The Next Prius launch event – updated

As some of our regular visitors will know, the Next Prius has been busy touring the UK over the last few weeks. Toyota has also been previewing the Prius to journalists and customers – first a couple of weeks ago at the Longcross test track and proving ground in Surrey, and now at MIRA in Warwickshire.

Prius front detail

If you have attended either event, you’ll have had the chance to really put the car through its paces – we’d be really interested to hear your thoughts and comments. Please feel free to post below!


  1. Myself and a friend attended the MIRA event on the Friday evening. Very well-organised and a mercifully “hard-sell-free zone”. I currently have a series 2 T4 which has impressed me with its reliabiltiy, economy and comfort. Now thoroughly dissatisfied because I want new series T Spirit. Ride vastle improved, economy amazing and altogether a stylish car. Not clear about the leather option, which does not appear on the web-site specifiations as an option. Would prefer electrically folding to heated mirrors – much more convenient when parking in confined car parks with awkward pillars or manoeuvering in heavy urban traffic. The new central block between driver and passenger makes leaning across to deal with tolls and parking tickets in right-hand drive countries awkward when driving solo.
    These are but minor niggles. I still want a new one, and my none-Prius driving friend was equally converted.

  2. I have not had any comments from Simon on my previous Blogs. however just thought of something… Having gone through the new brochure there is no mention of wheel locking bolts being provided.These were provided on all previous Prius Cars.
    Would be interested to know the reason. Derick

  3. Well I have bought my new Toyota Prius Tspirit today. A little dissaponted that the actual car isn’t the same specification as the one viewed at Bluewater in that it doesn’t have auto dimming rear view mirror and dusk lights which the Bluewater car had. An issue I will take up with Toyota, misrepresentation me thinks. Anyway test drove demo yesterday and the car is a piece of work. I will just have to adjust the rear view mirror at night and turn the lights on manually. I have had behind “B” pillar privacy glass fitted to overcome former. Really don’t understand the mix of Tspirit specifications. Everything should be on offer as an extra.

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