Toyota Aygo Orange Twist – range extended

Put your fake bake back in the drawer – there’s another way to be orange this summer. That’s because the Toyota Aygo’s popular Orange Twist exterior paint colour  is now available to some of the even more affordable grades in the city car’s line-up.

Previously, the dazzling paint was available exclusively on the limited edition x-cite grade, but this has now been discontinued, opening up Orange Twist to x-play, x-pression and x-pression with x-wave models.

Orange Twist is a £495.00* option, meaning that you can spec an Aygo with the citrus shade from £10,390*. You get plenty for your money too – electric front windows, Bluetooth® and air conditioning all come as standard as does a contrasting gloss black-coloured front grille and rear diffuser.

Buyers wanting to truly make an Aygo their own can choose from the vast array of personalisation options available for the car, which includes 26 alloy wheel design and colour combinations, 10 interchangeable exterior and cabin features and four option packs. In fact, there are theoretically over half a million potential trim combinations available for the model.

The Aygo x-play, x-pression and x-pression with x-wave canvass roof grades can be ordered in Orange Twist from your local Toyota centre from May 1.

*Price correct at time of writing.


  1. Hardly fair if you bought the x-cite is it??…. the colour is supposed to be exclusive to that model.

    1. Hi Rich, thanks for contacting us. The colour was so popular that we decided it would only be fair to make it available on other Aygos. The x-cite retains its exclusivity because of its increased specification, such as the 15″ Gloss Black alloy wheels, door handles and mirrors as standard. The limited edition also has a customised interior to suit its exterior colour. Thanks again.

      1. Not a great reply Michael!

        Bit misleading and dishonest, i think.

        Only difference is black roof costing buyer 500 quid more….

        I was sold mine, albeit a franchised super car selling company as unique and toyota will not make the same orange color again. 6 months later.. Boom.. Toyota had released same car, same colour with some tweaks. Black gloss paint is cheaper and easier to produce over the orange which comprises of 5 mixed colours (two im told having had touch up works on body paint you wouldn’t support a warrenty cover via the bidston branch)
        Your dealer told me the colour was unique to my 64 plate… A blatant lie given I bought the car post the twists release.

        For record, I used a reputable franchise spray shop for the works at an estimated third of the cost your dealerships would offer despite the famed warrenty cover.

        The aygos engine and its CPU also are not unique, nor robust, you can adjust the clutch which yiur pros said wasn’t an option along with or service the usb port and cigarettes lighter port under warrenty cover… as faulty electrical outlets.

        Faults noted and challenged on many sources. You also fail to prove robust testing of parts but as your experts claimed ‘thousands tested, its a one off.. Think its something you did…. But upto you to pay out to test the oil, the engine knowing realistically you wouldn’t be offering help but offseting blaim without facts.

        So by definition it was the faulty one, the unseen anomaly you hadn’t tested and as producer of hundreds of thousands of reproduction parts ought to have accounted for, and paid out replacement /repair costs towards..
        Utimately it costs you, Toyota, very little to remedy, but nether-the-less a significant failure on you as a global manufacturer to have been more caring and considerate and aired view of ‘ we’re very sorry, here let us fix it for free because we care about quality and reputation’.
        ……. but we’ll leave them components and quality assessment to another conversation point….

        I would happily talk about this, but I bet you’ll only lie again but this time my opinion is public and expressed as freedom of speech and not a private matter you wished to shoot down.

        The car is brilliant because of my own efforts and expense. Mostly costs you should have covered via the warranty or from mere basic empathy and care towards consumers.

      2. Hi Christopher,

        Thanks for getting in touch. We’re really sorry to hear you are unhappy with your experience with us and your concerns regarding your Aygo. We would like to help you further by putting you in touch with our customer relations team as they are best placed to discuss your situation further. We will email you directly to gain additional details in order to open a case on your behalf.


  2. Still i had to pay nearly £12,000 to get the car in that colour – now 7 months later i could have saved a lot of money?

    1. We understand your situation Rich, and we’re sorry you feel like you’ve been let down by this decision. We’ll pass on your feedback to our product team. Thanks.

  3. *edit (two colours im told are costly but other three are standard within Toyotas pallet reducing overall paint mix cost to typical price range)

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