. Hi,
    I’ve been reading and viewing car websites for news and views of the new Aygo for when I next change my car.
    The Carbuyer website seems to criticise the driving experience outside the urban environment,and the young woman reviewing the car, passes comment on the quality or possible lack of it when closing the rear door.
    I currently drive a VW Polo and the perception of solidity was an important factor in choosing the vehicle and I have not been disappointed. I had rather hoped that Toyota with its latest incarnation of the Aygo would have upped the quality of the materials used and improved how the car was screwed together.
    I admit, I have not seen the vehicle yet and perhaps I should reserve my judgement until I have.

    1. Thanks for your post R O’Connor and we do appreciate your interest in the new Aygo.
      Probably the best option here is for you to pop along to your local dealer and spend a little bit of time with the Aygo and take one for a test drive. Toyota build quality and our globally renown production system are manufactured into every car we sell. We did look closely at the quality and NVH (noise vibration and harshness) to improve the new generation Aygo over the model it replaces. This will include look and feel of materials including door feel. If you do have a look we would be very interested to hear your feedback as to what you think about the new Aygo and how it compares.
      Hope this helps for now but let us know if you have any other questions.

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